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Seat Car Leasing

We offer exclusive Seat Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.


Seat Ibiza
Brand New & Approved Used
from £91.96 per month

Lease Info


Seat Ibiza Coupe
Brand New & Approved Used
from £88.39 per month

Lease Info


Seat Leon
Brand New & Approved Used
from £142.98 per month

Lease Info


Seat Exeo
Brand New & Approved Used
from £169.88 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals

Seat Altea
Brand New & Approved Used
from £189.23 per month

Lease Info


Seat Alhambra
Brand New & Approved Used
from £225.14 per month

Lease Info

Best Seat Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe

The attraction of Seat’s Sport Coupe supermini centres on its good looks, keen pricing, low running costs, a decent amount of safety kit and relatively generous...


Lease Info

Seat Ibiza Seat Ibiza

The Seat Ibiza is a composed and comfortable super mini, undoubtedly the Ibiza's most attractive feature is its pricing and the quality of the ride and handling...


Lease Info

Seat Ibiza (Used) Seat Ibiza (Used)

This Seat Ibiza used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Seat Ibiza are some of the most competitive for used cars currently available...


Lease Info

Seat Ateca Seat Ateca

The Seat Ateca is probably one of the best all-rounders on offer. If you are looking for a compact SUV vehicle the Seat Ateca should be at the top of your shopp...


Lease Info

Seat Toledo Seat Toledo

The Seat Toledo is one very spacious saloon hatchback with plenty of cabin room and extra boot space. The Seat Toledo works out far cheaper as a nearly new or u...


Lease Info

Seat Leon Seat Leon

The Seat Leon is sporty and has a very spacious and solid cabin. Handling is sharp and most models are well equipped. The Seat Leon is based on the VW Golf, how...


Lease Info

Seat Exeo Seat Exeo

Compact executive experience for family car money, loaded with luxury and safety kit, plus the engines are really strong and reliable. Based on the Audi A4, the...


Lease Info

Seat Altea Seat Altea

If you are looking for an economical vehicle with extra boot space then the Seat Altea XL ticks all the boxes. The Altea was designed with versatility in mind a...


Lease Info

Seat Alhambra Seat Alhambra

Seat's MPV 7 seater is essentially the same as a VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy an almost-identical profile and interior. The Seat ALHAMBRA has its own distinctive t...


Lease Info

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Tick 1 to 2 Weeks Delivery

Seat Personal Car Leasing

A Seat personal lease provided via Time4leasing gives the British public the opportunity to be able to drive a very safe and affordable car whilst avoiding all the normal concerns regarding the ownership.

Seat Leon

Latest Seat Leon at the Paris Motorshow

Seat Leon

We all know when buying a car, it is associated with many worries, specially when it comes to selling it. However, when leasing a Seat, these worries are gone and you're not tied down to one car model for years and years.

When the personal lease runs out for the Seat, you don't have to sell your car, you just hand the car lease back. About a month before the lease runs out on your Seat you can either arrange to lease another similar car or something totally different to cater for your needs.

These Seat are typically new or just a few months old depending on the deal. Many Seat models come with no deposit finance and they still have the manufacturers warranty and covered for any repair work if needed.

Seat Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car HireQuestionWhat is the difference between leasing and hiring or renting a car?

AnswerRenting is a term the Americas use, where the British call is Hiring. Hiring is normally for people who want a car for a few days, weeks or a month or two. It is extreme expensive but it is convenient specially if you want a car for a short period of time.

QuestionIf want to lease a car but why do they call it hire?

AnswerLeasing is split into two main categories business leasing and personal leasing and works out cheaper if you keep the car for 3 to 4 years.

You would be classified as personal leasing. With personal leasing there are a couple of popular types. The first one is Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and the other Personal Hire Purchase (PHP). The first one you "hire" the car and then give it back after the lease ends. The second one you "hire" the car but you keep it at the end.

Some people take a PHP and just before the lease ends they give the car back and use it as a deposit for their next car lease. Something like trading in a car.

QuestionCan I lease any car I like?

AnswerNot all cars are available for leasing. Leasing is only good with cars that keep the most of their value by the end of a lease. Remember you are paying what the car looses in value. You are not paying what the car is worth. In that case you might as well buy it, but you will pay the full price.

QuestionWhat if I got poor credit history?

AnswerIf your credit history is really bad then you will probably only be considered for finance. The car is used as a guarantee against the loan and if you don't pay the car will probably be taken away from you. So please keep up with the payments.


Question Hello, I have spoken to your finance department and they don't do Bad Credit Leasing and this is clearly what I required on my original enquiry. Do you have the access to this type of service as clearly on your website these are multiple options of this kind.

AnswerTime4leasing is a comparison website and advertise the best deals from the best dealers from around the UK. I'm surprised you said this as they have a team for bad credit leasing. Unless you have such bad credit they couldn't help you?

QuestionThey have put me in contact with their team who deal with bad credit, you clearly state Bad Credit Leasing on your website. I do not want to buy a car I want to lease one, so if your finance team (Who are very helpful) are the only company you are offering, then you are falsely advertising as they do not lease cars to bad credit customers. They only finance the purchase of the cars through a third party, It's like trying to sell me a house that is for let.

AnswerYes time4leasing advertise bad credit leasing, that does not mean everyone will be accepted. There are plenty of T&C's in place that outlines how it works. There is no way of knowing if a customer will be accepted for car leasing, specially for bad credit, unless an application is put into motion. The finance team we partner with are one of many suppliers of cars and they would look for a main stream funder to do a deal on personal contract hire. If the customer is not accepted then they try hire purchase. If the customer is not accepted then finance. So what is the problem with finance? Why did you turn the car down? Thought you get the keep the car at the end don't you? where with leasing you give it back?

QuestionOK sorry, thank you for your help.

Answer No problem, I wanted to make it a bit more clear for you.


Question Hello, I'm a Credit Controller and actively looking to lease a car. My miles per year are approx 7000. I am looking for a decent sized 5 door. I have been looking at the Astra, Focus, Leon or similar. My budget is under £200 a month or as close to £150 a month as possible as this is what I am currently paying. Leasing period is flexible. I am happy to lease for a longer period if the price is better. Can you please confirm if maintenance is included in the price and if not whether it can be included? I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerHi, there are several good deals that fit your criteria. I will send you a couple of quotes via email, then you can discuss this on the phone or via email with one of the team members.


Question Hi I work for the NHS as an admin, I'm looking to lease a car, my miles per year are around 5,000 is it possible for two people to be insured on the car? is there an age restriction ? also interested in quotes for: fiat 500, ford focus, Honda CR-Z Coupe or something similar?

AnswerHi, you don't have to be a doctor or nurse to lease a car. We consider everyone and we do not have an age restriction either. However, you must have a full UK driving license and either a tenant or home owner with a couple of bills in your name to prove where you have being living for the past 3 years. The cars you want are not an issue as long as you can afford to pay the monthly payment.


Question Hi I 'm a health carer, my partner recently got a quote from yourselves for myself! I am looking for a 36 month lease. My maximum payment each month is £250. I'm looking for 13000 miles per annum. My first choice is a Seat Leon and my second choice car would be ford focus. Can you tell me deposit amounts required. Can afford up to £1000

AnswerHi, sure that will not be a problem. I will send you a couple of quote so you can compare prices.


Question Hi I'm am looking for hire a car long term for driving to work and personal use. Can you get me something nice?

AnswerHi, sure I can get the team to send you a quote but not for the Seat you picked but for another one that is in stock and works out far cheaper to lease.

Question I received an offer from the team, what happens next?

AnswerDidn't you get an email with full contact details including our telephone numbers and the person who will be looking after you?

Question No I didn't get any email from you.

Answer Your request did register with our systems and it states that you were contacted by a team member from the Group. If you don't hear anything by tomorrow please let me know and I will push this for you.

Question Hi, I still didn't get anything from you.

AnswerI think you are getting confused with who is going to get back to you. Reading the notes I believe you are waiting for a quote for the details stated on my email and not from the team member. There is clear communication between the team member and you the customer, to be honest once your details have gone through onto our systems that should be good enough to ensure the customers are dealt with.

Question Sorry, I thought you were going to send me a quote.

AnswerI've always known that most customers will be talking to several competitors. However, we pride ourselves to provide the best cars and deals, the fastest and most friendliest service. The person you should be talking to is the team member which was assigned to you.

Question Guess you are right, I got a bit confused.

AnswerWe have started using mobile phone texting lately, we find that if a customer does not answer their phone, listen to the voice mail or check there emails, they will always see a text from our systems. Sure it costs us but our sales managers have insisted that all customers receive a text as lately with anti spam filters most emails don't reach our customers and they think we have forgotten them. We only text once to acknowledge that we are on the case and it is one way to ensure that our customers are kept up to date.


Question Hi I'm am Financial Adviser for a well known company and I am looking to hire a car for 48 months min, will be used to travel to different branches, training, head office and potential clients addresses as well as personal use. Will use 10k miles and under. I will take any option of the Seat Lean even 1.6L diesel. I receive a car allowance from work which will be used for this rental. Do you have any good deals for me?

AnswerHi, yes there is a good offer on a no deposit ex demo deal for the Seat Leon Hatchback 1.2 TSI S Emocion 5dr (6 Speed).


Question Dear Sirs, I'm a music teacher and was wondering if you could provide me with a quote for both 24 or 48 months for the following cars, I would prefer diesel, but not ruling out petrol. Corsa, Leon, Astra, BMW 1 series, Audi A1 and A3 Or if you have any particular good deals on other cars, please advise, as you can tell im not fussy :0)

AnswerHi, out of those cars you mentioned the Astra comes in a 2 litre diesel engine making it a very powerful vehicle indeed. I will send you a quote for that one for now and then you can discuss other deals with a team member.


Question I am looking to lease a car a.s.a.p. I am Canadian as is my license and credit. I have a steady income and very few monthly payments. I also can provide a guarantor, as my family has lived in England for years. I also require an automatic car. I wanted to know how I would go about leasing a car and if any of the above would cause a problem. Please contact me asap!

AnswerYou either have to be British or be living and working in the UK for at least 3 years. Also you must have a UK bank account, credit history, be able to vote and a couple of bills in your name. A guarantor probably might complicate things. It is far easier to lease the car in your parent's name and make you a named driver to drive it. Then when you obtain the requirements you can start leasing in your name. If this is something you would like to look into please provide your parent's details.


Question I need to know if this type of car comes with free insurance or which ones do? Please send me email with all details thank you

AnswerThe Nissan you picked does not come with free insurance. Would you like to lease a similar Astra like the one I emailed you or something else? please email me and let me know?

Question Yes, maybe in different colour. I currently hold new Zealand full driving licence, and its due to swap for a UK licence next month, but DVLA can only do a restricted licence at first and after 4-6 month they will upgrade it to a full uk licence, I do not know why they would do something like this but that's what they told me, even though i have bean driving over 8 years.

AnswerHow long have you lived in the UK and how long in your present address? Do you have UK credit history?

Question I have lived in UK for 4 years. I have lived 3 years at one address and moved to a different address a year ago. I do have a full time job, I have always worked in UK, I was on benefits because I have lost my job, but that was only for 3 months, I do not have credit history I always paid everything up front in cash, if this is going to be a problem then is there anyway you can direct me to get a UK credit history somehow? I just need a car to get to work and back, I work 7 days a week and its a problem to get a bus on time during weekends and public holidays.

AnswerI will send you a quote for a car for now and see if we can get you funding. In the meantime to build your credit history you need to get yourself a couple of credit cards and use them regularly instead of paying cash. Then always pay the cards back. Direct debits are good too. Are you on the electoral? if not make sure you are and able to vote in your local elections. I hope this info helps.

Question You are too kind, thank you for the information.


Question Hi, I'm a physiotherapist working for a hospital trust and would like to lease a Seat Leon fr type model. Have you any good offers?

AnswerIf you want to receive a quote for a Seat Leon or similar to the one you picked you will have to fill in the form properly and provide your telephone numbers too please.

Question Unfortunately I don't have a phone number in operation at present. Sent from my iPhone

AnswerYour iPhone seemed to be worked fine to me. : ))

Question Ha no no I'm using a phone to log into my email account - I'm currently out looking at Seats and there are such variety with prices :/ Sent from my iPhone

AnswerIf you would like an ex demo Seat Leon like the ex demo one we have on offer, the colour may be different, then it is up to you how much you want to spend on a car. To proceed email me and let me know that you would like to lease this Seat or similar car to this from us. This one is at £188.62 per month (inclusive of vat).

Question Yes i am very interested, do you have any seat Leon's that are the FR model. Also is there an NHS discount available? Thanks Marie :)

AnswerSorry, there are no offers for the FR model, only for the ex demo deal that I sent you. Our prices are already discounted so there is no more room to give any further discounts. Also make sure you understand this offer is for an ex demo meaning it is slightly used and not brand new out the box, saying that the car and all other cars we offers are in perfect condition. If you like a firm quote for this Leon email me and let me know, but you need to tell me your mobile phone number which is required for the records. Don't worry I wont phone you. : ))

Question Yeah I'm not bothered if it's not brand new :) do you have any VW polos R line?

AnswerThe Polo that we have on offer is the 1.2 70 Match and comes with this : Ex demo offer includes Alloys, Air Con, Cruise Control, CD Player with MP3/iPod Connectivity, ABS, IsoFix, Immobiliser, 5 Doors Price £155.86 per month

Question I'd like the Seat Leon that you have on offer, please send me a quote on that one. thanks !!


Question I'm not sure what the different is between lease purchase & HP & contract hire, can you explain it to me please?

AnswerHP or Hire Purchase as we call it is when you pay the capital and the depreciation / interest together in the monthly payments and the car becomes yours. You do not have to pay anything more at the end of the agreement to keep the car. The car is yours to do anything with, keep it, sell it or part exchange it.

Question What about contract hire or lease purchase, what are these ones like?

AnswerContract Hire or Lease Purchase is similar, and you pay just the depreciation / interest and not the capital and to keep the car you would have to pay a balloon payment at the end of the agreement. Most people prefer not to pay it as i be in the thousands of pounds, but prefer to give the car back and lease another one. Don't worry about the agreements at this stage as the advisers will help you pick the right one further down the line of the process.


Question I just came from Spain and landed a job for Six Car Rentals at Heathrow Airport. Can you help me lease a car as your prices are far cheaper than renting a car. I put in an application days ago but I have not heard anything back yet.

Answer As I understand it, an official quote request for a specific car was registered on Sunday. I'm afraid the process started yesterday and the finance department works during Mon-Fri and only during office hours.

Question Why is there a delay?

Answer Looking at your details, I see you have bad credit history, which will delay your application because it will be handled by a specialist account manager from the Motor Group. I assume you have all the paper work ready when you are contacted?

Question What paper work do I need to have?

Answer a) Are you registered on the UK electoral register? b) Are you renting your house and is the contract in your name? c) Have you got 2 utility bills in your name from same address? d) Do you have UK credit cards? e) Do you have UK Bank account? f) Do you have UK Credit history? g) Have you got 3 recent pay slips?

Question I didn't know I need to be on the UK electoral register. Thank you for the advice. I don't have any debts, the problem is I only just come to live to England.

Answer The questions you answered as NO, are very important to enable you to lease a car. I would highly recommend you get yourself onto the UK electoral register, try and get yourself a UK credit card. Not sure why you do not have any pay slips? Aren't you working legally in the UK? You need to prove income via official documentation.

Question Because I was self employed before, getting a new contract now, I'm European not British and I have been living here and working in different countries from EU. Those are the main reasons. I've been living in England since 2002, I'm Spanish. But still keep all my records and council things over there.

Answer I'm afraid your movements from one place to the other is considered by the funders as high risk for a British person let alone for someone from the EU. I am not confident that they will approve a car lease to you, but you never know, unless you try.

Question Yeah, but now my company relocated me to London, staying here for good, that's why I need a car here, also own one in Spain.

Answer I believe I did say to you that you need to have UK credit history and be on the UK Electoral register as minimum to be able to lease a car. You need to do this before anything else then hopefully you can lease a car.

QuestionI am the NHS employee but I will not be the main driver of the car, that will be my son with my daughter as first named driver and myself and husband as further named drivers. Miles per year will be about 7- 8,000, but may be more than 5,000. Ideal colour black, petrol, manual drive. Car intended for short distance use only.

AnswerBased on your quote request, one of our affiliates from the Motor Group will contact you as soon as possible.

QuestionNo one has been in contact with me yet, 4 days after my enquiry – is this usual?

AnswerYou should have been contacted within the same day. I have notified your account manager to look into this and make sure you are contacted today.

QuestionI believe I have an ideal scenario for a quick lease deal – is there a problem with available advisors or some other issue that is preventing anyone from getting in touch with me?

AnswerI was informed that your original quote request unfortunately never reached our affiliates and that is why there was a problem with communicating with you. Now that your details and vehicle requirements have reached your account manager, you should be contacted and assisted further.

QuestionHaving been told that I would be contacted - still no word yesterday, so I have just rung directly and spoken to a lady (not elusive Rebecca who still never did get in touch). I am completely confused by your advertised prices – despite your advertised “cheaper deals for NHS employees” there does not seem to be any discount for NHS employees as such. The original prices of £82.80 is not an option it is around a £100 – the deposit doesn’t state that it doesn’t include VAT. I find it has been misleading and am basically starting again with a quote from them because your advertised offer didn’t add up. Very confused and disappointed by your customer service.

AnswerI will try and put some light into this and would like to point out that all customers get the same discounts, as in the featured cheap prices displayed, regardless of their profession. I believe leasing direct from the NHS schemes you would be paying far higher prices and the terms are not as flexible? The cars may be brand new and come with maintenance, etc. However it all adds up and can cost £250 a month or more. If you like our partners can also offer you the same brand new car for £188 per month (subject to lease agreement).

QuestionWell how is it the prices are not exactly the same as the quoted prices?

AnswerAll the cars featured have a disclaimer stating that you the customer has to make contact with the car dealer that features these car deals and verify the price. It seems you have not read the disclaimer and then making unnecessary assumptions and remarks. All prices featured are (from prices) and all prices are plus VAT as stated. Sometimes there is no room in the advert to put both prices and also can make the whole thing even more confusing if this was to happen.

QuestionWhere does it say that prices are different if they are for a contract hire lease, or a personal contract purchase lease and so on?

AnswerIf you check the additional information page that each car has, you will see the different types of agreements and you will note that the PCP price is actually from £110 a month - so I guess £100 a month is not a bad deal. At the end of the day you are looking for a decent car at a good price and that is what the guys are trying to do.


QuestionI live and work in the Middle East at the moment and my partner has moved back into full time education. She has a full time UK address and I do not, however as I am paid from a Dubai bank account its difficult to obtain credit. I am not after owning a car just need one for us and to allow me to travel on trips when I return to UK. SO a long term lease is more suitable to me.

AnswerI'm afraid the rules are you need to be living and working in the UK for at least 3 or more years, be on the UK electoral register, have and use UK credit cards, uk bank account, loans, bills, etc. If this is not the case with you then hiring is second best than leasing. Try our car rental section of the website and pick a suitable partners that is listed.

QuestionSo I could get my partner to get the lease as she is fully in uk ?

AnswerYes, As long as she has the basic requirements as I outlined for you, plus a valid driving licence. If this is the case then she needs to apply.


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