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Mini Car Leasing - Exclusive Offers

We offer exclusive Mini Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

Mini One Hatchback
Mini One
Brand New & Approved Used

from 138.65 per month

Lease Info

Mini Coupe Cooper
Mini Coupe
Brand New & Approved Used

from 127.97 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing - Exclusive Offers
Mini Convertible
Mini Convertible
Brand New & Approved Used

from 178.28 per month

Lease Info

Mini Countryman
Mini Countryman
Brand New & Approved Used

from 172.95 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing - Exclusive Offers
Mini One Club
Mini Clubman
Brand New & Approved Used

from 199.99 per month

Lease Info

Mini Roadster
Mini Roadster
Brand New & Approved Used

from 237.95 per month

Lease Info

Best Mini Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Mini Coupe Mini Coupe

The Mini has been a major success for many good reasons and it throughly deserves to. This car has the quality fit and finish of cars several classes above and ...


More Info

Mini Hatchback Mini Hatchback

The Mini has been a major success for many good reasons and it thoroughly deserves to. This car has the quality fit and finish of cars several classes above and...


More Info

Mini Countryman Mini Countryman

The Mini has been a major success for many good reasons and it throughly deserves to. This car has the quality fit and finish of cars several classes above and ...


More Info

Mini Paceman Mini Paceman

The Mini Paceman gives you some of the practicality of the Countryman while retaining some of the style of the hatch. The Mini Paceman gives you a slightly elev...


More Info

Mini Convertible Mini Convertible

With all the desirability and fun of the hatchback and with the thrills of open-top driving as well, this Mini Convertible should be able to satisfy your needs....


More Info

Mini Clubman Mini Clubman

The Mini Clubman is comfortable, quirky and still has that degree of excitement that makes MINIs such a great hit. Up against many other hatchbacks, wed say th...


More Info

Mini Roadster Mini Roadster

The Mini Roadster is one desirable and affordable drop-top convertible if you dont need more than two seats. The Mini Roadster should be on top of your list an...


More Info

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Tick 1 to 2 Weeks Delivery

Mini One

Mini One Convertible

Mini One (First) Convertible Ex Demo No Deposit Deal

Inside a Mini One Convertible

Inside a Mini One Convertible

White Mini One Convertible

White Mini One Convertible

The BMW Mini has been a major success for BMW, a stunning car to lease, for many good reason & it thoroughly deserves to. This car has the quality fit and finish of cars several classes above and the driving experience is every bit as entertaining as the original iconic Mini.

The range now includes the MIni First, Mini Convertible, the MINI One, MINI One D (diesel), MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S and the MINI Convertible. Great car to lease.

Mini Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car HireQuestionI would do approx 15000 miles per year and would like this Mini for 2-3 years lease if possible. If not the cooper d then the one d. thanks

AnswerThe Mini you picked is not in stock. Is this the only mini you like or would you consider the ones available like the mini first and convertible?

QuestionDo you know how long it will be to get one of these in stock? how about the cooper s?

AnswerThe only Minis we can offer at the moment is the Mini First and the Mini Convertible. Any interest?

QuestionThanks for that. Can you advise how much the convertible would be? Also do you know how long it will be to get the Mini Cooper model in?


QuestionId like a quote for a Mini Hatchback 1.6 Cooper diesel for 10000 - 15000 miles per year on a long term lease so would take your advice on the term which is best for me. However I have bad credit history.

AnswerThe Mini Cooper is not for bad credit leasing. You would probably have more luck getting the Mini One. I will resubmit your request for that one.

QuestionOk thank you, I'll go for the mini one if needed to be. Is there any other car you can recommend a little fun but cheap on miles per gallon etc?

AnswerI will email you some ideas.



QuestionHi, I'm the Deputy Head of Logistics for Guys and St Thomas' Hospital NHS and was looking for a Mini, my miles per year are 6000, I dont drive to work, just shopping, school run and weekends. I would like a long lease with a low deposit and monthly payments that do not exceed 200 pcm please assist me in sourcing the best payment option. I earn over 60k but have bad credit. Many thanks

AnswerThere is a Mini First and a Mini Convertible in stock. If you have bad credit you should pick cars from the ex demo range as they will be probably in your price range. Let me know what you found and like?

QuestionIs the Mini first an option or the BMW series 1 ? I am happy to pay a deposit of up to 500 but ideally would prefer 0 deposit.

AnswerLets give the Mini First a try and when you get contacted with a firm quote you can discuss other options.


Question Hi There I have a budget of around 150 per month. I am not too fussy. I need a small car that is cheap to run Vauxhall / Peugeot ? Having said that of course I would like a Mini, so may be two quotes ? NB my wife says not a Fiat ! The plan is that I will be replacing my annual rail season ticket with a car to get me to work. Its 35 miles each way.

AnswerThere is a good deal on a Mini with or without a deposit. I will send you a quote for that one first. Then you can discuss with one of the team members other cars if you wish so to keep the quotes to a minimum.


Question I am currently waiting to sit my test am I would like to lease a car for 48 months. However I am aware that I have bad credit I would love to be able to get the car on my own but if not I do have someone who will go a guarantor for me. I am looking to pay 130 a month or less so if I can get approved could you send me deals within my price range, I also need a 5 door and engine size 1.2 or less.

AnswerYou are best to supply me the details of your guarantor if that is what you wish and if their credit history is better we might do the deal the car lease via them.


Question Hi I'm looking to lease a car but have a poor credit score due to separation and continuing divorce. Are you able to do joint lease applications? My partner has a better credit score than me but does not have a full driving licence. We are looking for a 5 door medium car, annual mileage max 8000 and looking for 3 or 4 year lease and would like to stick to a budget of around 200. And would like to consider maintenance if this is possible

AnswerThe person requesting the car lease has to be the one with the driving licence. As your partner does not have one, it is best we tried in your name even though you don't have good credit history.


Question My average miles per year are 15,000. I am looking for a diesel car min 1.4 engine. I am open to other suggestions. My budget is up to 250 p/mth. I also like Mini Cooper, Renault Clio, vauxhall Astra, vw polo or golf, Peugeot 208 or cc. I have poor credit history but the finances to spend. I hope you can help!!

AnswerOf course we can help. We work closely with prime and sub prime funders who are willing to help even if people don't have a brilliant credit history.


Question I am looking for a slightly used smallish car. I prefer an automatic but can drive a manual. I would prefer a car that is Mini or Corsa size or a bit bigger as I travel around 25 miles a day back and too work as well as the occasional trips to other clients site.I would prefer a 2 year lease and my maximum budget is 150 a month.

AnswerHi, I'm afraid your budget of 150 is not enough for a Mini but it is enough for a Corsa automatic. I will send you a quote.


Question Hi, I'm new to car leasing and was wondering if you can help me decide what to get?

AnswerHow much money can you afford to spend on the car per month? I assume you would like a car like a Fiesta, Clio, Mini, Corsa? Something else?

Question Looking for something cheap as pos ! with no deposit if pos, I do less than 10.000 miles per year, do you have anything on offer?

AnswerThe best cars to lease are found under the sections of the website for ex demo and 0% deposit car leasing, in terms of monthly payments, tax, fuel economy and insurance.

Question Is it possible to lease a car with insurance included in the deal, sorry Sam I'm new at this! I do fancy the Mini if its cheap enough. Maybe a 3 year lease?

AnswerI don't recommend to lease a car with insurance as you will be paying the price for it. Most companies charge 355 a month all inclusive. If a Mini costs 155 a month to lease then the insurance would be 200 a month. That is 2,400 a year? That is pretty much extortionate and criminal, isn't it? Surely you can get a better price for insurance if you got it from an insurance comparison website?

Question Actually thinking about it, it is best I get my own insurance. Can you give me a quote for the Mini & a corsa, I'm on a budget so cheap as chips please! I'll look for insurance myself. Thanks for your help, do your very best ! ! ! Thank you


QuestionHi, I'm a marketing manager and was looking for a Audi A1, Mini One or similar and I will be doing 10,000 miles per year. Would prefer leather interior, exterior white or dark grey, second choice would be a 1 series BMW. My budget is 350 per month. I have a deposit available immediately. I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerI'm sorry but the Audi A1 you picked is not available. I will send you a deal for the Mini One and the BMW 1 that are in stock so you can compare. When the team contacts you, do ask them for other deals that they may have for you.

Question Do you have any other Audi A1's? Alternatively 1 series BMW, or Audi TT (I see you appear to have an ex demonstrator in stock) Would be good if we could progress soon as possible as I currently am without a vehicle.

AnswerNo Audi A1's at the moment but maybe the guys can get one for you. Yes there are plenty of demonstrators in stock and good prices. The guys will contact you as soon as they get something together. This takes longer to achieve. If you have any problems do let me know.

QuestionThanks. I'd ideally like an Audi, but BMW 1 or the Mini One convertible I see you have in or the TT would be ideal too. Look forward to hearing from your team again. Is it likely they will call me or email? If a car is in stock, how soon could I take delivery of it?

AnswerI will make sure you get some quotes for the BMW 1 and the Minis.


QuestionWould it be right that Shirley has been in touch? I'd like to emphasise that I was extremely impressed by your website and was drawn to it mainly due to my status and I fell into the category of people you referred to in 2008 being affected by the economic crash. However, I have since and continue to be in better financial shape than I have ever been and hope that your Leasing company can find an arrangement for me based on my current circumstances, not my past. I earn 80k per annum and am in a secure employed position in Aberdeen.

AnswerYou are very welcomed. I have passed your warm comments to our Managing Director. Maybe we will get a pay raise? lol


QuestionHi, I'm looking to lease a Mini first on a long lease with maintenance, road tax, mot and insurance, my annual mileage is 10,000. Quote me on this model a mini first with code MI-99-100-1-P. My budget is between 120 to 130 pounds per month.

AnswerI'm not sure where you got the idea that maintenance, road tax, insurance and MOT is included in the price. Have you not leased a car before? All prices are plus vat so even if the Mini first was available it would work out 156 per month. Road tax is included for the first year, there after you have to pay for it like any other car owner. Maintenance is your responsibility like any other car you owned in the past. If the car needs a new oil change then you have to service the car based on the recommended miles of the car. It would be outlined for you in the service manual. Please be realistic and pick a vehicle you can afford or let me know if you can increase your monthly budget.

QuestionThanks for your info. Sorry if I did say that because I heard it thru other people who have lease car as well. I want your best advice for me. I put that price cause I saw it in your web advert. I worked in the NHS as physiotherapist and maybe I can increase my budget between 150 to 160 per month. I'm looking into 3 years lease either personal or business as I worked in community. Of course I want the best price for me. I just want to confirm what will be included in the package i.e maintenance; service etc. if you go for a lease. I really want to go for mini first (if possible white in colour) and I would like my wife as a second driver. If you give me a quote for this I am really happy and appreciate your help. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

AnswerWe did have a few Mini first in white but run out at the moment. However there are some Mini first convertibles if you are interested and the price is 188.98 + 20% vat making it 226.78. Mini's don't come cheap because the these cars do cost a lot more than a normal car. I know you can get insurance and maintenance included in the price from other NHS Car Schemes but obviously the cost is built into the price making the monthly payment higher. It is still far cheaper to arrange your own car service and find your own insurance for you and your wife. I assume you only want a Mini First in white? and nothing else? have you a second choice or car?


QuestionHi, I want to lease a Mini First, my annual mileage is 10,000-12,000. Lease for either 36 or 48 months. How much extra for maintenance package ?(servicing, tyres etc). Don't want to pay more than 180 a month.

AnswerI'm sorry but the Mini you picked although listed it is not available at the moment. Would you like something similar? How about the hard top Peugeot Coupe? beautiful and lovely car to drive or something similar?

QuestionAs I will be using car allowance, the company policy is no soft-top vehicles. Do you have any Fiestas available?

AnswerOh I see, but I wrote to you that it is a hard top coupe not a soft top. The roof folds in the boot. Up to you really. Let me know if this is allowed or should I just send you a quote for a Fiesta?


QuestionI am a paediatric nurse at Colchester General Hospital and desperately need a reliable car and was recommended this site. I am looking at something like the 'Mini First' but must admit I have a very poor credit history/rating. Would I still be eligible for a quote. If so these are my details: - would be working 5 days a week travelling 60 miles per day - am 30 years of age with no points on my license - annual salary 21,000 p.a. I would ideally be looking at servicing and mot in the quote. Also is insurance included? Many thanks

AnswerYour credit history will not be an issue as long as you are currently working and prove income. The prices however will be a bit higher than advertised but if you lease over a 5 year period the prices are more or less the same. I'm afraid the Mini First although advertised it is not available anymore as the offer expired. MOT is only required after the car is 3 years old and servicing it is cheaper if you took it to your local garage. Insurance is not included. You will have to source this yourself once you know which car you are going to have. Questions: Have you leased before? Have you ever taken insurance out in your name? What other cars do you like? What is your monthly budget for the car lease and can you put down a deposit?

QuestionI have not leased before and currently have insurance on an old '02' VW Polo which is totally unreliable. I do like the new vauxhall astra and corsa and Nissan Juke, but to be honest my priorities are that it is diesel and economical. I would not be able to put down a deposit and my max monthly budget would be about 150 ish. Hope this helps. I also like the Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe and Renault Clio Sport.

AnswerHi again, based on your 150 and having poor credit history and no deposit limits to what cars you can have and you need to be realistic about having a decent car verses a sports version which costs more. it will probably be a Corsa, but not sure why you think a diesel engine is more economical? Diesel engine cars cost 2,000 to 3,000 more than a petrol engine car and the only way you will get your money back is if you drove 20,000 miles a year. can you send me your postcode and mobile phone number so I can submit a quote request for you?

QuestionDefinitely a diesel as comparing most cars, diesels return an extra 10mpg as compared to a petrol. For example a 1.3 diesel Corsa returns 67.3mpg whereas a 1.2 petrol is lower at 51.4mpg, both cars being around 80 bhp.

AnswerThe thing is how much more does a diesel engine car cost to lease verses a petrol? If it is not more than 1,000 then it is worth it.

These are the figures to work on:

Miles MPG Gallons Cost Gallon Total Cost
Diesel 10,000 51.4 195 5.99 1,165.37
Petrol 10,000 63.3 149 6.31 937.59
Savings 227.78
Years 4
Total Saving 911.11

You technically save 227.78 per year with a diesel engine verses a petrol engine, so over a 4 year lease it is approx. 911. but it is purely down to your driving style not what the manufacturer claims. You can easily burn that fuel costs you saved by revving the engine unnecessarily and be stuck in traffic jams every day.

QuestionHi, can someone please telephone me as I have a few questions to ask?


AnswerCan you first email me please what is it you would like to talk about so I can get the right person to make contact with you?

QuestionI would like to know the cost to lease on of your car's. The minimum time, who can drive, ie how many people. Insurance, type of car. I need to speak to someone as soon as possible.

AnswerThe cost of a lease depends on the car type you want. If you want a city car then approx, 120 a month will get you something decent. If you want a small hatchback then approx 150 per month, or a saloon then 200 a month. In all cases a deposit is required if you don't have good credit history or you may pay a deposit to bring the monthly payments down. Insurance is not included. You have to find your own and insure the car once you know which one it is going to be. Anyone can drive the car as long as they are on your insurance policy as a named driver. It lives what car you like. Please email me the cars you like and I will be in touch.

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