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Citroen Car Leasing - Exclusive Deals - Lowest Rates

We offer exclusive Chrysler Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

Citroen C1
Brand New & Approved Used
from £103.75 per month

Lease Info

Citroen DS3 Hatchback Special Edition
Citroen DS3
Brand New & Approved Used
from £109.99 per month

Lease Info

Citroen C4
Citroen C4
Brand New & Approved Used
from £90.67 per month

Lease Info

Citroen C3
Brand New & Approved Used
from £90.17 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing
Citroen Cactus
Brand New & Approved Used
from £106.98 per month

Lease Info

Citroen DS4
Brand New & Approved Used
from £117.13 per month

Lease Info

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
Grand C4 Picasso
Brand New & Approved Used
from £156.27 per month

Lease Info

Citroen C5 Tourer
Brand New & Approved Used
from £132.78 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing
Citroen C5 Saloon
Brand New & Approved Used
from £146.27 per month

Lease Info

CITROEN C-CROSSER Long Term Car Leasing
C-Crosser 4x4
Brand New & Approved Used
from £224.34 per month

Lease Info

Best Citroen Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Citroen C1 (Ex Demo) Citroen C1 (Ex Demo)

This Citroen C1 used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Citroen C1 are some of the most competitive for used cars currently available...


Lease Info

Citroen C3 Citroen C3

The new C3 comes in six trim levels and with ten engine options including two new technologically advanced direct injection engines. Innovative Stop and Start t...


Lease Info

Citroen C4 Citroen C4

The C4 comes in 5-door family Hatchback, Saloon and a sporty 3-door Coupé – each giving you a blend of cutting-edge engineering, captivating performance and tha...


Lease Info

Citroen C3 (Used) Citroen C3 (Used)

This Citroen C3 used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Citroen C3 are some of the most competitive for used cars currently available...


Lease Info

Citroen C1 Citroen C1

Easy to handle and easy city driving, the C1 offers much more space than you would ever have expected. In terms of safety, the C1 is a front runner in its segme...


Lease Info

Citroen C4 Cactus Citroen C4 Cactus

The Citroen C4 Cactus is a SUV with a bot of a style that comes in an affordable package. The Cactus is stylish, relatively comfortable and remarkably cheap car...


Lease Info

Citroen C3 Picasso Citroen C3 Picasso

The C3 Picasso might be pricey, but we reckon it's worth every penny. It combines practicality with catwalk style, and a cosseting ride with secure handling. Ru...


Lease Info

Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3

The DS3 Hatchback makes possible for a vehicle to combine impressive functional qualities of load volume, payload, robust strength and economy with attractive s...


Lease Info

Citroen DS4 Citroen DS4

The Citroen DS4 has good looking exterior, comfortable as a daily driver, plenty of load space in boot. The DS4 is meant to blend coupe and hatchback body style...


Lease Info

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Citroen DS3 Cabrio

Citroen DS3 Cabrio is worthy of a recommendation as there is a lot on offer with these low prices. Basically the DS3 Cabrio is Citroen’s answer to a Mini Conver...


Lease Info

Citroen DS3 (Nearly New) Citroen DS3 (Nearly New)

Air Con, Alloy Wheels, Medium Vehicle, Remote Central Locking, Power Assisted Steering, Assisted Braking System, Electric Windows, Service History, Multi Point ...


Lease Info

Citroen C5 Tourer Citroen C5 Tourer

As far as stylish estate cars go, few can rival the good-looking C5 Tourer. The sharp lines are a stark contrast to previous models and the C5 shows that Citroe...


Lease Info

Citroen C5 Citroen C5

Rides and handles like a top class saloon, accommodates people like a multi purpose vehicle and swallows luggage like an estate. Both petrol and diesel have a w...


Lease Info

Citroen C4 (Ex Demo) Citroen C4 (Ex Demo)

This Citroen C4 used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Citroen C4 are some of the most competitive for used cars currently available...


Lease Info

Citroen C4 Picasso Citroen C4 Picasso

This Citroen C4 Picasso used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Citroen C4 Picasso are some of the most competitive for used cars cur...


Lease Info

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Well-priced and -equipped seven-seat MPV with excellent diesel engines. Even with all seven seats in use, there's still some boot space. The massive space and t...


Lease Info

Citroen C5 (Ex Demo) Citroen C5 (Ex Demo)

This Citroen C5 used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Citroen C5 are some of the most competitive for used cars currently available...


Lease Info

Citroen Nemo Citroen Nemo

Citroen Nemo is based on the Nemo van, with the load area taken up by extra seats and a large boot. It's easy to see the commercial vehicle origins, especially ...


Lease Info

Citroen DS5 Citroen DS5

The Citroen DS5 interior is just as dramatic as the exterior. The driver is hemmed in by a genuine cockpit feel, thanks to the high centre console, deep dashboa...


Lease Info

Citroen C-Crosser Citroen C-Crosser

The C-Crosser is one of the best mid-sized 4x4s to drive, and is well equipped. The C-Crosser has a smooth, powerful engine, handles well and looks good. There'...


Lease Info

Citroen Dispatch Combi Van Citroen Dispatch Combi Van

Citroen Dispatch Combi will give you a more relaxed and refined drive. The new transmission also helps improve fuel economy, with almost 39mpg possible on the c...


Lease Info

Citroen Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Questions and Answers about Long Term Car LeasingQuestionCan you recommend a couple of cars for someone that used to have adverse credit but is now on the mend and back on track?

AnswerCan you provide a little bit more information about you and your needs?

QuestionI'm looking for a long lease on a Meriva estate or a Citroen C3 Picasso or similar with either no deposit or a small one, I'm looking at between £150 £200 monthly payments, I do have bad credit history but am now in a full time stable job after being off work due to looking after my husband after an accident.

AnswerThe Meriva is a good choice, nice big family car and the price is unbelievable low, it works out half the price of a Picasso because we lease so many of them we can offer them at a good price.


QuestionHi I work for the Forth Valley Health Care NHS Trust as a Nursing Assistant and could you kindly return a quote for a Citroen C1 and I am more than happy for you to speak directly with my husband.

AnswerAre you sure you want a C1? There are far better cars than that available.

QuestionThank you for getting back to us so quickly that was good of you, the object of us exchanging over to a leased car is that our current car is on an 07 plate and is to expensive to run as it charges £260 per year in road tax and only around 25mpg around town. The last payment on the car will be at the end of this month.

AnswerWhat cars did you have in mind for leasing?

QuestionWhat we want to do is reduce our outgoings on the running cost and would consider some thing that is more affordable to run low on insurance, good sized boot for the size of the car. Some of the cars that we would consider are, Renault Clio Sports Tourer TCE in a good trim level, Skoda Fabia Estate Seat Ibiza Sports Tourer Vauxhall Meriva (New shape model) VW Polo Hatch 5 door (New shape model) We are a family of 3 with a small dog hence a hatch back or estate would be the preferred option and please if you know of any other models that offer low motoring cost and a reasonable monthly payment.

AnswerThere are good deals for ex demo cars, most are few months old and some a bit more. The price of the car lease can be reduced significantly allowing you to drive a better car, with better trims, lower insurance, much better mpg and cheaper service. Would you like some ideas?

QuestionYes please.

AnswerTo get the price within your budget or even lower than £140 to £180 a month inc vat I would suggest the following cars. Astra hatchback, Ford Focus, Fiesta, Golf 50 to 60 mpg (average) Tax £20 to £30 a year Or something bigger, Insignia, Mondeo, Avensis, Exeo, Passat, 55 to 65 mpg (average) Tax £95 a year, Would you like a firm quote for one of the above?

QuestionYes please the insignia and mondeo we feel are too big for us but would consider either the golf or Astra before the focus. Do you have any estate cars on offer?


Question Hi, I'm a driving instructor and I spoke to a guy called Andy today about it, would like him or anyone else to call me asap about leasing a DS3.

AnswerI'm very sorry but the DS3 you picked although listed it is not available. Is this your only choice or would you consider other models or even other vehicles if the price was right?

Question I've looked at the ex demo deals you have but they don't seem much cheaper than the new ones? If I'm looking at Astra, focus, corsa etc what are the cheapest deals you have. I'm looking for a diesel

AnswerFor the Focus 1.6 TDCi Titanium yes there is not much difference if you leased brand new or ex demo, but still the ex demo is cheaper. The more important thing is we would let you use the vehicle for your driving school where a Ford dealer would forbid you to do that unless you kept the vehicle at the end of the lease. We are more flexible.

Question I have a car for my driving school so this car would just be for my personal use at weekends hence why I wanted something a little nicer like the ds3 or scirocco. What Astras do you have?

AnswerIf you like an Astra, there is a really nice 2 litre diesel, powerful and full of torque.


Question Hi, I have sent two previous quote requests for this car and haven't heard anything since last week, was wondering if they weren't getting through to you. I would like this car deal please, white car if possible please, 36 month contract and low deposit if possible, Thankyou I look forward to hearing from you

AnswerI'm afraid the DS3 is not available at the moment and you were emailed to advise you that it will be a while until we get these back into stock. If you are in need of a car at a good price have a look at the alternative deals


QuestionHi, I'm looking to lease a DS3, 10000 miles per year, 36 month lease. Are there any in stock?

AnswerI'm very sorry but the DS3 although it is listed it is not available on a good lease deal anymore. Is this your only choice or would you consider something similar? Maybe an Astra, Insignia, Focus, Leon, Golf, something else? Maybe ex demo which cost far less and you get more for your money?

QuestionWould also consider Fiesta, Corsa, Astra, Leon, would you be able to supply quotes for new and also ex demo please and breakdown of deposits

AnswerDoes engine size matter to you? Fiesta is 1.25, Corsa 1.2 and 1.4, Astra is 1.4, 1.6 and 2 litre Can you email me your preference?

QuestionPreferably not above 1.4, as due to mileage a bigger engine is not essential

AnswerSorry but the form says Neil and you are Sarah? In who's name should I make the quote to?

QuestionIt is to go in Neils name as he is Company Director, I am just acting on his behalf as secretary (I am his wife)

AnswerNo worries Sarah. I will get you a quote.

QuestionWe received some quotes yesterday, will we potentially receive more, or are these the ones available? Also when we decide which to go with do we contact you, or do we respond back to the company themselves, sorry never arranged lease vehicles before.

AnswerBased on your requirements you are best now to communicate direct with the team as this will speed things up for you. However, if you have any problems about the service you can email me.

QuestionThere seems to be some confusion and I am not sure if the team are aware, we originally came through yourselves regarding a business lease due to adverse credit from a personal point of view and also the business is only 1 1/2 years old, you identify that you specialise in this area, I have taken a lot of time with your team who have now sent forms through stating the business needs to be 3 years old, and I am also not sure from a credit reference point of view if this is suitable. Could you advise please.

AnswerYou need to discuss this with the guys. If you do not have 3 years business records then they will have another solution for you. Please contact them and they will explain.


QuestionHi I am looking to lease a citreon ds3 diesel, I have bad credit around 1 when I checked it is going back when I was out of work. budget around £200 a month but I can pay 3 or even 6 months in advance. 2 or 3 years lease with maintenance tax etc. I also need my wife to be able to use it but it be in my name. I am not sure what sort of lease I would need. Also iam out of the country at the moment so I would need this by email. I hope you can help Thanks

AnswerI'm really sorry but you have to have really good credit history to lease a DS3 or similar Citroen. However, there are certain funders that will fund your car but it will have to be an ex demo slightly used car. Something like an Astra, Focus, Fiesta, BMW and some other really good makes.


QuestionDoes the quote include car insurance? We are looking for a 4x4 car or SUV. We would consider Audi, Citroen, Honda, Kia, Mazda and Hyundai. Business miles per year will not exceed 1500 and personal mileage will not exceed 8000 therefore less than 10,000 in total. Preferably petrol engine Will consider auto or manual Not sure if 'fully maintained car lease is the right choice!! I just guessed sorry. ? 36 month lease but would consider other options

AnswerIf you want a really good offer and low in insurance costs, I recommend the Ford Kuga, BMW X1, Qashqai, Juke or even the Mercedes M or Land Rover Range Rover but they cost a little bit more as they are much more expensive vehicles.


Question I work for the NHS Grampian but am unaware of a personal leasing for nhs staff - can I still take up your nhs deals? Do payments come off my wage directly? I have a bad credit history - will this exclude me from nhs deals?

AnswerYou can lease via time4leasing if you are NHS or not. It doesn't matter you still get the best prices. The payments will come out of your bank account and not your wage. If it came out of your wages then it is considered a benefit and you will have to pay taxes. The opposite if you pay it via your bank account it is a personal expense and you decide if you want to charge your employer for any business miles you do. If that is in your terms of contract. Now the bad bit. You have bad credit history. You can pick a car only from this main list. www.time4leasing.co.uk/bad-credit-leasing.asp

Email me something you like.


QuestionWhat happens if I don't get approved for a car lease because I might have adverse credit history?

AnswerYou will be then considered for a Hire Purchase agreement.

Question What does that mean?

AnswerYou basically lease the car but at the same time you are paying off the capital which means that the car is yours to keep and you don't have to give it back and you don't have to pay a balloon payment at the end either.

QuestionThat sounds very interesting. What if I don't have a deposit to put down?

AnswerThat will not be a problem as long as you pick a car within a reasonable price.

QuestionWhat if I don't get approval even for a Hire Purchase agreement?

AnswerWe can still look at providing a solution with car finance.


QuestionHi, I'm a tutor and looking to lease a Zafira or similar, my miles per year are under 10,000 I would consider leasing for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. I would consider most 7 seat cars Budget around £200 a month possibly more Thank you

AnswerIf you want to pay the least per month for a Zafira or similar you are best to lease for 4 years but you can return or swap after 2 years. Lesing for 1 year can triple the price.

QuestionWhat are the timescales for getting quotes? As I'm looking at a couple of different companies but the packages much seem better from you.

AnswerI had a look on google at 6 different competitors for the Zafria 1.8i design model and they had offers £50 to £80 more per month + vat than us. That's like £3,000 more. Not sure what you mean the packages seem better. Either they are better or they are not? Are we talking about the same car deal?

QuestionI didn't realise that when leasing a car you still need a good credit rating. my rating is not good which is why i thought leasing mite be a better option as i need a car as i travel with my job. I can pay a deposit upfront as I have a grand scenic that I would be selling.

AnswerYes you need good credit to lease a car but we also do car leasing for people with bad credit. Please look at this deal for bad or poor credit history and let me know if you would like it?

QuestionYes that deal would be great if it would be possible


QuestionI'm looking for a long lease 48 months or more.

AnswerCan you provide more info please?

QuestionHi time4leasing - do not bother contacting me (as you haven't all week!) you are useless.

AnswerNot sure what the problem is other than you didn't fill in the form properly. Look at the quote request you filled in and sent, the car details are missing and we had nothing to go by.

QuestionThought I'd picked a car, obviously I didn't. Sorry about my abrupt attitude.

AnswerIf you tell me please what car or better still what cars you like and what your monthly budget is for the car lease then I will be able to help you. Also please email me what your credit history is like and do you have a deposit to put down and how much?

QuestionI'd like a quote on an ex demo Citroen or similar.

AnswerSorry there are no good offers on Citroens - something else of interest?

QuestionI'd like a quote on an ex demo BMW 1 or similar.

AnswerOk. that it fine, expect a confirmation email for the quote in a couple of minutes.


QuestionI'm self employed with really bad credit history and was exploring the possibility if you guys can help me get a car like an Insignia?

AnswerWe consider all applicants because our affiliates that we have partnered with  work with a panel of 50 plus lenders and many of them do offer finance in the form of Hire Purchase Car leasing which is a great option.

QuestionI'm not at all clear what happens next after the ridiculous quote someone came back with on the Insignia. Are you looking for something more sensible - a different provider, a different vehicle, options for me to consider etc etc. cheers

AnswerWhat was the price you were quoted?

QuestionThey quoted be £2000 deposit and £500 a month for a 2012 plate Citroen C4. This is not acceptable.

AnswerI'm sorry to hear that the price you were hoping to get was not with your budget. I'm afraid the funders have the last say, not the affiliates. I am pretty sure they tried their best to help you.

Question I asked for a car lease not a hire purchase.

Answer As I understand it when a customer is not successful with been approved for car leasing, the next option is Hire Purchase. I assume they told you the price you will be paying is to keep the car, as it is yours and you do not have to pay a balloon payment at the end as with car leasing? I would urge you to double check the proposal again and contact the affiliate.

Question Is there any other way to try and get the payments lowered?

AnswerMaybe you can strike a deal where you can pay over 60 months which will bring the payments down? and I urge you to get a quote from any other company so you can compare. Maybe you will get a better price for a more cheaper car if the Insignia works out too expensive?

QuestionI'd really expected you to find a number of options for me. Do some thinking and come up with comparisons. Basic selling really! I haven't forgotten about the regulatory aspect of this sorry experience - I see you're FCA regulated so you should understand that my personal details should not be passed to third parties without my express permission and no-one should make enquiries of credit agencies without approval. This need to be responded to please.

AnswerBefore you go, I'd like to warn you that this is an independent free comparison service provided by Time4leasing, an appointed affiliate of companies. The content of the site other than vehicle specifications and reviews is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice. Whilst we take every care to ensure the information we provide is correct and up to date, please double check with the provider before committing yourself.

QuestionOK that is fine, I didn't know this. I'm still expecting you to come up with a number of choices for consideration not just pass off to a single supplier without any level of thinking. The statements on your website suggest that's what you do.

AnswerI have emailed you the details of another partner who can help. Their prices and terms are far better.

QuestionI got the email, many thanks for helping me out.


QuestionHi there, I was looking at your website and quite liked the Citroen DS3 vehicle, but wondered if it was available in automatic?

AnswerHi, yes the Citroen DS3 does come with an automatic transmission option, however, there are only a few available. They mainly come with manual gears.

QuestionIf you have any with automatic transmission, what would the price be? Sorry, forgot to mention it would be on a hire purchase arrangement. Thanks

AnswerYes the Citreon DS3 comes also in automatic, but not many available at the moment. The finance will be either PCP or HP depending on your credit history or if you want to keep the car at the end of the term. If you haven't already done so, all you need is to apply and get a proposal sent to you?

QuestionThanks Mark. Does an application go on my credit search history? I just want to get an idea of cost and terms.

AnswerThe information that you require will be given to you once you make an application. When you apply with us you tap into 90 lenders with just one application and then narrowed down to the best deals. We have sophisticated systems that will only conduct a soft search to mainly clarify your details, it is not a full search which would leave a foot print in your file. Only you will see this, information and no one else. We wouldn't guarantee this service if it wasn't true as we are strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Is there something else you would like to know?

QuestionNo, that's fine. I'd like another car but haven't decided what I want yet. Have just started looking into various models. I also like the Nissan Juke automatic plus others...too many to choose from lol

AnswerBy the way, the Nissan Juke in automatic is an excellent choice and is one of our customer's favourite choice.


QuestionHi hope you can help. me my name is Elaine and I spoke to a lady called Lauren about a citroen ds3 but I have not herd nothing back can you help please

AnswerHi Elaine, can you please provide your name in full so I can find your application please?

QuestionMiss Elaine p

AnswerDon't you have her details to call her back?

QuestionNo she said she would call me back took all my details what I wanted and everything and not herd nothing hope you can help me

AnswerOur partners systems are saying that they cannot find a suitable lender to finance the car lease deal. Is this correct?

QuestionDid not no anything about it ? First I no Is there any other car or is that it?

AnswerIt's not about the car or if you qualify to lease a car.

QuestionOn right so it's just me then

AnswerCan you lease the car in your partner's name or family members? And does it have to be this car or will another similar car work out better for you?

QuestionMy partner has not got a job because he is on long term sick he is only on benefits can he still apply and I did want this car or the new ford fiesta? Thanks If that helps if not I'm stuck

AnswerSorry the person applying needs to be employed and if the person has bad credit then the car will be used not new because of the price not because you cannot have one. If you would like to look at our used section then let me know if you see another car and I will try to get another supplier to help you?

QuestionOK thank you very much and I would love the citroen ds3.

AnswerAs it is late, your advisor would probably contact you tomorrow morning.

QuestionBy telephone?

AnswerEmail. text and or telephone, they all have their own way of communicating. I hope they can help you. fingers crossed.

QuestionI do very hope so to you have bin a great help thank you so much

Answerif you like you can take this free online test which will let you know where you stand. Give it a try now then message me your total score and I will give you some insight.

QuestionThanks I will do that now - 500 is my score

AnswerScores of 690 and above are considered "prime lending" and can get you much better interest rates on loans and car leasing finance. Having a score below 690 does not mean you will be denied credit, but you'll pay a bit more for it.

QuestionI'm not that fussed I can pay up to £450 a month

AnswerLet me know how you get on with your new advisor tomorrow. Did you receive our new confirmation email?

QuestionYes I have got it and I will let you no how I get on you have been a real help thank you so much

AnswerJust doing my job. If you need to contact me again, my name is Steve.

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