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Tesla Model S Electric Cars

Tesla S Electric Cars

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Tesla S Electric Cars

Tesla Model S
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Tesla Electric Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car HireHi, I am an NHS doctor and I would like to see what is the lowest price I could lease a Tesla Model S for. If there is an NHS discount available, then that would help

The prices for our NHS customers are the same with other professions, so all our customers are happy. In any case you will get the best discounts via us anyway.


Hi, I'm looking to lease a car, my mileage is 7000 per year, require a 12 month lease/rental, please do not credit check without my approval. Please use email to communicate with me.

Your personal customer advisor from our finance department will contact you as soon as possible and help you select the best car leasing finance solution.

I received an email from your finance partners stating they do not offer 12 month leases. Can you send to the correct company please?

Depends how much you want to spend? 12 month car leasing is very expensive and can cost you up to £789.99 per month and that is if you have excellent credit history. If your credit history is not that good then the price will be even higher. You might like to go back to our finance partners and ask them to do you a 24 month deal which should works out far cheaper.

So how would that work out for me if I took out a 2 year lease?

We do try and steer our customers towards a 24 month lease. TBH most people take out a finance agreement over 4 years and then 2 years into the policy they will upgrade their vehicle anyways. Generally speaking depending on what percentage of CAP monitor the lender has used to see the GTFV on the car the customer will be in positive equity half way through the agreement.

Many thanks for explaining this. I will go back to my advisor that you recommended and discuss further.


Hi, I applied for a car lease from yourselves and then found out that 4 credit checks were conducted on my file. Have you got anything to do with this?

I believe you called in and spoke with Tony C your advisor. You explained that you weren't happy with 4 credit searches having been conducted on your profile, which Tony explained had nothing to do with us. We only initially perform a soft credit search which doesn't leave a footprint, however in this case because some of the information supplied was factually incorrect we didn't even do this. In order for us to perform 4 credit searches we would of had to fully propose the customer off to 4 different lenders which I can reassure you we didn't. As I understand it, it wasn't us that did the searches and was probably something previous to us.

I've checked my credit file and I can only apologies, it was someone else. Sorry about that.

Hello I am wanting to lease a Tesla over 3 years.

Have you applied or is this your first contact with us?

First contact

It is not possible to give an exact price via messaging. Prices are based on customer's personal circumstances and their credit history good or poor. If I start asking questions, then you might as well fill in a form to get a quote put together for you. Do you need any more info? kind regards Mark

Completed application online.

Oh I see you have bad credit history but you picked the cheapest deal. The price will be far higher for bad credit leasing.

That is fine, you can still quote me. I know I will have to pay a bit more.

Hello I've come across your time4leasing website but there are no contact details and I would like to lease a vehicle but I have a really bad credit score so I'm looking for a company that can almost guarantee that I would pass on the finance they offer only because I don't want to have several checks on my file because it'll just make my score worse. Do you think you can help?

Hi, We do have contact details on the about us page. However, if you want to speak to an advisor over the telephone we only give out these telephone numbers once a customer has applied. With our systems you apply just once and tap into over 90 lenders. At this stage a full credit check will not be conducted. Only a soft search which does not harm your file and or does not leave a foot print. We do offer deals and solutions for bad credit history. We specialise in this. However, you need to apply for one of the cars. It does not have to be the final car, just an example so you can get the ball rolling. If you need any more info do message me.

Dear Sirs, I am a doctor working for the NHS, I made an application for a car lease on your website and haven't heard back from an advisor. The quote I was given below for £503.98 is one I would like to proceed with.

The information provided was not a quote. It is a quote request and the price is a guide price for the deal that you picked. I'm afraid because you picked that deal it does not mean that you will automatically be approved for it. This is why a specialist advisor has to look at your request and come up with a solution. I'm afraid to inform you, we were not able to find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle. This could be because your credit rating is not high enough or your details are incorrect. Please go over your details that you gave us and let me know if this is the case? If we were not successful because of your credit rating, you might like to take this free online test and email me your total score. Please take this test and email me your total score. https://www.time4leasing.co.uk/free-credit-check.asp

Do you do insurance with your vehicles?

There are 2 types of insurance, the normal insurance that you need like any other car requires and GAP insurance which is an extra cover that covers the finance side of the vehicle too. Which of the two did you have in mind? And if you do not mind me asking you why do you need to know? If you would like a quote, you will need to email me what car or cars you like too?

I was asking as I have a lease car at the moment through work but don't like it and only have choice of one model. as I'm using a lease company thought I would try somewhere else before thinking of buying one as I think they're a good idea. I'm looking to spend £350 a month so something around that area.

Let's find you a suitable car first, then you will be given the number plate so to get a quote for insurance which will be based on your own personal circumstances.

My wife called Katrina is saying that no one has contacted her and it has been 5 days now since her first application. Can you please have a look at the status of this enquiry and either way get back to Katrina?

I have checked the system and you have been dealing with Alistair and we have a provisional acceptance in place for you. We obtained this acceptance on Tuesday and it looks as if you have both been communicating by text. We would love to supply a vehicle for you and as above have an approval so let’s try and get it finalised and get you into a car that you want.

Do you do insurance with your vehicles?


Do you do insurance with your vehicles?


What is your opinion on Zero Carbon Emissions vehicles? Are they really that green?

The carbon emissions of grid powered electric cars in countries with coal based generation are no different to average petrol vehicles, while in countries with low carbon electricity they are less than half those of modern hybrids.

The scale of this variation implies that the climate benefits of going electric are not evenly shared around the globe.

So are you saying electric cars actually produce carbon emissions?

It is quite well understood that electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon emissions, but important to realise this potential is dependent on the type of electricity that charges the battery.

Given that the vast majority of power generation around the world is grid-tied, where a car is charged plays a large role in determining its carbon emissions.

By considering the full scope of emissions that occur in both electricity supply and vehicle manufacturing this analysis compares the carbon emissions of electric cars in twenty of the world’s leading countries.

Basically you are saying that electric cars although do not produce carbon emissions from the vehicle, the emissions are produced at the power plant?

Electric cars’ carbon emissions can be four times greater in places with coal dominated generation than in those with low carbon power.

The legend chart helps explain what is driving the variation between countries. All the difference between Paraguay and India is a result of changes in the fuel mix, from low carbon hydro at the bottom to high carbon coal at the top.

In India, Australia and China coal’s dominance in the fuel mix means that grid powered electric cars produce emissions ranging from 370-258 g CO2e/km, many multiples of those using low carbon sources.

Contrast this to hydroelectric exporter Paraguay where virtually all of the 70 g CO2e/km results from vehicle manufacturing, and electric driving is significantly lower carbon than using solar power.

How would you compare Electric Emissions to Petrol Cars?

Electric cars’ carbon emissions can vary from similar to average petrol cars to less than half those of the best petrol hybrids.

We show this by first accounting for the difference in vehicle manufacturing emissions and then calculating the equivalent petrol vehicle emissions in terms of fuel economy, MPGUS.

Presented in this way the results are more intuitive, allowing us to compare electric car emissions with conventional vehicles in a more familiar metric.


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