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Car Leasing Under £100

We offer exclusive Cheap Car Leasing Deals (under £100) that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

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Toyota Aygo
from £78.15 per month

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Volkswagen UP
Volkswagen UP
from £78.29 per month

Lease Info

Hyundai i10
Hyundai i10
from £83.55 per month

Lease Info

FIAT 500 Long Term Hire
Fiat 500
from £86.52 per month

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Skoda Citigo
Skoda Citigo
from £86.77 per month

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Ibiza Coupe
from £88.39 per month
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No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals
Ford KA
from £92.54 per month

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Ford Fiesta
from £95.54 per month
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VW Polo
from £97.34 per month
Lease Info
from £97.50 per month
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No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals
KIS Picanto
KIA Picanto
from £97.60 per month

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Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Cruze
from £98.28 per month
Lease Info
Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra
from £99.39 per month
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Ford Focus
from £101.67 per month
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No Deposit Offers - Exclusive Deals
Citroen C1
from £103.75 per month

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Renault Clio
from £104.89 per month
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Under £150 Long Term Leasing
Car Leasing finance option with prices under £150 and £100 bridges the gap between expensive daily car hire and rentals.

 Fiat 500 Car Leasing
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Recruitment Consultant
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Time4leasing Forum

Questions and AnswersQuestion Hi, I'd like a Polo as I have heard they are the cheapest to insurance for a new driver. I need my son to be allowed to use? He is learning to drive now, will hopefully pass shortly.

AnswerYes your son can drive the vehicle as well as long as he is a name driver and covered by your insurance. It is your responsibility that he drives safely.

Question Hi I'd like to part exchange my son's car for one of your ex demo cars. He has his heart set on the Fiesta. Guess because he learnt to drive in one and it is cheap to tax and insure.

How do I go about leasing it? Submit a request via time4leasing, give you a call or via your online quotation system?

I have some questions to ask you first.

Is there a colour choice? Is the Edge the only model you have? Do you do the Zetec? If not can I have some details of the Fiesta you are going to recommend? How much will the lease be for 10,000 miles over 4 years. Can I return the car after 2 years and swap it for something else? Guess there is some moneys involved in this? What type of lease are you going to do for me? My son is a medical student. Should we lease it in his name or my name?

I have a Punto 06 plate for trade in. Can I use this as a deposit?

AnswerWe will be happy to help. Let me have the following information and I will see to it. Provide full details of the part exchange, reg number, condition, miles, mot etc. How much you want or not want to spend a month : ) and we will work around getting the best fiesta for you. We can use the Punto as the deposit, regarding whoís name the car goes in, its up to you. If your sonís credit profile is ok I guess its better that way as it will help build his credit rating.

Question The part exchange is in my son's name. The car he owns is a Fiat Punto Dynamic 1.2 in Blue Reg: Mot: July Tax: July Miles 33,000 It has brand new 4 good tyres and brakes fitted a month ago and alloy wheels. The car broke down a few months ago and we had brand new steering rack and rods fitted. It does have a tiny indentation on driver's door and 2 tiny scuff marks on the bumper. Other than that the paint work is perfect.

Requirements are that the Ford Fiesta engine must not be bigger than 1.25 (as we know the insurance is best for this size engine) Prefer silver, 5 doors and the Zetec or better model as I don't mind paying a bit more. Monthly payments inc vat around £150 a month. Would be great if we can get something in place before the end of next week and surprise my son, as my wife and I are doing this for him as a present for passing into his final year of medical school. I can come up to your place with the Punto and then take the Fiesta? I appreciate your help and look forward to what you can come up with. many thanks

AnswerIs the Punto to be used as a deposit on the Fiesta or are you wanting it as cashback?

Question The Punto is to be used as a deposit on the Fiesta so to bring the payments down.

AnswerI have a 61 plate Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 5 door in Ink Blue done 16000 miles, the Punto as deposit would be £142.00 per month over 48 months (final payment option £3550), I also have a 10000 mile Silver one ay £12.00 per month more (higher price due to less miles). Any good?

Question The Silver one sounds great and would like it. What do we do next?


AnswerTo proceed please can you confirm:- Full name 3 years address with ownership details, 3 years employment details with address, Date of birth, Bank account number and sort code for direct debit. As soon as I have these I can sort it for you.

Question My son is not employed, he is a full time uni student and lives off the student loan he gets plus the money we give him. He does have 3 year address and bank info etc. Would that be ok or do you need something additional?

AnswerIs it going in his name and is he making the payments out of his account, if so just let me know his full details as below (including uni address) and I will do a little juggling. I will need some proofs of address from him (driving license both parts and a recent utility bill/bank stat) in the home address you give. Or is the agreement going in your name (log book can still be in his name)

Question As this is a surprise present asking him these details will be difficult to get. Also he lives in Manchester and I live in Bristol. I think your second solution would be better. Have the car in his name and I pay for it. Also it is best the address be my address as he keeps moving from one house to an other as he is a final year medical student doctor. What do you need from me?

AnswerAll done and passed. Please check your email and find attached the contracts for signing for your car (figures include VAT). Please sign, scan and email, then post back SPECIAL DELIVERY along with your ORIGINAL driving license (both paper and card parts) and with one other proof of address dated within 90 days (gas bill, bank stat, council tax, etc) I have done it on a PCP basis so final figure is guaranteed and if he wants after 24 months we can look at changing for him. As soon as I receive the paper work and £35.00 doc fee I can start preparing the car for you. How soon do you need it? Any questions, just ask.

Question Check your email, attached are all the documents. Not sure how I pay you the doc fee at this point? Can you trust me to pay it when I see you? Can you arrange the car for me to pick it up either Wednesday am, Thursday am or pm, or Friday am this week? Is this possible? Obviously I will bring the part exchange with me and drive off the Fiesta.

AnswerAs you have picked a car that is not in stock, it will take 10 working days from receiving original paperwork back, so it should be about the 24th onwards but obviously we will push it forwards for you. We have allocated the car anyway but we cant get a release note from our supplier until the end of this week so we wont have it here until early next week. I have been told that we can have it ready for the end of next week at the latest but until it arrives on site I donít know which day (depends on how clean it is when it gets here), we will get it ready as soon as human possible. I do need all the original docs and proofs in the post so we can get authorisation from the finance house so please post these special delivery today if you can. The last thing we want is to rush this through and the car not 100% for you, it needs to be right.

Question Fair play. It would have been nice to surprise my son this week. No worries will take delivery next week. Just keep me informed. Many thanks for your help.

AnswerWe will push to get your car over to us and through the workshop as quickly as possible.

Question I don't mind, next week, next week if fine, I can wait a few days.


AnswerI will keep you posted on the progress, when we can go collect the car for you, when it gets back to us from the dealer.

Question Great news about getting my son a newer ex demo fiesta than his old worn out punto. He is going to be really happy when he gets here this weekend.

AnswerI am sure he will be well pleased and good on you too. I will make sure the valeters do an exceptional job on the car, use a high grade polish that we save for our best cars, I will put some fuel in the tank for you. Are you bringing him up when you collect the car?

Question Yes we will come together, as it's his car at the end of the day. Get him to learn how adults do business. lol.


Question Hi, I've sent several quote requests today and I still have not had a firm quote proposal sent back to you as stated in your automated email reply.

AnswerThe more quote requests you send the more you delay everything, as the team member assigned to you doesn't know which car they need to allocated and price up. It looks like you keep changing your mind about which car model you want quoted.

One quote request is enough.

A team member will contact you and discuss other models or other cars and the best type of car leasing that would work out cheaper for you. At the end of the day we would also like to see you as another happy customer. Based on your enquiry, you should be contacted by my partners from the Landrover department as those vehicles are from the prestige range. They are on the case and will help you further.


Question Hi, can you recommend me some cars please, I need your help.

AnswerCan you provide a bit more information so I can understand your needs and then I will be able to come up with something nice.

Question My mileage per year is very low, usually around 10,000. Ideally I don't want to spend over £150 per month, I'm open to the type of car I have and would consider a 3 year deal. If you could email me some options as I'm at work at the moment and can't take calls. I'd like a car within the next few weeks if possible. Thanks

Answer Sure there are several good deals in that price range. I would recommend the Fiesta, Clio, Polo, Micra or Spark. I will email you more details and prices.


Question Miles per year 11k. Want something economical to run ideally new clio or fiesta/polo. I have 55 plate 3 door Clio 1.4 to part ex. Good condition 76000k on clock. Looking for similar size engine. Maximum length of contract four years. Would like to include maintenance if possible. Thanks. Prefer email contact to phone.

AnswerSorry but the Clio, Fiesta and Polo that are available at the moment are with 1.2 engines only. If you would like a more powerful engine and a decent car at a good price, how about a nice Astra with full extras or something similar. The best prices work out over 4 years for ex demo Astra where the prices are far cheaper.

Question Thanks for the advise, can you do me a quote for an astra then please?


Question Hi, I'm a housing officer and I would like to hire a car, budget £130 - £200, depending if insurance in included or not. I'm looking at the fiesta, polo, golf, D3 citreon, and out of curiosity A1 & A3. I was looking at 18, 24 contract. Originally I wanted 3,6,9,12 month deals, every time I tried to look at the fiesta with 0% on those terms, it re-directs me to the same page constantly, and I am unable to view the details. I need a car as soon as possible so I look forward to hearing from you. many thanks

AnswerDeals for 1 to 18 months are seriously expensive. If that is what you want to have then try hireinuk.com and pick a listed deal. If you can commit to 2 to 4 years then email me and I will get you a good car and deal on good terms.

Question Hi thanks for getting back to me so quick. That's the site I tried and did find some good deals for car hire but looking at the prices I think maybe I am best to lease a car on a long term. What would prices Etc be for the vehicles listed on a 2 year contract. I don't have time on my side at the moment and its really frustrating, any help would be much appreciated.

AnswerIn that case, I will send you some prices for 2 to 4 year car leasing.


Question Hi, I'm 18 and looking for a car to lease, my main problem is I cant find the age restrictions on the website. I've looked through the vehicles on the website and im interested in the vauxhall insignia as I am looking at purchasing one in the future. Please get back to me as I would love to know the age you can start leasing vehicles.

AnswerWe don't have age restrictions to lease a car from our car fleets. Firstly we need to establish if you have a full driving license and how long have you had it? Also can you email me for how long do you want to lease/hire the Insignia.? The problem would be the insurance cost to cover the car if you 18 and want to lease a car like the Insignia which has a 1.8 engine. You could be looking at thousands of pounds a year just to insure the car. Have you done your home work? Do you know how much insurance will be for a 1.8 or 2 litre engine car? Ideally most first time drivers would lease a hatchback like a Fiesta, Corsa or Clio with a 1.2 engine. These cars work out the best when it comes to insurance costs. You are the one paying, up to you really.

The Main Difference Buying verses Car Leasing

A simple example to understand the difference is if you lease a car worth £15,000 that you will eventually sale for lets say £8,000 after 36 months (Known as the Residual Value), you pay for the £7,000 difference over the 36 month term, plus finance charges, plus potential fees.

When you buy a car, you pay for the entire £15,000, plus finance charges, plus potential fees.

This is the main reason why Car leasing offers substantially lower monthly payments than buying.

Also buying and selling a car has more hassles, advertising costs, finding a buyer, test driving and everything associated.

In the other hand leasing a car you just hand it back and walk away or swap the car for another brand new lease.

Then you might wonder what do we do with these 2, 3 and 4 year old cars? Simple really we lease them to people with bad credit history giving them a decent car and deal too or we put them on a forecourt and sell them as second hand cars.

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