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VW Polo
119.95 per month


VW Golf
from 148.98
per month


VW Passat
169.45 per month


VW Fox
58.31 per month

VOLKSWAGEN Transporter

VW Transporter
from 184.35 per month


VW Crafter
from 309.99 per month


VW Touareg
376.95 per month


VW Scirocco
from 186.85 per month

VOLKSWAGEN Transporter-Kombi

Transporter Combi
from 236.95 per month


VW Amarok
237.23 per month

Personal Car Leasing Prices
New, Ex Demo & Used Volkswagen Cars

Price (plus vat)

Volkswagen Fox from 58.31
VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 4x4 from 376.95
Volkswagen Fox (Used) 58.31

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Volkswagen Car Leasing Forum

Long Term Car HireQuestion: Hi Can I get some more information please for an Audi A1 1.2TFSI SE ?

Answer: Very sorry but the A1 is not available. Is it your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right?

Question: Thank you so much for getting back to me how about the A1

Answer: None of the A1 are in stock. However there is an ex demo Audi A1 available if you are interested? If you are only after this specific model, I'm sorry I cannot help you unless you pick something similar.

Question: Thanks for getting back to me :) Ok so you don't have any Audi's Do you have any new golfs or the mini countryman? Thank you

Answer: Yes there are some golfs and the mini first and convertible, BMW 1 series Sport, plus others. What I can do is resubmit a request for a Golf and then you can discuss other available vehicles and good deals with my partner once you get a firm quote and full contact details. kind regards

Question: If possible can you let me know today.

Answer: Yes you will have this in a few minutes.

Question: Have you heard about this new legislation about companies have to pay more tax if their fleets have high co2 emissions? I think a lot of companies will either lease new cars or turn to personal car leasing. Probably force many of their staff to lease their own cars. What do you think will happen with the market?

Answer: More and more people are coming away from company cars that only puts us in a stronger position, it is probably something we need to look at pushing. Making people aware of the options if they are considering giving their company cars up, there are a lot of benefits in doing so, its just educating the public.

Question: What do you mean in a stronger position?

Answer: Lately we are getting more and more business people asking for car leasing. I don't know if it is because they like the type of deals that we advertise or because of the heavy taxing that the government has imposed or maybe a combination of both.

Question: Can you tell me what the benefits would be if a business professional leased a car on a personal lease verses given a company car? I could do with this information please.

Answer: To be very brief the benefits are as follows: In most cases it is cheaper to fund your own vehicle rather than pay a huge amount of company car tax.

Question: So you are saying although I work for a company I should lease a personally from you?

Answer: Our deals give the user far more flexibility than a standard contract hire that companies tend to use.

After the term, there is a good chance that the vehicle will be worth something, our deals put them in a far better financial position when they are ready to change.

You are not dependent on the company providing you a car and therefore can not be hold to ransom with it being a perk.

Question: My company is taking my car lease back and is going to give me the cash instead.

Answer: If the company gives you an allowance towards a car, you can use this to cover for the cost of the car, insurance etc, leaving some chance in your pockets. Also, you are not tied in to the terms and conditions of using a company vehicle when leasing privately.

Question: Hi, I'm a Sales Manager for a well known company and I too was wondering if it would be better that I took the car allowance and leased my own car. Would it work out cheaper for a small car or an executive car?

Answer: The main perk is that it works out cheaper than having a company car. If you are prepared to have a very standard low powered car it is not too bad but anything nice from the executive range of cars becomes expensive.

To give you an idea, a customer in their last company car cost them out of their wage best part of 600 per month, they gave it up and their wage was 600 better. Then he got his wife a BMW X5 and funded their own car for a lot less each month.

Question: I am a marketing manager and my company will not renew our company cars but instead is giving us a car allowance. I am in desperate need of a car, I don't mind ex demo and on a long lease, but I have a bit of credit problems.

Answer: That is not a problem, we have specialist funders working as partners and are able to look into your application.

Question: Can I have any car I like? I was think something executive?

Answer: To be honest it is a different ball game when it comes to people with any credit issues. Although it all starts with wanting a particular vehicle, in most cases you can only have what the funders will allow you to have based on your credit profile.

For example, a funder might only allow you a borrowing of 5,000, others 15,000 and therefore we need to go out and find a suitable car to suit, if we do not have any vehicles in stock that marry both the customer's profile and the what the funder will lend. I hope this makes sense?

Question: Let's say the funder only approves 5000 verses 15,000. What do you think I would get?

Answer: For 5,000 probably a Fiesta, Corsa, Astra, Exeo, Mini, Meriva and plenty more vehicles. For 15,000 probably a top of the range Insignia, Golf, Bmw, Passat and plenty more cars from the ex demo range.

Question: I work as a Business Development Manager, I'm looking to lease a Golf, Mileage quote on 6k and 8k per year. lease for 2 or 3 years Do you do NO DEPOSIT down on this car? I get a company vehicle allowance but have to have personal contract. I do not really want to have to pay upfront for a deposit. Can you deliver the vehicle?

Answer: I'm sorry the Golf you picked is not available and if it was it requires a significant deposit. If you want a Golf with no deposit or little deposit then there is another deal available. I will send you that deal so you can compare.

Question: I am interested in the BMW 1 series 120d 3 door auto M sport. I notice it's an ex demo. What colour, spec etc? What is the spec of the Audi TT as well? How quickly could this be arranged? What documents do you need from me? insurance etc?

Answer: Please be patient as one of the team members get in touch with you with the information you need. Also do discuss the options and anything else you like with them.

Question: Please only contact me by email until I am back in the country on Wednesday.

Answer: What number can we contact you when you get back to England?

Question: I am still to receive the details of the BMW and Audi TT. I am looking to make a decision on this ASAP for delivery when I return from Germany.

Answer: Please provide your mobile phone number so we can call you or when you get to England let us know and we will phone you if you wish as the guys need to ask you a few questions. If you cannot take a call then alternatively they will send you a quote via email.

Question: My wife and I are interested in leasing a Tiguan or Audi Q5 or a BMW 3 series estate car. We can put a deposit down of approx 1000 pounds if needed. We are probably looking at 48 months leasing. I have a credit rating of 620 which seems to be classed as poor to fair. I would be interested in the audi ex demo your advertising 2009 reg. wait to hear from you. many thanks

Answer: That would not be a problem. I will get one of the guys from the subprime funding department to contact you.

Question: Hi, I work for ASDA as a warehouse man and I am looking for something with insurance included also passed my test this week so not sure if the offers are available to me just looking under 250 pm please 7000 miles upwards 3 to 5 years lease.

Answer: Good car deals with insurance included are rare. However, I will send you a quote so you can compare. It is far cheaper to arrange your own insurance. The Fiesta or the Polo are the best cars to lease for the cheapest insurance, specially for new drivers. If you are finding the insurance expensive, you can add your car lease to an existing insurance policy, maybe your mother or father's? It is called multi insurance where you will be the named driver and your relative an additional second driver.

Question: I'd like to lease a golf, my miles per year would probably be 10k - I have a 2008 corsa with 34k miles on that I would need to sell also . If you part exchange can you pay deposit and clear the small amount on other car? Thank you for help

Answer: Yes you can part exchange your car with us and you can use your car as a deposit or just keep the money or use part of it as a deposit for your next car. The problem is the Golf cabrio although listed it is not available at the moment. Is this your only choice or would you consider something similar? If cabrio there is a really good offer for the Peugeot 207 Coupe (hard top cabrio) and the Mini One Convertible. Any of these of interest or would you prefer something else?

Question: I would like to lease a Golf or Passat on a short term 12 month lease, annual miles are 15,000 miles

Answer: To lease a car for 12 months - typically the prices are 3 times more than if you leased a car for 2 to 4 years. However, with short term leasing you get insurance, maintenance and everything included. Just need to put fuel in the car. At time4leasing the minimum hire is 2 years. For 12 months hire please go to www.hireinuk.com and pick one of the listed partners and offers.

Question: Please quote me for a personal lease for a VW Golf Cabriolet, no or low deposit, don't mind ex demo. Please can you get quotes for the 1.4TSI, 1.6 AND 2.0 diesel Blue Motion SE models. 10k miles pa,36/48 month contract. Another car leasing company have sent me a quote for a Golf today for more than 400 - other sites are showing for ~220? Please can you do any better? Not sure what sort of contract is best for me. I am NHS staff. Thanks

Answer: We can do you a much better price than that. I will email you some prices.

Question: The cars you have ex demo how many miles have they done and are they this years plate 13?

Answer: Most ex demo cars are 6 months to maximum 2 years old and in perfect condition as we give the cars an extra valet and special attention in our own service centre. Even if you leased a car from us and you were not happy with what you received, you have up to 14 days to return it and pay no penalties and be refunded in full if you are not satisfied.

I too have an ex demo which was 2 years old and it still smelt new when I received it. The miles shouldn't worry you, as you are handing the car back anyways aren't you, you are not buying to keep it are you? Normally a few thousand miles depending on the car available at the time. We could have one car with 30 miles on the clock and the same model but with 8,000 on the clock.

Question: Thanks but if on personal lease I need to 10000 per year would this be ok and would only want one few months old at most so plate in current year really

Answer: 10,000 miles is not an issue, you can do more if you want. If you want to pay more for the lease because the car has a 13 plate that is up to you. If I was you I'd get a good car and deal and put my own private plate on it, and if you don't have one I'd get one. Who would know what year the car is? Just an idea? : )))

Question: Hi im looking for 12 month lease, my annual mileage is 10,000 Would like Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf or anything you can offer me along this spec. my budget is 200.00 per month with the smallest deposit option open to me. This is needed within a month and would potentially be looking to get this secured ASAP.

Answer: If you can commit to 2 to 5 years on a lease then please email me. If you are after a 12 month lease or less then you might consider these partners which are listed on this page www.time4leasing.co.uk/hireinuk/car-hire-12.asp

Question: Hi i am enquiring on my daughters behalf she has just qualified as a staff nurse and started working in Bridgend south Wales she has been informed that she cant have a lease car through them as she doesn't qualify due to insufficient mileage because commuting to and from the hospital isn't far enough to qualify so what deals could you offer her on the Volkswagen polo she is 21 yrs old Many thanks

Answer: Hi, that will not be a problem with us. We can lease to you and any NHS staff member as we are more flexible than the NHS fleet solutions. I will send you a quote for the VW Polo.

Question: There would appear to be an error with your website when submitting a personal quotation. I have tried to find a contact number for your company but I have been unable to locate one.

Answer: The forms are working fine as we are receiving significant amount of quote requests every day. One of the main reasons a user cannot submit a form is when they write too much text inside the comment box. If your text was more than the allocated space and you received a 500 Server Error then that is the problem. Is this the case with you?

Question: Yes that was the message I was getting. I am currently interested in privately leasing two vehicles from your company.

Answer: Sure that is not a problem, what did you have in mind?

Question: I would like to privately lease a Vauxhall Insignia or a VW Passat over a 48 month period. I can pay an initial payment of under 500. I would like a white, black or dark grey vehicle and I don't mind if the vehicle is ex demo. As long as the vehicle is no more than 1 or 2 years old, is in excellent condition and has millage under 10,000 miles. The vehicle can be petrol/diesel and manual/auto. Your website advertises a nearly new Vauxhall Insignia diesel hatchback 2.0 CDTI SRI 5dr for 143(incl VAT) per month over 48 months with an initial deposit of under 500 (private lease).

Answer: With regards to the deals advertised. Although the different type of deals are explained in the terms of using the website, I will explain in this email so there is no misunderstanding and disappointment. The deals advertise as "nearly new" are second hand cars but in good condition, normally they are 59/60 reg. plate and that is why the prices are so cheap. The deals advertised as ex demo can be either 6 months to 1 or 2 years old cars. Again in very good condition and well kept cars. The deals advertised brand new direct from dealer is self explanatory and obviously the prices are higher out of the three. What was your second choice?

Question: The second vehicle is for my wife and we were thinking of a VW Fox which is advertised as a 48 month private lease (incl VAT) for 69.97 per month, with an initial payment under 500. There is also a 10,000 miles limit or 40,000 in total. I would appreciate a call/email back to discuss the above in greater detail.

Answer: Not sure where you got the idea that there is a 10,000 miles a year limit? No there is no limit with us. You can do 100,000 if you wish, but in these cases it is best to Hire Purchase the vehicles as it will work out far cheaper. The Insignia as an ex demo car comes in various models and the prices vary from 179 to 227 per month (inclusive of vat) if you prefer not to pay a deposit then the monthly payments will go up by approx. 15 a month. Similar to the this example will apply to the VW Fox.

Question: Oh, I didn't know that we can do more miles. I was thinking of 20,000 miles for me but my wife is more than happy with 10,000 a year as she does mainly city driving.

Answer: Let me know if you would like a firm quote for both cars. I can resubmit your quote request and then you will be contacted by an adviser who will also provide you with the full details of the cars and the exact prices.

Question: If I run a limited company, what is the situation with car leasing Is it a business lease I would need to take or a personal lease?

Answer: The requirements for any company wanting to lease a car would be 3 years accounts for prime funding which means you have to have excellent credit history.

Question: What if the director was poor credit history?

Answer: As far as I am aware none of the funders on sub prime will consider limited company deals. It would have to be in their own name as a director as employment details. You will need to supply proof of affordability and can only use the business bank statements if you are the sole director of the company.

Car Leasing Prices Compared


Lowest Price Promise Economic Cars
Small and medium sized cars with a small or with absolutely NO Deposit
Make Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Volkswagen VW Fox 58.31 69.97
Chevrolet Spark 66.34 79.61
Vauxhall Corsa 69.00 82.80
Ford Ford KA 72.54 87.05
Toyota Aygo 78.15 93.78
Peugeot Peugeot 207 79.00 94.80
Hyundai Hyundai i10 89.16 106.99
Ford Fiesta 94.63 113.56
Nissan Micra 94.95 113.94
Peugeot Peugeot 107 95.98 115.18
Fiat Fiat 500 103.33 124.00
Renault Clio 104.89 125.87
Volkswagen Polo 119.95 143.94

+ more offers

Lowest Price Promise Popular Vehicles
Popular Car Deals with a small or with absolutely NO Deposit
Make Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Vauxhall Astra 79.00 94.80
Fiat Punto 89.00 106.80
Ford Focus 103.00 123.60
Seat Ibiza 104.95 125.94
Renault Megane 119.78 143.74
Seat Leon 123.17 147.80
Peugeot Peugeot 308 129.89 155.87
Hyundai Hyundai i30 139.95 167.94
Volkswagen Golf 148.98 178.78
BMW BMW 1 149.98 179.98

+ more offers

Lowest Price Promise Business & Family
Deals with a small deposit or absolutely NO Deposit
Make Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Vauxhall Insignia 104.99 125.99
Vauxhall Meriva 129.89 155.87
Peugeot Peugeot 308 129.89 155.87
Toyota Avensis 154.55 185.46
Volkswagen Car Hire Passat 169.45 203.34
Ford Mondeo 179.98 215.98
Audi Audi A4 197.65 237.18
BMW BMW 3 227.55 273.06
Audi Car Hire Audi 6 273.95 328.74
BMW BMW 5 304.95 365.94
Audi Car Hire Audi 7 464.95 557.94

+ more offers

Lowest Price Promise Automatics
Manual & Auto Offers with a small deposit or NO Deposit
Make Automatic Car Deals Business Personal
Vauxhall Corsa 69.00 82.80
Vauxhall Insignia 127.45 152.94
Vauxhall Astra 120.39 144.47
Vauxhall Meriva 129.89 155.87
BMW BMW 1 149.98 179.98
Vauxhall Insignia Estate 179.88 215.86
BMW BMW 3 259.89 311.87

+ more automatics

Lowest Price Promise Big Cars & MPV's
Cheap Lease Deals with or with no deposit
Make Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Vauxhall Insignia 104.99 125.99
Vauxhall Meriva 129.89 155.87
Vauxhall Zafira (7 seats) 135.00 162.00
Nissan Juke 139.99 167.99
Ford Ford C Max 158.99 190.79
Nissan Qashqai 159.16 190.99
Renault Grand Scenic (7 seats) 165.99 199.19
Toyota Avensis 169.98 203.98
Chevrolet Captiva (4x4 7 seater) 297.99 357.59

+ more offers

Lowest Price Promise Estates & Touring
Best Lease Deals with or with no deposit
Make Estates Lease Deals Business Personal
Ford Mondeo Estate 150.38 180.46
Vauxhall Insignia Tourer 189.99 227.99
Toyota Avensis Estate 198.77 238.52
Ford Focus Estate 207.95 249.54
Mercedes C Class Estate 248.95 298.74
BMW BMW 3 Touring 284.95 341.94
Mercedes E Class Estate 304.95 365.94
BMW BMW 5 Touring 349.99 419.99

+ more ideas

Lowest Price Promise All Weather 4x4
Best offers with or with no deposit
Make MPV, 4x4 Lease Deals Business Personal
Nissan Juke 139.99 167.99
Nissan Qashqai 159.16 190.99
Suzuki Vitara 4x4 189.98 227.98
Ford Kuga 194.16 232.99
BMW BMW X1 219.95 263.94
Chevrolet Captiva (4x4 7 seater) 297.99 357.59
Mercedes Mercedes ML 399.95 479.94
BMW BMW X6 429.98 515.98
Land Rover Landrover Sport 499.98 599.98
Porsche Porsche Cayenne 717.89 861.47

+ more 4x4

Lowest Price Promise Sports Cars
Deals that require a 3 or 6 months deposit or no deposit
Make Sports Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Mini Mini One 121.66 145.99
BMW BMW 1 149.98 179.98
Peugeot Peugeot Coupe 148.95 178.74
Peugeot Peugeot RCZ 175.65 210.78
Audi Audi TT 179.55 215.46
Mini Mini Convertible 198.98 238.78
BMW BMW 3 Convertible 247.45 296.94
Mercedes Mercedes SLK 255.55 306.66
BMW BMW Z4 259.94 311.93
Audi Car Hire Audi 5 Convertible 338.43 406.12
Porsche Porsche Panamera 583.32 699.98
Porsche Porsche 911 653.62 784.34
BMW BMW 6 Convertible 660.95 793.14
Aston Martin Leasing Aston Martin 989.98 1187.98

+ more sports cars

Lowest Price Promise Used Car Leasing
These pre-owned ex fleet cars from customers who leased them for 1 to 3 years and in excellent condition.
Make Used Car Lease Deals Business Personal
Volkswagen VW Fox 58.31 69.97
Fiat Fiat Punto 88.99 106.79
Peugeot Peugeot 207 98.31 117.97
Ford Ford Mondeo 104.62 125.54
Vauxhall Insignia 104.99 125.99
Ford Focus 109.99 131.99
BMW BMW 1 149.98 179.98
Audi AUDI A3 152.35 182.82

+ more used cars

Lowest Price Promise Bad Credit
Best lease options for customers that have adverse credit history problems with and without a deposit
Make Bad Credit Lease Deals Business Personal
Vauxhall Corsa 115.00 138.00
Vauxhall Astra 116.00 139.20
Volkswagen Polo 129.88 155.86
Renault Megane 164.88 197.86
Ford Focus 169.00 202.80
Vauxhall Zafira (7 seats) 169.99 203.99
Vauxhall Insignia 189.99 185.87
BMW BMW 1 268.77 322.52

+ more bad credit leasing

Lowest Price Promise Best Van Leasing
Deals with or without a deposit for Unlimited miles and ownership
Make Van Lease Deals Miles Business
Peugeot Car Hire Bipper Unlimited 119.88
Renault Kangoo Unlimited 137.87
Peugeot Car Hire Partner Unlimited 167.99
Nissan NV200 Unlimited 167.99
Vauxhall Vivaro LWB Unlimited 209.99
Ford Transit 260 SWB Unlimited 209.99
Renault Master LWB FWD Unlimited 257.87
Ford Transit 350 LWB Unlimited 257.99
Volkswagen Crafter MWB Unlimited 299.98

+ more vans

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