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Renault Clio Estate

The Renault Clio Estate is an exceptionally competitive in its class. The Renaul...

Renault Clio Estate
from £87.23 per month

Vauxhall Astra Estate

The Vauxhall Astra Estate is classy and comes with a spacious cabin which is a r...

Vauxhall Astra Estate
from £104.32 per month

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion Estate is based on the classic Fiesta but aims to offer a more p...

Ford Fusion
from £108 per month

Citroen C3 Picasso

The C3 Picasso might be pricey, but we reckon it's worth every penny. It combine...

Citroen C3 Picasso
from £108.67 per month

Skoda Fabia Estate

The Skoda Fabia Estate has a decent amount of space for both luggage and passeng...

Skoda Fabia Estate
from £109.13 per month

Ford Focus Estate

The Ford Focus is a superb all rounded family estate, the Ford Focus is very pra...

Ford Focus Estate
from £110.36 per month

Renault Megane Sport Tourer

The Renault Megane Sport Tourer offers decent practicality and sharp looks, and ...

Renault Megane Sport Tourer
from £115.78 per month

Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 has a great blend of comfort, quality and spacious family car p...

Peugeot 3008
from £119.78 per month

Citroen C5 Tourer

As far as stylish estate cars go, few can rival the good-looking C5 Tourer. The ...

Citroen C5 Tourer
from £132.78 per month

Chevrolet Cruze SW

The Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon is something to consideri as it is a more prac...

Chevrolet Cruze SW
from £138.65 per month

Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb Estate provides massive space, but not doesn't have a massive p...

Skoda Superb Estate
from £144.93 per month

KIA Ceed Estate

This Kia estate vehicle is well worth considering, as the Kia Ceed Sportswagon c...

KIA Ceed Estate
from £148.76 per month

Volvo V50

The New Volvo V50 is compact, but with a definite large-car feel. Practical and ...

Volvo V50
from £149.66 per month

BMW 2 Series Tourer

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is definitely worth considering if you need more ...

BMW 2 Series Tourer
from £149.99 per month

Ford Mondeo Estate

The Ford Mondeo Estate delivers just about everything you could want from a fami...

Ford Mondeo Estate
from £150.38 per month

Vauxhall Insignia Estate

A genuinely elegant and handsome estate competitively priced, very stylish and b...

Vauxhall Insignia Estate
from £153.88 per month

Vauxhall Insignia Estate (Used)

This Vauxhall Insignia Estate used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. Th...

Vauxhall Insignia Estate (Used)
from £154.68 per month

Toyota Avensis Tourer

It is hard to fault the Toyota Avensis Tourer as it is a great all rounder vehic...

Toyota Avensis Tourer
from £154.97 per month

Audi A6 Avant

The Audi A6 Avant comes with an attractive package, as long as sheer luggage cap...

Audi A6 Avant
from £177.04 per month

Hyundai i800

Probably the best and cheapest way to carry eight people would be with a Hyundai...

Hyundai i800
from £178.15 per month

Skoda Octavia Estate

The Skoda Octavia Estate is still a sturdy estate with bags of room for big fami...

Skoda Octavia Estate
from £185.49 per month

BMW 3 Series Touring

The BMW Touring version of the 3 Series drives every bit as well as the saloon, ...

BMW 3 Series Touring
from £188.09 per month

Honda Accord Tourer

The Honda Accord Tourer is a decent car in isolation, but when you compare it wi...

Honda Accord Tourer
from £194.73 per month

Hyundai i40 Tourer

The Hyundai i40 tourer is a handsome and classy looking estate and is competitiv...

Hyundai i40 Tourer
from £196.23 per month

Ford Mondeo Estate

This Ford Mondeo Estate used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The pric...

Ford Mondeo Estate
from £197.38 per month

Audi A4 Avant

Avant is available from a range of 7 petrol and diesel engines, including a new ...

Audi A4 Avant
from £203.79 per month

BMW 5 Series Touring

The BMW 5 Series Touring is beautifully built, superb to drive and financially u...

BMW 5 Series Touring
from £212.98 per month

Mercedes C Class Estate

The Mercedes C-Class Estate is a great estate car. The Mercedes C-Class Estate h...

Mercedes C Class Estate
from £227.67 per month

Mercedes E-Class Estate

As estate cars go, they donít come much bigger than the Mercedes E-Class Estate ...

Mercedes E-Class Estate
from £244.82 per month

Volvo V70

Brand new Volvo V70 range including a D5 diesel, the powerful T5 and an even mor...

Volvo V70
from £245.78 per month

Honda Accord Tourer (Used)

This Honda Accord Tourer used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The pri...

Honda Accord Tourer (Used)
from £289.99 per month

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is a finely balanced sporting estate. It looks the part...

Jaguar XF Sportbrake
from £325.78 per month

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The Mercedes-Benz GLE has moved on from its predecessor and is now one of the be...

Mercedes-Benz GLE
from £372.04 per month

Audi A6 Allroad

Audi A6 Allroad is a somewhat unconventional proposition, but its blend of abili...

Audi A6 Allroad
from £439.95 per month


Insignia Estate Sport

Insignia Inside

Boot Space

Luggage Space

Estate Car Leasing Forum

Long Term Car Hire Question: Does it usually take long for first contact after making application?

Answer: Normally for good credit history customer the wait is just half an hour. For bad credit leasing yes it does take a bit longer because the adviser is trying to get the right funder into place before making contact with you. This can take a bit longer.

Question: Yes I would consider as long as it has automatic transmission as that is all I am able to drive.

Question: Thank you for you prompt response. Sorry I didn't give you my mobile phone number so you can contact me. the contact number is...

Answer: It is better you supplied your mobile phone number, because one of the advisers from Motor Group might choose to send you a text with the details. I have notified the department to update the records with your mobile phone number.

Question: Please quote for Mercedes C180 saloon Black 10k miles 2 and 4 years Petrol Manual Would also like to know about maintenance

Answer: I'm afraid there are no good offers for the Mercedes C Class at the moment. I will send you something similar so you can compare. You can also discuss other similar vehicles with the adviser with they contact you.

Question: I'm somewhat confused why you are advertising deals for the Mercedes in your web site then? I look forward to someone getting in touch.

Answer: Not all of the advertised Mercedes deals are in stock - they are listed for references purposes. There are some ex demo Mercedes available, but you will have to speak to the adviser about them because they go very quickly when they come up. That is why I said if you would like a good deal you will have to speak to an adviser.

Question: Mission Impossible? I was hoping to get a Skoda yeti or seat leon or vw golf Auto with a sunroof. I am still in bankruptcy till April. I do around 15k per year. Budget around 200-250 per month. I am not too worried if its nearly new or ex demo. I am not worried about length of lease or if it needs to be HP. I should be able to get a £1000 deposit together. Kind regards

Answer: I see you have been reading our customer forum posts? There is just one company that we work closely with that will look at this. The bankruptcy will need to be discharged, the customer will need 10% deposit and the rates are very high, 49%, ouch !!! I hope this info helps?

Question: Ouch indeed, once my wife is back working could she apply?

Answer: yes you can do an accommodation lease as we call it where one person leases the car and the other can drive it.

Question: We have previously moved home and our other lease car went back in October. because of the house move we are looking to lease a car that requires no up front deposit. Was hoping to keep within a maximum budget of circa £250 pm.

Answer: I'm afraid there are no good offers for the Mercedes A Class at the moment at that price. I will send you something similar so you can compare. You can also discuss other similar vehicles with the adviser when they contact you.

Question: I'm interested in an Audi A6 or A4 Saloon, 2.0 S-Line diesel, 3 + 23 terms. Black, white or silver preferred. 8000 miles p.a., no maintenance. I do have Company Car allowance having previously had Company Car, and still paid back for business mileage done.

Answer: I will put you in touch with our prestige vehicle department. Ignore the car choice I am going to pick. I have to pick something to resubmit your request. There are some good ex demo Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche vehicles available. You can discuss about these cars when the adviser contacts you. If you need anything else in the meantime do email me and let me know.

Question: I'm looking for 10,000 miles per year Any term lease. Willing to do 4 years. First choice car - Mercedes CLA Second choice car - Mercedes C class diesel AMG Do you have any deals which come with insurance cover included in the price? (You mentioned Motability alternatives on your website - more info?)

Answer: Mobility alternatives is not a mobility lease but a personal contract hire lease for someone that cannot have a a mobility lease any more. You cannot be disabled and lease with us as our funders require an income that originates from a profession. I hope that make sense? Also all prestige vehicles like the Mercedes other than BMW require excellent credit history. Otherwise we have plenty of other cars available.

Question: Thats fine. I am a professional and self employed so looking for a business lease. I have excellent credit history. Again, first choice car would be Mercedes CLA (preferably 220CDI)

Answer: I will put you in touch with our prestige vehicle department. Ignore the car choice I am going to pick. I have to pick something to submit your request. There are some good ex demo high power Mercedes available. You can discuss these cars when the adviser contacts you. If you need anything else in the meantime do email me and let me know.

Question: I have found this website by looking for good reliable deals for teachers. Are the quotes given online different to those in reality then?

Answer: To be fair we offer the same prices to all our customers so everyone is happy. The prices quoted vary a little bit depending on your credit history score, if you are to pick the car up yourself or have it delivered, the miles you will be doing and which type of lease you are going to agree on. The car you picked is an ex demo slightly used car and that is why the advertised price is lower than if you leased it brand new.

Question: To admit it, I have poor credit history and I am looking for a 2/3 yr lease or hire purchase for approx 20 k per year. Merc c class / cla/ or open to anything with 4 doors and 1.8 above-Audi a5

Answer: I'm afraid you need to have excellent credit history to be able to lease a Mercedes or Audi. I will track you for a quote for something that you would probably have more success. You can discuss other similar cars with the adviser when you are contacted.

Question: Hello, I'm looking to doing 10k mile per year. I need a 5 door car with ISOFIX. With a High NCAP rating as we look after our grandson. Can you help?

Answer: The VW UP isn't really that safe of a car, you wouldn't want to crash in one of those? On the other hand the VW Polo has excellent reviews and is one of the safest cars in its category. I will send you a quote so you can compare but you can discuss other cars with the adviser.

Question: We deliver medication to patient's home currently using staff members own cars but would like to use a lease can instead. Mileage is around 20 miles per day (4 days. Could you advise on a suitable car and lease terms please? We would need comprehensive insurance for any driver. We would be happy with an ex demo car.

Answer: Can you supply a mobile phone and or a telephone so the guys can contact you if they need to? Also the mobile phone is required so a one off text is sent to you so let you know the name of the adviser who will answer your questions and our full contact details so you can speak to someone if you want. You can use your own insurance but if you need to we can suggest as well. It would be wise to also take GAP insurance so the car is fully covered 100%.

Question: Currently I have just started working for myself and will be claiming for business mileage. I also expect my monthly income to be at least £3k per month once I start acquiring new customers. The income level currently quoted is that of my wife and I wi be adding to that as I pick up customers. I would appreciate any advice you can give.

Answer: As you haven't filled any accounts yet for your new business then a business lease is not recommended. You can however lease / hire a car as an individual (personal hire) and charge your business the business miles and claim back money from the tax man. To lease a car as personal hire you would need to provide past earnings and past credit history. If this is an option for you, do you have this info and if the answer is yes what car or cars did you have in mind, do you have a deposit and how much would you like to spend per month including the vat?

Question: I will be doing around 7,000 miles a year. Lease for maybe 1 or 2 years. Family car 5 door if possible. Budget around £150 & do the cars include insurance? I like Nissan juke. Ford focus. Astra?

Answer: Hiya my car is not working at the moment so I need a vehicle as soon as possible can you tell me what length of a process this is and when will I know if I've been approved to lease?

Question: If you have excellent or good credit history then it would be today but let me know so I can fast track you. However, if your credit history is poor then you will have to wait a bit longer, maybe by tomorrow.

Answer: Hiya I've been approved by Carloans for you yesterday & also another garage but had it suggested to me about leasing that's why I've come to time 4 leasing? so I'm assuming my credit history is ok?

Question: I have notified the adviser that you would like to be fast tracked.

Answer: Ok thank you can I just ask if I got an older car what reg plates are they? Are they newer than a 10 plate

Question: You can have a brand new car if you like if your budget is high enough. Normally the cars are ether new, 2013 reg or at the most 2012. If you were offered a 2010 reg plate car then it would be probably really cheap to lease or hire.

Answer: Ok thank you can I just ask if I got an older car what reg plates are they? Are they newer than a 10 plate

Question: Do the cars include insurance?

Answer: Insurance is not included. Unless you mean the 7 days free insurance to help you drive the car away? At lease low prices you will have to source your own insurance. Your budget £150 is not going to get you a Juke, don't forget prices are plus vat. Maybe get you a Fiesta, Focus, or an Astra but it would be a slightly used car at that price. Or you need to pay more to get brand new.

Question: I will need 15000 miles per year 2 or 3 years lease Under £200 Potential cars (hatchbacks) i.e. - Ford Fiesta, Mazda 3, Renault Clio Ex test cars etc. are an acceptable option

Answer: Can you confirm if you have lived and worked the UK for at least 3 years and are you on the UK Electoral register?

Question: I just moved over from Germany permanently last year in March. However, I live in the UK for 10 month between 2011 and 2012 as well. Unfortunately I have not managed to put myself on the UK Electoral register, but I definitely plan to do so as I live and work as a teacher in the UK now permanently. My partner, who I live with as well, is British. Would there be a possibility that, if I could not get a lease contract, he could have the contract although I would drive the car? Many thanks for your help

Answer: You need to be living and working in the UK for at least 3 years to be able to lease a car. With us yes you can have your partner lease the car for you and allow you to drive it. However, he would need to apply and would need his details.

Question: Thanks a lot for the quick reply. My partner would be very happy to finance the car, however he would not be insured or driving it as he does not have a driving license. Would that be a problem? If this is not an option, is there a possibility that another person (such as a family member) could be written into the contract as a guarantor?

Answer: It would be difficult to do it via your partner. However, you can have another family member do this for you as long as they agree. You will need to provide their details.

Question: My partner's parents would be happy to do this. Understandably, they would like to have a bit more information on what they would be signing up for. Could you possibly give me more information on this, for example: Whose bank account would the money have to be paid from? They live in Northern Ireland, would they have to be present for the handing over or could all signatures etc. be done via post? Would they have direct responsibility for the car or would they act as a guarantor with responsibility only defaulting to them in undesirable situations?

Answer: I'm afraid in car leasing you cannot have a guarantor. If your partner's parents take the lease in their name then they are responsible for the payments. If they stop paying for the car then they will be in trouble with their credit rating. In the other hand the car is your responsibility as it will be registered in your name. They have responsibility of the finance and you have the responsibility of the car. We call this accommodation leasing. You will have to setup a direct debit to put the money from your account to their account a few days before the payment is taken out for the car. Probably they would have to sign the documents at the showroom to prove they are who they say they are. The nearest to them is in north of Manchester. They will have to travel their to sign and pick up the car. I hope this info helps?

Question: That sounds great. Although Manchester is closer to Belfast, it would be more likely that we would get them to come here (in St Albans). What would be the closest showroom in this case? Would it also be possible to have a look at a draft contract on order to read all the terms and conditions?

Answer: I'm afraid the only funder we have available that would do this is in the north or near Manchester. Yes of course you can get to read the terms and conditions before anything and we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. All this of course subject to that your partner's parents have good credit history. If you think this is the way forward then they need to apply but be prepared for the rest that we discussed.

Question: Ah, you are so kind to provide all this information, I will make arrangements.

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