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Lexus IS Saloon

Lexus IS
from £145.35 per month


Lexus CT200
£151.34 per month

Lexus GS

Lexus GS
£183.65 per month


Lexus RX450H
£260.17 per month

Lexus N

Lexus NX
£245.59 per month

Lexus IS Convertible

Lexus IS Conv.
£485.95 per month

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Lexus IS Lexus IS

The Lexus IS Saloon, a premium brand from Toyota, is winning the battle for sales. The Lexus is securing a respectable following by customers who want something...



The Lexus CT200h is a nice idea and some people say they love the driving experience. Every version of the CT200h uses the same hybrid system, so the only decis...


Lexus GS Lexus GS

The Lexus GS is a pretty good car and is at that top level with an Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series which all feel special and cost less to lease rather than own. The GS...


Lexus NX Lexus NX

The Lexus NX300h is a hybrid, slightly smaller than the success enjoyed by its larger SUV stablemate. The power comes from an electric motor with a 2.5-litre pe...



The Lexus RX450h has very low CO2 emissions, is bery cheap to tax and has plenty of creature comforts. Some customers say pity it isnít more comfortable and bet...



The Lexus IS convertible is a comfort-orientated coupe cabriolet thatís very well equipped and refined. However, it comes with a weak engine, mediocre handling ...


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Time4leasing Lexus Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car Hire Wanting a good size vehicle of this type also like the Lexus Rx450h. My credit rating is shocking due to wrong business decisions in past but can place a larger deposit as security. My daughter is disabled and my wife needs a car I have to sort something ASAP. Many thanks in advance

Sorry to hear that. When you say your credit history is shocking, what does that mean? Bankrupt, IVA, defaults, when was the last time you missed payments? Have you paid your monthly payments for what ever reason for the past 3 to 6 months and not missed anything? A deposit would help, but you need to explain to me your recent economics.

Basically my credit rating due to bad business partner investor decision ended up leaving me with an unknowingly PG for a business overdraft. My financial position of late has been ok payments etc kept up with a couple of late payments such as a few days as I cancelled direct debits when my daughter was in hospital since last September so I could manage finances better whilst my wife and I weren't working but that's it. I cleared all debts in my wife's name to the tune of £24k but just left mine which is £24k PG on old business overdraft which I pay £150.00 PCM. Incoming is generally £3k PCM myself and outgoings as a family is £1,438.00 PCM. Our savings have gone on having to do extensive works to our home so my daughter can eventually come back here from hospital. Would be good to speak and see if an arrangement can be sorted that's mutually agreeable but I'm honest so wouldn't put myself in a position that causes either yourselves or my family at risk. Hopefully you can help me and I can also be a customer. Many thanks

We supply the cars and the funder will cover the lease. I am really sorry to hear about your daughter and what your partner did to you. I hope a miracle happens. I'm afraid the funders all they look at is the client's credit history and do not care about the client's personal matters. The bottom line is what does your credit file say? Have you seen it? I think if you come up with a reasonable deposit I cannot see why you couldn't lease on a Kuga or similar vehicle, but it won't be a Lexus as the funder won't finance it. Anyway, it is not up to me but the subprime funder which we would have to consult. It will be an ex demo Kuga but still pretty newish. Is that ok with you?

Yeah that would be great, & understand ref the lender terms & criteria. Shame the world doesn't work like it used too in the old days based on reality rather than what a computer says... Hopefully ill meet the criteria.

Stay positive, I believe you will.

Hello, I ve applied for the car on Saturday, but nobody had been in touch with me yet.

I'm afraid the systems are saying that they cannot lend. Are you aware of any problems with your credit history file? which means car leasing will not be an option. Can you put some light into this?

It's probably because I am not yet 3 years in UK. I really need a car because am using it for work, is there no option for me? Can my husband join me on the application form? I already said that I can afford 200 pounds a months and 500 deposit.

Sorry, you have to be living and working in the UK for at least 3 years or more to qualify for a car lease or even for car finance. You mentioned your husband. How long has he worked and lived in the UK and above all you must be on the UK Electoral Register.

My husband are both on UK electoral register and my husband has lived in UK before longer than me, but he just started to work again a few months ago.

If your husband has lived and is on the UK Electoral Register for more than 3 years and he has worked in his current job for more than 3 to 6 months then he can apply.

Thanks for the information but it doesn't help in our current situation

When you are 3 years in the UK we would be more than happy to revisit your request.


I was wondering if you guys have a contact number. I would like to discuss with somebody over the telephone before I put my personal details in.

What would you like to know so I can get you the right person to speak to you?

Well I don't have a fixed contact number. So would like to discuss the options and cars.

You need to say what your requirements are so I can give you the right number and person to speak to. We operate via 19 locations in the UK and work with 40 partners. I can only give you a name and number to call if you at least say in this message what you would like to know, what your credit history is like, etc or fill in the online form which will automatically give you the contact details you need? Please advise.

I need to discuss the prices and speak to somebody. Could I have the Lancashire or greater Manchester contact number? requirements are quite obvious, I wouldn't be calling to enquiry about a party organiser now would I?

As we are regulated it is against the law to discuss customer finance matters over the phone if the customer has not first applied and gave their consent via the online form.

 It's just a simple contact number which I need in order to speak to somebody and discuss all of the terms of this potential agreement.

If you wish to follow these rules then we can give you as many phones as you like to discuss your personal circumstances.

Now if that's something you can't provide then I will take my business elsewhere! I would prefer to talk over the phone rather than through a screen?

If you do speak to some other company without first following these rules, then they are breaking the law. It is up to you how you want to proceed.

Are you serious that I have to fill in a form to be able to speak to someone?

If you want to speak in general about cars, specifications, availability, etc then yes we can discuss this now if you wish. However if you want to discuss about finance and how much it will cost you etc, you have to fill in a form, that you have read the terms and conditions and you give your consent. We work in a simple way. You apply online for a free quote, we put you in contact with the right partner and you can discuss in confidence what ever you like. There is no obligation and you can terminate all communications, if that be email, text, telephone at any time.

Ok, I get it now. I will fill in a form and then get contacted. thanks for your help.

No worries.

I have been trying to contact you via the contact us section from your website but it appears the server is down.

Everything is working fine.

I have guessed that you would have this email address and hope that this mail reaches you. Please could somebody contact me on the mobile number or email address below regarding lease vehicles.

If you received a 500 Server Error, that is because you probably wrote too much text in the form's comment box area. This is so to protect it from spammers and robots. If not then I am not aware of any problems because we are receiving quote requests, constantly. In any case, how can I help you?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You are correct I did put quite a bit of detail in the text box to try and give you a clear picture of what I am looking for, basically I am looking for a lease car (Lexus 4x4 or something similar) either new or used, I cover approx 10,000 miles per year, would be able to put down deposit and have a decent budget. The only problem is my credit rating is not all that healthy, however I have been accepted for finance of up to £25000.00 by MSG Cars but having seen your website feel that leasing is a much better option. If you could possibly give me a call I can explain further.

As we are regulated you will be put into contact with one of our affiliate advisors that will best match your requirements, once you apply online. Just pick a suitable car deal, preferably one of the slightly used / nearly new cars which would work out best value for money, then you will be assigned an account manager who will send you some quotes for you to go over. If you need any further assistance do email me.

Thanks for that, I will complete online application now and hopefully one of your affiliate advisors will be in touch.

Hi I just filled in a application but didn't receive a confirmation email as it said I would could you confirm this?

Hi there, there are several applicants with that name and have applied but cannot find you with that name combination. How did you apply? please advise

My real name is .... that is my pro boxing name! Do you have the Lexus NX?

Once you pass the stage of approval for the finance side of the car lease then you can discuss the vehicle options. If you do not hear from your account manager by this evening let me know and then I will fast track you.

Ok my credits poor that's the only issue can you still help?

If it is poor then Lexus NX might work out very expensive. However we do help people with poor and bad credit history as long as that is in the past and things are back to normally again. Is this the case with you?

Yeah pretty much as I have things on credit now it's old debts really with me. Is it ok if I'm self employed also? And what documents/information do u need

It would be best to discuss this with your account manager as they are assigned to try and find you a solution. If you do not hear from them by this evening then let me know know and I will make sure it is tomorrow morning. Is this ok?

No problem thank you

Your welcomed.

Hi there do you have any other affiliated partners other than credit plus? I've had a couple of problems getting a car with them and I really want to lease a vehicle through yourself can you help me? Kind regards

The Lexus NX comes from a car dealer and the finance side of the lease via Credit Plus. If they cannot help then I'm afraid we cannot either.

Ok what about the new a5 black edition or similar?

Any prestige cars like that would be difficult to get on a lease because of the costs that go hand in hand with customer with bad credit history. The main reason is that you would need to Hire Purchase the vehicle making the payments higher. Maybe you need to aim a little bit lower? Not as in boxing but car expectations? lol. How about a Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage or similar?

Ah ok what it is is this...they use moneybarn and they declined me because I already have an agreement on a corsa I took out for my girlfriend and apparently you can only have one agreement at a time with them any advise ?

If moneybarn was picked as the best solution for the finance side of the car then I'm afraid we cannot lease a prestige vehicle due to the costs and as you rightfully said you can only have one car at a time. If we used one of our other car leasing broker affiliates they too would probably wind up getting the finance via moneybarn and then we would have wasted your time. An idea would be that you might like to look into moving the Corsa finance into your girlfriends name to free your name and then try again. This however could take up to 3 months to take effect.

Ok thank you I might give that a try

Hi, I received a text advising no lender available at present. Slightly confused as the details filled out did not state a credit check would be done at present, as I have not given my consent. Can you advise of your procedures?

As stated Time4leasing do not credit check. However, the Audi A5 and other similar vehicles that are featured do carry a disclaimer that states that a soft search will be conducted so to verify your identity. This has no impact on your credit history records. You were sent this text by error.

Oh, I see, can you confirm that you can do something about this? I do not have any bad credit as I am aware and is there any hope for a car lease?

In response to your request, our partners have had a look at your profile and it appears that we might still have a possible lender for you to fund the finance side of the car lease. Pete is currently working for a solution and he will be in contact with you as soon as a decision is reached. I can only apologise that a SMS text was sent, I am not sure why this was sent, however please be advised that I am looking into this. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

On your website it says you deal really fast with a turnaround within 24 hours. I have been waiting a few days now. I need more information on the deals otherwise ill have to go somewhere else. Please email me a number so i can speak to someone. Thanks

To enable me to assist you further, can you clarify if your details below correct? Also can you confirm that you have being living and working in the UK for more than 3 years and that where you live currently and before that you are on the UK Electoral Register?

No, I am not on the UK Electoral register. Why is this any relevance to my application for a car lease?

This is the number 1 requirement. This officially backs up where you live and there is a traceability. The minimum is 3 years. I'm afraid this is a requirement where ever you go. I highly recommend you get yourself on the UK Electoral Register and then apply in 3 years time.


I've just had my car written off and I'm waiting for the insurance payout. Ideally I'm looking for a 6-12 month contract, petrol, tax and maintenance included, no or low deposit, coupe design; maybe a Lexus, SEAT Ibiza, Mini Coupe, etc.

Hi, just to let you know to lease a car for just a few months can be a very expensive solution. Maybe you are better off hiring a car from one of our recommended partners listed in the 3 to 6 month car hire sections?

I sent an enquiry yesterday evening via your website, however I must inform you that the phone number I gave is temporarily unavailable as now my mobile has also broken! I can be reached via email and will check periodically. But your affiliate partner will find my phone to be switched off for a day or two while I order a new one. I'm looking for non-status personal contract hire deals preferably on coupe sport models.

Have you now managed to speak to one of our affiliate partners?

Thanks for following up. I've been without a phone for a couple of days as it broke on Sunday. I've now received my new mobile, so will be able to take the call from your affiliate partner(s) tomorrow lunch time or evening.

I have notified your account manager / advisor to make contact with you.

Could I have a contact number please?

Hi, your application has registered but I'm afraid although we help customers with bad credit we couldn't find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the car. Do you know why this could be the case?

Yeah I have bad credit which has been made worse by applying more, my mum is willing to put the agreement in her name if the payments come out of my account? Is this possible with yourselves?

Yes this can be arranged but not with the supplier that you picked. Would you like me to forward your details to a supplier who will consider such an arrangement?

Yes please.

I'm track you for a solution for a Lexus with another supplier, however, you might like to change the car choice and smaller engine if you want to pay less per month and less insurance?

I spoke to the supplier and they have said £240 but is there any other companies cheaper than this that you can get me in touch with?

With bad credit leasing I guess they offered you a HP agreement which means you get to keep the car without the need to pay a balloon payment at the end and drive unlimited miles. Our suppliers would tap into a panel of lenders to get the best finance price for you. To reduce the payments you can either pay a significant deposit and or pick a cheaper car. If you are a young driver anyway you should pick a smaller engine so to reduce your insurance too? Why the Lexus? thought there are far better deals than that for you?

The agreement will be in my mums name. I want a Diesel engine and a reliable car, so either a Lexus, VW or Seat, it's just personal preference and advice from a mechanic.

Seat? I wouldn't say they are reliable. You're better off with something from the UK or Germany. I would recommend you ask your advisor to recommend a different diesel car, like an Astra, Golf, Polo, Fiesta, Focus, etc.

Really? I thought the seat was based on the golf and the Ibiza on the polo? I will have a chat with your advisor, was just wondering if there where other companies cheaper that I could do it in my mum's name with?

Yes you are right, sorry my dyslexia Seat is made by VW and is reliable, I was thinking of another brand. If the car/lease is going to be in your mother's name then she is the one that should apply. You might like to apply for this deal which will get you in contact with a different supplier and then you can compare?

Sure, I will reapply with my mother's name and she is the one with the better credit history than me and is willing to help me.


Hi I sent an online application on your website earlier. Just wondering if you have an update please? Thank you

Hi, although we help customers with bad credit history I'm afraid we were not able to find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle. You can help by looking at your credit history file and improve the areas that need attention.

I have received a text from your finance department saying they have funds reserved for me, is this to do with you?

Hi, you should have received a text or email saying that although originally we were able to help, when an advisor from the finance side of the business investigated further they were not able to proceed. Are you aware of any issues with your credit file?

Why is that?

What has probably happened here is the following ... The customer has applied and our configurator has identified that we could possibly get them a lend, so the deal state will automatically go to 'Provisionally Accepted' which then triggers a message to the customer confirming that we have funds reserved. When the salesman goes to look at the quote request, it will advise them to investigate manually as the configurator thinks we may be able to help but not 100% sure. Upon the salesman investigating manually it would then be that a decision is come to, as to whether or not we can proceed with the application. If we can't help then a text message will be sent confirming this. A little annoying I know, but we would rather manually investigate the customer enquiry that the configurator isn't 100% sure about then just binning them off all together as if we were to do that we could lose business. Hope this makes sense.

Okay fair enough, my credit was made bad from a few years ago when I was made redundant. I have been running my own company for about a year now and about 2 weeks ago became a limited company so not sure if there is ways through the business for a lease?

To lease via a business it would have to be running for more than 3 years and show affordability. Limited companies are scrutinised even more. A personal lease (PCP or HP) would be the route but you didn't get accepted and you will need to look into your credit file and fixed and or improve what ever is preventing you from getting credit?

I was more interested in business lease can you guys help?

To be able to determine if someone qualifies for a business or personal lease, they would first need to apply because the outcome is based on the applicant's personal circumstances which are best put forth via the application form.

Ok well I've had a lease declined already once because of my poor credit history but I have money for a big deposit also what documentation do you need for a business lease

Customer's to qualify for a business lease would need to have excellent credit history. To consider poor credit history customer the route normally is a personal lease or a hire purchase agreement.

Hi, I've seen a Lexus NX on your website, would like to discuss more about this.

What would you like to know about the Lexus NX?

What leasing be an option even though I have bad credit history?

We do help people and find them solutions even if they have bad credit history. Your advisor could look into a hire purchase agreement, where you hire then keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement. However, I'd like to point out that to be able to have a car like this a minimum £2000 NET monthly income or a good credit history profile will be required. You stated that you only earn £1200 a month. Sorry that will not be enough to prove affordability.

Is this the same for business use?

For business users the lease would be taken out in the director's name and he/she needs to have excellent credit history or prime lending as it is called. However if it is anything else like fair or poor then the same rules apply where the payments cannot be more than approx 25% of the customer's net monthly income. In your case it would be £300 maximum a month. The Lexus starting price is from £384 a month personal lease (inclusive of vat) and a bit more for hire purchase. You can try to lease or hire purchase something cheaper up to the value of £300 a month payments.

Thanks for that, makes things clearer. Is there nothing you guys can do for me? I'm happy to put down a £3-4k initial payment of it helps.

Yes we can help you out but it will have to be something else other than this Lexus that costs cheaper. Something like a Qashqai or a Sportage, all far cheaper. I have just spoken with one of our sales advisors, and he says it will depend on the customerís credit rating. If they are prime, then they donít have a set percentage of the salary that the payment has to be. If they are sub-prime, then the 25% of the salary comes into effect. The best thing would be to apply and speak with a customer advisor. Hope that helps. If you need anything else, let me know.

Many thanks, sure I will do that.

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