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No Deposit Car Leasing

Best Brand New and Used Dual Control Car Leasing
The best Dual Control Cars to lease, ideal for Driving Instructors and individuals who are learning to drive. Best cars with double controls. We also offer no deposit car leasing deals.

Ford Fiesta Best Car Leasing Deals
Ford Fiesta
Used Car Leasing Deals
from £95.54 per month

Lease Info

Peugeot 208 Best Car Leasing Deals
Peugeot 208
Used Car Leasing Deals
from £105.97 per month

Lease Info

AUDI A1 Best Car Leasing Deals
Audi A1
Used Car Leasing Deals
from £139.95 per month

Lease Info

Seat Leon Best Car Leasing Deals
Seat Leon
Used Car Leasing Deals
from £142.98 per month

Lease Info

Dual Control Deals - No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals - Lowest Rates
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract

from £218.62 per month
Vauxhall Corsa Dual Control
Vauxhall Corsa
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract

from £218.67 per month
Nissan Micra Dual Control
Nissan Micra Petrol
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract

from £249.65 per month
Ford Fiesta Dual Control
Ford Fiesta Petrol
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract
£249.87 per month
Dual Control Deals - No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals - Lowest Rates
Ford Fiesta Dual Control
Ford Fiesta Diesel
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract
£259.78 per month
Nissan Micra Dual Control
Nissan Micra Diesel
Brand New Dual Control Cars Special for ADI 
20,000 Miles/pa 3 Year Contract

from £269.23 per month

Driving Instructors Car Leasing Forum

Questions and AnswersQuestion I would like to lease a car and my miles per year are 22k. Just getting prices for a dual control Auris Icon, preferably with the Touch and Go navigation.

Answer The Toyota that you picked is not available. Is this your only choice or would you consider a similar vehicle if the price is right? How about a good ex demo deal where the price is cheaper and the terms more flexible? Also we do allow dual control for those vehicles.

Question Thanks for getting back to me. I normally buy a new car, but it has been pointed out to me that leasing might be a better option for me financially. However, I would want a new car. Iíve been looking at the new Auris and the new Hyundai i30, and Iím leaning toward the Auris for a variety of reasons (although the i30 is lovely to drive!). Youíre not the only company to say that the new Auris is not available, so it looks like I might have to deal with Toyota direct. I was hoping to get some competitive quotes first before I made contact with my local Toyota dealer, but that is proving quite difficult. Iím willing to be flexible on terms, and I would be quite happy to go for an ex-demo deal if the car is right, but both the Auris and the i30 only came out in the last 6 months so I doubt that you would have any used models available (the older versions are not as attractive).

AnswerYour feedback is spot on and the i30 has aged enough to become an ex demo and good deal. The only Toyotas available are the Avensis saloon and estate. Guess they are not suitable.

Answer We now have several Toyota Auris on really good offers. Cheaper than anywhere else.

Question Please quote for 12 (if possible) and 24 months with maintenance. Fitted with dual controls. Annual mileage 35000 approx. My budget is £250.00 pm.

Answer Fiesta, Focus or Astra would be approx. £200 a month over a 4 year lease. Over a 12 month lease probably triple the price and for 2 year lease halfway. Typically when someone does over 10,000 miles on a car it is approx 10 pence extra per mile. Your 35,000-10,000=25,000 x 0.10 / 12 months = £208.33 per month Then £200 + £208.33 = £408.33 per month and as you say you have bad credit that would increase even more. You are probably better off hire purchasing the vehicle where you can do unlimited miles and not pay per extra mile.

Question I am a driving instructor (an ADI) and looking to lease a black CORSA with dual controls (HE-MAN) for 1 or 2 year period. The car must not be older than 3 years by the end of the lease. Yearly mileage should be about 35,000.

Answer If you want to achieve the best price, the minimum hire is 2 years on a 4 year contract but you can had the car back or swap it after 2 years as we are flexible. Dual controls can be arrange at an extra cost. The best deals work out for the ex demo cars which are normally up to 2 years old but we can get you a 6 months old car however it would cost a bit more than a 2 year old car. If you are interested for me to send you a quote please let me know which Corsa model did you have in mind?

Question My driving school requirements are as follows:

1. Any Corsa (black colour strongly preferred, but not crucial), any number of doors, any fuel;
2. At most 3 years old by the END of the lease;
3. Dual controls;
4. Deal must allow for 30,000 miles per year;

I am planning to take the lease in a couple of months. I donít mind either 1 or 2 years, whichever is cheaper.

Do you have anything fitting these requirements ? If so what price ?

Answer Please check your inbox, I have sent you a quote proposal.

Question I'm looking for either a Corsa or Fiesta on a 6 month lease fitted with dual controls, can I get a quote with and without insurance please.

Answer Hi Dean, sorry but the vehicles what we have on offer for dual control would be for a minimum lease period of 2 years subject to approval. Curious, why 6 months?

Question I'm a trainee instructor and my training badge is for 6 months.

Answer Oh, I see. I'm afraid to lease a dual control car, 2 years is the minimum commitment, some of the deals can be offered on a 1 year contract but 6 months would be extremely expensive to lease. Have you thought of hiring a car on a rolling monthly contract?

Question That's too expensive had prices of £1000

Answer At £1000 a month you might as well buy a second hand car and have cash to spare. To achieve these low prices that we offer I'm afraid the minimum would be 2 years as long as you have excellent credit history. If it is poor then the years will increase according.

Question Guess, I'm going to have to push and commit to 2 year lease as it still is far cheaper than renting. Can I have a quote on a Corsa or a Fiesta?

Answer Of course you can. Please check your email now.

Question I'd like to lease a car for at least 2 years with a view to buy? Need a car to travel to and from Manchester to Crewe each day.

Answer You have been provisionally accepted and you should have received a text message and or an email with contact details.

Question Hello support team I have contacted your department on a number of occasions yesterday via email and telephone and was informed one of your team would contact me. When I did contact customer service I spoke to Zac (my customer advisor) who informed me he would return my call within about 30mins or so, I still have not received this returned call? Is there a reason for this long delay when I should have been called back within the selected 3hours time frame when first makings enquires and we are now into over 24hrs since a first applied. I fully understand if the delay is due to finding to correct car lease package, however emails and text messages suggest that you have funds reserved for myself and you will be happy to help me with my car purchase.

Answer He has tried contacting numerous times. I have asked him to drop you an email and text with his contact details so you can contact him directly and sort something out.

Question I have a car which I have leased through yourselves. My service is overdue due to some personal issues which have occurred this year.

Answer How can I help you?

Question I am now trying to book the service but I do not appear to have a service book. Please could you let me know if this is an issue, and whether you can send out a service book to enable me to get it stamped.

Answer I'm afraid we cannot issue you a new service book. Service books are unique and come with each car. As you have lost the service book, it will cause you problems in the future when you hand the car back to the finance company or try to sell the car on. You will be penalised with a fine. You are best to try and find the service book. If you still cannot find it, then when you take your car for a service you might be issued a new service book and get it stamped.

Question Where can I get my car serviced?

Answer As you are in Leicestershire, for convenience, you can pick any reputable service garage and service your car in your area. You might like to see if your car needs an MOT too, so you are best to take an offer doing both together, MOT and service, so to save you some money. You might like to see Halfords who do also have some good offers.

Question Is there anyway I can find out about the previous services that the car had?

Answer That information would be in the service book. We do not keep such records. While you are getting the car MOT'd you can ask the mechanic to look into their computer systems and see if they can spot where the car was serviced before and put that information in the service book for you?

Dual Control Car Leasing Deals for ADI

Question Looking for a driving tuition car, can you please let me have names of a couple of driving schools that use yourselves so that I can get some reviews.

Answer Here are some customer reviews that rate our services. https://www.time4leasing.co.uk/customer-reviews.asp

Question Have you any reviews from an independent source?

Answer Hi Sarah, you might like to look at this website called Ged&Claire who highly recommend us. https://www.gedandclaire.com/resources/driving-school-lease-hire-companies

Question Thank you, I did some of my training with the above and was thinking more along the lines of smaller independent instructors if possible.

Answer I can reassure you that we are a very reputable company and work with only the best supplies and lenders in the UK. If you want a dual control vehicle we have a specialist supplier who will allow you to put dual controls in the car. You will need to apply first to see if you get approved then take it from there. What car did you have in mind?

Question Would it be possible for you to give me a name or two?

Answer On this page you will find company names of driving schools. However, most independent driving instructors are self employed and we cannot give you this information due to data protection act and we would need their permission to do so.


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Best Driving School Instructors

Jay's Driving School - Hayes
121 Driving School
Round The Bend Driving School - Brighton
Street Drive School of Motoring - Hamworthy, Poole
Smile School of Motoring - Edinburgh
Driving Savvy
Andy Shields Driver Training - Tyersal, Bradford
MSG School Of Motoring - Bamber Bridge, Preston
Platinum School of Motoring
Aulakh Driving School - Hounslow
Paul Gorman Driving Tuition - Stockport

James' Driving School - Spalding
Ellis School of Motoring - Sheffield
ASF Simon French Driving School - Ashford, Kent
Keith English - Corby
Red and Black Driving Academy - Chesterfield
Belt Up Driving School - Plymouth
Monarch Driving School
Mount Pleasant Avenue, ST. HELENS
Bri Smith Driving Instructor Liverpool

JOHN B Driving Tuition - Yeadon, Leeds
Focus Driving School in New Malden-Surrey
Apna Driving Schools - Derby
Route66 Driving School - Baldovie, Broughty Ferry, Dundee
Kang School of Motoring - Isleworth
Learn with Mike
Ian Craigie Ltd - Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne
Heaney Driving - Scholes, Leeds
Nicholls School of Motoring - Drayton, Norwich
Dave Hall School of Driving - Sileby, Loughborough

A-Class Driving School - Sea Mills, Bristol
ATC Driving School - Lincoln
TLR Driving Tuition - North Hykeham, Lincoln
Elite Driving Instructor Training Ltd
Bin-The-L-Plates - Stoke-on-trent
LetsPass Driving School
Moving Off - Plumstead, London
Sussex Mini Driving School - Worthing
Claire Edwards driving school - Aldershot
Ann Driving School - Kirkdale, Liverpool

Paul Webb Driver Training - Liverpool
Westdrive School of Motoring - Troon
Get Passed - Leeds
Harman Driving School - Keymer, Hassocks
Mickyd Driving School - Bedworth
Paul Higgins Driver Training - Bradford
Jon Wells School of Motoring - Broadstairs
Bradley School of Motoring - Coventry
Kew School Of Motoring - Ashton-in-makerfield, Wigan

Pass with Billy School of Motoring - Hartlepool
Mirrors Driving School - Corby
Nutgrove Driving School
Oscar's Wheels - Gillingham
How-2-drive - Taverham, Norwich
Waterlooville Driving School - Purbrook, Waterlooville
Theydon Driving School - Theydon Bois, Epping
BJM School of Motoring - Bradford
Mercia Driving School - Binley, Coventry
Jacks School of Motoring - Brymbo, Wrexham

Steve Cowe Driving School - Holme-on-spalding-moor, York
Topgear Driving Tuition Ltd - Glasgow
Ina Baker Driving School - Cranleigh
Marc's Driving School - Kettering
BLT - Driving Skills For Life
B L T logo
L2D - Ormskirk
DLN Driving School - Clifton, Nottingham
Streetwise the Driving School - Acomb, York
Adam Steele - BSM - York

Let's Get Driving - Leicester
Will 2 Pass Driving School - Sheffield
Lets Learn School of Motoring - Urmston, Manchester
KJ's School of Motoring - Glen Parva, Leicester
JonnyG's Driving School - Newtownbreda, Belfast
Billy Copeland School of Motoring - Irvine
APC Driving - Worthing
Elite Driver Training - Aigburth, Liverpool
Evolution Driver Training - Norwich
Key2drive - Letchworth Garden City

Marshalls Driving School - Adderbury, Banbury
Mel's School of Motoring - Broughty Ferry, Dundee
Paul Nuttall Driving Lessons - Loughborough
Phil Connolly Driver Training - Bootle
Able Driving School - Coventry
Pamela Gray Driving School - Cumbernauld, Glasgow
FJ's Driving Tuition - Filton, Bristol
Simply The Best - Hull
Idrive - Brighton
Steve Gibbons School Of Motoring - Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

Geoff Skipp Driving School - Ruislip
Matt - Professional Driving Instructor (Drive Dynamics, South Liverpool) - Aigburth, Liverpool
Mark Sinclair - Lewes
Antonine Driving School - Cumbernauld, Glasgow
Street Wise Driving School Cornwall - Camborne
Easydrive NI Driving School - Dunmurry, Belfast
Marco Polo Oxford Ltd - Abingdon
Choices Driving School - Broughton Astley, Leicester
Bolton Driving School - Bolton

Garry Needham Driving Tuition - Loughborough
WrightLearn Driving Instruction - Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich
Time to Drive - Thornton le Clay, York
CONFIDENTdrive - Ealing, London
Bee Happy Driving - Goring-by-sea, Worthing
RoadSense - Oadby, Leicester
Park Driving School - Sheffield
Dave Strong School of Motoring Ltd - Bulkington, Bedworth
Simon Allen is a DSA ADI Grade 5 driving instructor
Safety First Driving School Thorpe End, NORWICH

Paul Crook Driver Training - Coventry
MG Driving Ayr - Ayr
Diamond Drive - Totton, Southampton
A Driving Instructor - Upper Norwood, London
XL In Driving - Sheffield
Simon Partington School of Motoring - Wolverhampton
Ryan Parsons Driving Tuition - Norwich
Miles Driving School - Kilnhurst, Mexborough
Female Instructor. Miles Driving School offers driving tuition to customers throughout the local area. Established in 2002, the business is located in Kilnhurst (Mexborough) covering the Rotherham.

Driving Works C Holder - Washingborough, Lincoln
Best Learner Driving School - Hockley, Tamworth
Chilled Driving Tuition - Norwich
Mark Jepson School of Motoring - Wakefield
Glenalmond School of Motoring - Dechmont, Broxburn

A&M School of Motoring - Totterdown, Bristol As a small independent driving school in Bristol, A&M offer quality driving lessons and intensive driving lessons at competitive prices. A&M have the motivation, dedication, knowledge and skills.

Courts SOM - Coventry Drive 2 Go - Soothill, Batley


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