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What is PCP Car Leasing?

PCP Car Leasing, also known as Personal Contract Purchase, is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of financing the new car of your choice, simply due to its flexibility.

You choose the car, the deposit, how long you want the contract to run for and the mileage you intend to do and in return you get fixed cost motoring for the term of the contract.

At the end of the contract you have a choice to either buy the car outright for an agreed lump sum (the GFV or final balloon payment), or hand the vehicle back to the lender and walk away with absolutely no further obligation.

FIAT 500 Best Car Leasing Deals
Fiat 500
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Ford Fiesta
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Hyundai i10
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from £99.16 per month

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Toyota Aygo
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £109.89 per month

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VW Golf
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £132.56 per month

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KIA Sportage
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £149.99 per month
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Vauxhall Zafira Best Car Leasing Deals
Vauxhall Zafira (7 seats)
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £164.86 per month
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Mercedes A Class Best Car Leasing Deals
Mercedes A Class
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £167.16 per month
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Nissan Qashqai
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from £168.91 per month

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Audi A4
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£181.01 per month

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BMW 3 Series
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Grand C4 Picasso
Best Car Leasing Deals
from £209.45 per month

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Vauxhall Insignia
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from £226.36 per month

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Why are the monthly costs lower?

When you take out a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), the car that you have chosen will be given a guaranteed future value or GFV. This is a calculation made by the lenders that is set for the period of the contract. The GFV plus any deposit you have made will be deducted from the cash price of the new car and your monthly payments will be calculated based on the outstanding balance, plus interest on the balance and the GFV, meaning that in essence you are only financing the depreciation of the new car.

Popular Finance Types Car Leasing Finance Options Explained Return Vehicle
Hire Purchase You pay nothing extra to keep vehicle at end of agreement and you can drive unlimited free miles No
PCP Leasing Option to purchase, return or part exchange with a guaranteed future value Optional
Contract Hire Most vehicles have to be returned - very strict terms Yes
LP Must purchase vehicle by paying the deferred balloon payment No
Loans With over 200 car finance lending options, choose a car from any dealer or we help you find the perfect car No

Do I need to use your sourcing for my new car?

We always try to negotiate strong discounts on all the new cars we supply and are happy to put together a package that includes supplying both the new car and the finance. However, if you find a car at your local dealer at a great price we are more than happy to broker a PCP car leasing finance deal to suit your exact needs.

Can I only use a PCP to buy a brand new car?

If you have found a nearly new car you can finance the purchase using a PCP, however there are a couple of things you need to remember, firstly the car must be supplied by a UK franchised dealership and secondly the car cannot exceed forty eight months old at the end of the contract. So if the car were six months old the maximum contract length would be 42 months, a 12-month-old car could only be financed over a thirty-six month period and so on to a maximum of twenty-four months old with a maximum mileage of 24,000 miles.

I’m opting out of my company car scheme (Cash for Car), is PCP suitable for me?

PCP is an extremely useful tool if you are a company car driver that has decided to opt out of your company car scheme (Cash for Car), this is because you can use your company car allowance or your mileage reclaim allowance to fund your monthly payments for your PCP contract and you avoid paying over the top company car taxes.

Is it possible to make the monthly cost even lower?

As with any large purchase there is no substitute for doing your homework. Because you are financing the depreciation of the new car, try and choose a car that holds its value well over the period of the contract. Look at financing the vehicle over the forty-eight month period, this can lower your monthly payments substantially. Increase your deposit (if possible) as this can also dramatically reduce your monthly payments. Finally calculate your annual mileage accurately, if you only do 5,000 miles per annum don’t leave the annual mileage figure at the preset 10000 miles, this will lower your GFV and you may end up paying more per month unnecessarily. If you can’t find your exact mileage on our PCP finance calculator, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a live quotation to your exact specifications.

What are my options at the end of the contract?

This all depends on your own personal circumstances, however you will have four different options:

Return the car to the finance company. Subject to you not having exceeded your total agreed mileage and the car being in good condition you can hand the car back to the lender and walk away with nothing extra to pay.

If you want to keep your car it's quite simple, all you need to do is pay off or refinance the GFV or final balloon payment.

Use your car as a part exchange for a new contract. As long as the trade in value is higher than the GFV, the difference can be used towards a deposit for your next contract.

Prior to the end of your agreement you can apply to the lender to sell the car privately, any profit over and above the GFV can then be kept by you.

What happens if I exceed the total mileage agreed?

When you agree to the PCP contract, you decide the total mileage for the period of the contract. If you are wishing to hand the car back to the lender and you have exceeded the mileage you agreed upon, you will be charged a fixed amount (fixed at the start of the contract) for each mile over and above your contracted total mileage. If you are keeping the car and wish to pay the GFV there is no penalty for exceeding the total mileage.

What about natural wear and tear on the new car?

To put it simply, normal wear and tear means that for the age and mileage of the car it is in fair working order, repair and condition. However, as with any car purchase when it comes to the time when you want to sell the vehicle, the better condition your car is in, the more money it will be worth, so it is definitely in your own interest to keep the cars “wear and tear” to a minimum and try not to exceed the agreed mileage. The better the overall condition of your car, the higher the chance of your vehicle being worth more than the GFV, giving you the opportunity to recoup as much money as possible. A detailed set of terms and conditions will be supplied by the lender to you at the beginning of your contract.

Benefits of a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

  • Little or no initial deposit
  • Reduced monthly payments due to the deferred GFV
  • Fixed interest rates for the duration of the contract
  • Fixed cost motoring for the duration of the contract
  • No risk of negative equity – GFV guaranteed by lender
  • An option to own the car at the end of the contract – just pay the GFV
  • New and nearly new cars available on this contract
  • Fixed cost maintenance packages available
  • Gap insurance available

What number plate will my car have?

We have 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 plate vehicles on the fleet, the majority of which are out on 2 to 5 year deals. We have stock at 26 different locations across the UK, so depends on other deals between now and then, the geographic location of the customer, amongst other factors. At the initial stage we advise to try and not get into detail on vehicle specifics as it makes the deal much more difficult to satisfy the customers exact requirement. It's for this reason we try to keep it as general as possible to start with i.e requirement for a small petrol car with a preference towards fiesta then Corsa. Once deal is quoted, we can then be more confident of vehicle availability and can discuss detail.

How many miles are on the clock?

In addition, it's difficult to answer how many miles are on the clock of one of the cars, for just one make and model of a car there are well over 100 fiesta vehicles. We would advise customers that usually the vehicles would have no more than 5,000 miles when they go out. The odd one or two might have a touch more, although the majority would have less. The operational circumstances mean that we have to talk in general terms until order stage, otherwise if we put customers names to a specific car on each deal we quoted, and subsequently didn't go ahead, we would never have availability and have fields full of vehicles that 'might be going ahead' - it's for this reason we don't assign a registration number until order is signed.

Is 25,000 miles enough allowance and should I lease for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months?

We rarely have any problems with mileage as customers hardly ever exceed the 25k allowance; as such the excess mileage isn't a major ‘deal breaker’.In our initial conversation with customer we carefully explain all parts of the contract to ensure that it is right for them. We often find that when we get to a point of sending an order over (not just a quote), it is a done deal. The main issue so far, is that to look at a 3 month deal to 5 year deal, when the customer only have a specific requirement for 3 months is very difficult. If we do a 1+2 deal for a customer. Our efficiencies are excellent when the customer has a requirement for at least 2 years.

A good example is that of Mr. Jamie yesterday, it came across mid afternoon wanting a 2 year deal – customer was spoken to, thrilled with the product and price, order sent over and we are arranging the deal now - all within a few hours.This is usually how our product is serviced. The interest rate drops slightly when you look at 3 year deal, then drops further for 4 year deal.

This isn't to say that we wont look at them, we will do – although our core market is 2, 3, 4 or 5 year personal car leasing finance, as this is the most effective route to market for us, along with the least line of resistance. Again, we find our conversion rate is further increased when a business user requires the product. The service was initially targeted towards personal users and it really does ‘hit the spot’. There is an awful lot of individuals, businesses and business users requiring vans and cars on flexible leases. I hope this insight helps!


PCP Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Questions and AnswersQuestionI was speaking to Mark the other day about PCP and other types of car finance and he said that one of your sales advisors has asked me to forward on his thoughts re increasing success rate and meeting customer expectations.

AnswerFrom what I can understand, customers that arrive at your website have no idea what PCP is or that it even exists. 95% of customers that we speak to come through wanting a lease until we point out the restrictions on plain leasing and then recommend to them a completely different product - which is actually against the law believe it or not!

QuestionSure but we call it PCP car leasing and as I understand it the marketing team found a way to promote this on most of the web pages that customers visit. I know it is not traditional car leasing as in contract hire which is not really good for most people and specially not good for just ordinary people like you and me.

AnswerI know what you mean and to add to that as I understand it Contract Hire is something that most companies do very little of these days, due to the simple fact it is only available on a brand new vehicle which we have limited access to, the customer needs to have a prime credit profile to be accepted with our only leasing provider - Alphera or Barclays and they are not allowed to add additional drivers onto the policy which many people want for one reason or another.

QuestionSo are you saying PCP car leasing is the way forward?

AnswerWhat our sales guys are extremely good at is realigning the customers' expectations and educating them into to see the benefits of PCP car leasing which caters to their exact requirements, specially for the nearly new, ex demo and used cars.

QuestionSo what do the customers get if they were to finance their car on a PCP agreement?

AnswerThe customers are mainly interested in finding a financial product which allows them to do the following

1. Paying a small deposit
2. Having the option to add a named drivers onto the policy should they require it.
3. Having the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement should they like it

Leasing does not allow the customer to do any of this So my thinking was .... If we know the customer's options why not promote PCP Car Leasing which is far better for them?

QuestionSo what is the market like? Have you any statistics to relay so we can see what customers really want?

AnswerCurrently the figures show that 1 in 4 will ask for PCP Car Leasing finance and if you include the bad credit (HP) and no deposit requests that will give us a total of 95% of time4leasing customers want PCP or HP and personal contract hire has massively dropped to 5%

QuestionWhat about the benefits? Why is PCP car leasing so much better as a financial choice?

AnswerWith PCP car leasing, time4leasing have offers that not necessary require any deposit and most of the other offers require a very small deposit which will reduce the repayments. You get to drive a better and more expensive car and pay far less money for it in the long run. You can return the car without any penalties or pay the outstanding balance and keep the car, as long as it is stated in your agreement. You have the option to purchase the car at the end of the agreement, either by paying a cash sum or refinancing the outstanding balance. At the end of your agreement you have the option to hand the car back or part exchange your car for a newer model and you have the option to add extra named drivers on to the PCP finance agreement at no extra cost.

QuestionWhat about Hire Purchase, when is this type of car finance offered?

AnswerNormally Hire Purchase as in HP car finance is like PCP car leasing with the difference that you get to keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement. There is no balloon payment at the end of the agreement because it is built into the monthly repayments. However, the payments are a little bit higher because you are actually paying offer the whole value of the car. One other benefit is that you can drive unlimited miles. So typically Hire Purchase is really good for people who either have really bad credit history because it is easier to get a car on this type of car leasing finance and or customers who drive really lots of miles per year.


QuestionHi I tried to call your company but it told me to Facebook etc. My partner has a car on finance but wants to long term hire one of your cars He was wondering if you buy cars and take on finance and use them your self?? If possible could you telephone me on my number please?

AnswerDepends which number you called. If you applied for a specific car deal then you will provided with the correct number to call and details of the person you will need to speak to who will help you in turn.

QuestionWhere is your company based?

AnswerIf you mean our headquarters, we are based in Solihull. That is where we run our Internet business from. Not sure why you ask because we are credit brokers and not a showroom. If you want to see the cars it depends which supplier we pick. All paper work for the finance made is done via the internet. Hence why we are able to offer these low prices. No different if you asked for a car insurance quote from the Meer cats, you wouldn't get a quote from them but from one of their selected partners who offer the best service at the cheapest price.

QuestionOK, I get it now. So you guys are like brokers. My partner was looking for a car that he could just hire instead of buying where instead of paying finance he pays a monthly car hire instead so it could b like a year then maybe change car to something different a don't know if that's what us do?

AnswerPlease check your email now as we have sent you a proposal for your approval.


QuestionWe were on the internet last night looking for long term loans on cars and your company came up. Only want it for a year or so. Can you help us?

AnswerTo hire or lease a car for a year at a time would cost 3 to 4 times more than leasing a car for 3 or 4 years. The longer the lease the cheaper the price. If you want to hire a car on a monthly basis you might like to follow the links on the time4leasing website and visit one of our sister companies. If you want to lease as in keep the car for a minimum of 2 or more years then I can help you further.

QuestionHow much would it be for an Audi for 3 yrs etc?

AnswerHave you already applied and in what name?

QuestionNo not applied yet as my partner needs to get rid of his car first was just trying to get info etc

AnswerI'm afraid you need to be more specific about which Audi. There are currently over 20 models and hundreds of offers.

QuestionSorry, I was thinking of the Audi A3 and need more info about what kind of car leasing finance would be best for us.

AnswerPlease do not get me wrong, but we are not allowed to give specific prices to people on our forum or our blog because firm prices depend on the applicant's personal and work circumstances and their credit history. If yours is good then the prices are more or less what you see on the time4leasing website. if it is poor or bad then the prices are more and are advertised on the same product page. Example price could be from £197 for a used Audi A3 to £300 and £400 a month if you have really bad credit history. However, these prices can only be confirmed if you apply. You must apply to get an exact price. There is no obligation to take the offer, you can cancel it at any time. We then will delete your application and never contact you again, if that is what you wish for us to do. If you need any further assistance using our systems do message me.

QuestionLast question, with the monthly payments what does it all cover etc road tax mot or do we still need to pay that?

AnswerIf the car you take is over 3 years old then yes you have to pay the MOT. If the car is nearly new, then no there is no MOT required. You should budget another £4 a month for MOT if and when it is required. Road tax is the driver's responsibility regardless if you lease, hire or own a car today and the price depends on the size of the engine and how old the car is.


QuestionI was contacted earlier today regarding this initial quote. It was not clear to me and my wife that the website (Cars2Lease) my wife made the quote on is part of the Time4Leasing chain/group that I made the contact via the website.From your message indicates my wife's initial quote for zero deposit. During the conversation that I had with a Wayne there was no real mention of the zero deposit cars that was requested. As the conversation progressed it became clear that a small deposit of £100 would be required. A selection of cars were provided, each one with a £100 deposit required.I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerWith regards to your enquiry, are you saying that you do not have £100 to put down as a deposit?If you do not have a deposit or do not wish to pay a deposit, I'm afraid the deal that allows this type of arrangement is from a different supplier and not from the original supplier we put you in touch with.The no deposit deal from an alternative supplier for the Renault Clio is deal No. 7 which works out at £154.78 a month (personal lease) over a 4 year contract and that is if you have excellent credit history. If it is not excellent then the price will be a bit higher as stated on the website.If you require any further information please do contact me again or if you wish for me to put you in touch with the alternative supplier that can do a zero deposit offer for you but at a higher monthly price or you can contact the current partner and pay a little deposit of £100 and get the car at a lower price.

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