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Best Automatic Cars

Vauxhall Astra
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 99.39 per month

Ford Focus
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 101.67 per month
Hyundai I30 Leasing
Hyundai i30
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 108.99 per month

Vauxhall Zafira
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 114.86 per month
Citroen DS3 Hatchback Special Edition
Citroen DS3
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 115.78 per month

Citroen DS4
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 117.13 per month

AUDI A4 Saloon

Audi A4 Avant
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 117.79 per month

Honda Civic
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 118.48 per month

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Long Term Car Leasing

Grand C4 Picasso
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 119.99 per month

Vauxhall Insignia
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 121.99 per month

PEUGEOT 3008 Estate Car Leasing
Peugeot 3008
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 123.17 per month
vauxhall mokka
Vauxhall Mokka
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 125.98 per month

VW Golf
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 132.56 per month

RENAULT Grand Scenic Estate 7 Seater
Grand Scenic (7 seats)
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 132.67 per month


Seat Leon
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 133.25 per month

KIA Ceed
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 134.98 per month

Nissan Qashqai
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 136.23 per month

Audi A3
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 136.35 per month

KIA Sportage 4x4
KIA Sportage
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 136.24 per month
Honda CR-V
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 139.11 per month

Audi A1
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 139.95 per month

Volvo C30
Volvo C30
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 142.55 per month

Mitsubishi ASX
Mitsubishi ASX
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 148.68 per month

VW Passat
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 157.03 per month

Ford Kuga
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 159.27 per month

Mercedes C Class
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 159.55 per month
BMW 1 Series
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 159.99 per month
Mercedes A Class
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 164.99 per month
Mini Countryman
Mini Countryman
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 172.95 per month
VW Touran  (7 seats)
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 174.34 per month

BMW 3 Series
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 174.36 per month
Peugeot RCZ
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 175.65 per month
Hyundai Tuscan
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 176.65  per month
Hyundai i40
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 178.34 per month

Ford Mondeo
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 179.98 per month
Audi A6 Saloon
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 184.14 per month
Mercedes SLK
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 185.65 per month
Mercedes E Class
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 189.99 per month

AUDI A5 Saloon
Audi A5 Coupe
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 193.14 per month
Volvo V60
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 194.75 per month
Chevrolet Captiva
Chevrolet Captiva
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 196.76 per month
Audi A4 Saloon
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 197.65 per month
Mini One Club
Mini One Club
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 199.99 per month
Audi TT Coupe
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 217.41 per month
Mitshubishi Outlander
Mitsubishi Outlander
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 219.95 per month

Mercedes CLS
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 221.58 per month
BMW 5 Series
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 237.44 per month
AUDI A5 Sportback
Audi A5 Sportback
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 240.52 per month


Evoque 5 Door
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 271.75 per month
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 283.37 per month

VW Touareg
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 298.34 per month
Jaguar XJ Series Long Term Hire
Jaguar XJ
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 315.14 per month

Audi A7 Saloon
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 316.96 per month


Audi Q7
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 340.11 per month

Mercedes M Class
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 399.95 per month


Range Rover Sport
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 499.08 per month
Porsche Cayenne Diesel Estate
Porsche Cayenne
Automatic Car Leasing Deals
from 564.07 per month

Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera
Petrol - Diesel - Manual - Auto
from 583.32 per month

 Automatic Gears

Automatic Cars & Leasing Forum

Long Term Car Hire Hi I am a MRI Radiographer for the Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and was looking179r30 Qashqai for 6000 miles/year, 4 years. Must be automatic transmission. If you can please quote me for same vehicle but the tekna specification please. Colour can be black, white or red. And I work permanently for the NHS Many thanks.

Yes we have plenty of good offers for the Qashqai with automatic transmission. There are several available as nearly new or used. Is a car with automatic transmission crucial to you?

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I will have an automatic license soon, as I am learning on this type of vehicle. So I can only drive an automatic or semi-automatic or any car that doesn't have a clutch :-) So I can compare what other cars are available in your website? You are welcome to send me some suggestion if you want. I will appreciate it very much.

The cars available with automatic transmission are the Corsa, Astra, Focus, Meriva, Insignia, Insignia Estate, Leon, BMW 1 and the BMW 3. We also have Landrovers, Porsche and other prestige cars that are automatic too.

Hi, I used approx 12000 miles per year. I have leased a car previously for 4 years. Id like a nissan juke as it is my dream car if not this then id like someone to help me choose another. It does need built in sat nav and i do prefer rear parking sensors.

They are a couple of Juke models on good offer available. We tend to lease cars that hold their value and are reliable, low tax and low insurance. The best deals are the nearly new and slightly used vehicles where the prices work out far cheaper plus you get more extras in the deal.

Hi I'm looking for an automatic and I will be doing about 15,000 miles per annum, 12/24/36 month no deposit lease. Vauxhall Corsa or similar sized vehicle. 1.2/1.3/1.4 engine

It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to put so many quotes together. To help you out, the most flexible and best deals are the ex demo that come with 0% deposit over 4 years. You can return or swap the car lease after 2 years. So no worries here. I will resubmit your request for a quote and then you will be contacted by my partner who will help you further. 

Hi, I'm retired person and I'm basically looking for any model of car but must be automatic, a peugeot, ford or Vauxhall. No more than 1.2 ltr engine, 3 year min lease, full maintenance, not bothered about colour. no deposit. budget 170 monthly (approx.) Can you help?

Automatics and 1.2 engines are not practical as the engine isn't big enough to pull the car. There are either 1.4 and automatic or 1.2 and not automatic. Which of the 2 do you prefer?

thanks for speedy reply, car must be automatic, I have a new kneecap and my wife a dodgy hip. 1.4 would be ok. not worried about colour / make / model, just auto. I am making general enquires and euroleasedirect have offered me a Peugeot 107 active 5dr auto with a 1 ltr engine? is there a catch rgds

Oh I see, sorry to hear about your knee and wife's hip. I think 1 litre engine is going to be one pretty slow and hard to drive vehicle. The 107 is probably very uncomfortable to sit in as well, your poor wife. The Cheapest Automatics with decent engines and comfortable seats are as follows: Corsa, Meriva, Focus, Insignia and BMW to name a few.

The meriva looks a lovely car, that would be the one on a long lease, can you give me a firm quote on the meriva? I am looking for no deposit, does the car come insured, taxed, fully maintained? also the corsa and insignia would be an option but first choice would be meriva. I have already been approved for credit with eurolease and they have ordered the 107 but I would prefer to do business with you as at least you have replied to my emails which is more than eurolease have!

No car leasing company offers full insurance and if they did you will pay a hefty price for it. You are best to find your own insurance via our website. The car will be taxed for the first year and comes with manufacturer's warranty. Maintenance is extra, no different with other companies.

Employee Benefits and Car Leasing

Hi, I'm a student from Kuwait and studying in a London University, I would like to lease a Audi A8 Sal Quattro? Is this possible?

To hire / lease a car you would have to be living in the UK for at least 3 years, have UK credit history and UK bank account, a utility bill in your name to prove your UK address, a driving license and be on the British Electoral Register. If you do not have what is required then I'm afraid you cannot lease a car with any company in the UK. The way around it is to find someone that does have what is required and lease the car in your behalf. Then let you be a named driver on the insurance and give you the keys.


I currently work for the NHS and work within a community setting which requires me to drive to patients in their homes. I'm looking for an automatic automobile usually do about 3000miles pa in business and 7000 private miles a year. I would like to find out which is the best scheme for my kind of work, what the conditions of the scheme will and how much I will be paying roughly in a month. I'm looking for a minimum of 2 years with the scheme.

At time4leasing we do alternative car leasing to the NHS Schemes. The NHS Schemes are proven to be extortionately more expensive because they include maintenance, insurance, fees, road tax and lots of extra profit. With time4leasing the best deals are the ex demo which work out far cheaper. All NHS staff save around 2,500 at average some even more. With that money you save you will have to pay for your own insurance, road tax and servicing. Even if you deducted those extras from the saving, you will still be left with enough money to go on a long holiday or spend it on something else. Does that make sense? You need to tell me how much you want to spend per month on the car lease alone inc the vat and I will give you some suggestion of good cars to lease. Then you can tell me which one you like and I will get you a firm quote proposal and then you can evaluate if you want to proceed.

Thanks for the response and thanks for the information you provided. I just wanted to compare the prices to the NHS fleet solutions really so I wouldn't mind looking at the NHS lease one as well as the ex demo one you mentioned. I'm looking at something like Audi A4 or the A5 in metallic paint with just basic features in 10 000 miles pa I usually do about 2500 miles in business miles. I just need to know roughly how much per month that would cost me on the NHS lease and on the ex demo. is there a contact number I can have for further enquiries.

Just to make it clear we lease to the NHS staff. We do not lease to the NHS. If you are paying for the lease from your bank account then we can continue to discuss about a lease. We have several offers on the Audi with automatic transmission. There is a BMW 3 M Sport automatic and a BMW 1 automatic available at a really good price too, would that be of interest? Would you like a quote on these vehicles?

Thanks for that. Please quote me on the BMW 3 the sports one u mentioned.


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