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Questions about Car Leasing
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Hi there, I've been looking at your site and there are a few cars I like in white, like the Ford Focus, Insignia, Astra and want it as a diesel. However, not sure how leasing works but would like some advice please.


With leasing you pay for the car's depreciation (loose of value) and not how much it costs. Lets say a car costs 10,000 and in 4 years, if you were to sell it you will get 4,000. You will pay 6,000 and the payments (plus interest) will be spread over 4 years. So the cars that hold their price they make good cars to lease.

The best cars to lease are the ex demo cars because they have already lost most of their value and you only pay the difference. Say a brand new car costs 10,000, ex demo 7,000 after 4 years 3,000. If you do your maths, you pay 4,000 instead of 6,000 - saving you 2,000. Hope that makes sense?



Hello there, I'm looking for short term car rental, (initially about a 3 month), which could lead to longer term lease as well. What deals do you have without having to pay initial deposits. I'm looking for a small car, and about a 1,500 miles/month. Also, what paperwork would you need from me, (I am a EU citizen)?


For short term car hire visit our sister website called www.hireinuk.com and compare several partners which we advertise.



Normal usage of approx 10,000 miles per year. We are looking for a seven seater car and have up to 250 available monthly for payments. I and my husband are in full time permanent employment but have a bad credit history dating from 2005 due to a failed business.


That won't be a problem as we do offer car leasing solutions to people with bad credit history as long as they are currently in employment and have the means to pay.


Need something cheap per month and must have 7 seats
10,000 miles per year would be happy with any 4 door car similar to the VW Fox, Lease for 4 years.


The Zafira is more suitable to your needs


I'm not sure exactly what type of lease I'd like. I'd like it with maintenance, annual miles are 10000 pa, please quote me on Vauxhall Golf Diesel Hatchback 1.6. Over 4 years. My monthly budget is roughly 200.


Arranging your own maintenance would work out much cheaper.


I am interested in a Ford Mondeo, Freelander 2 or Jaguar XF. I have No Deposit and a budget of 230 a month maximum. I am self employed, Homeowner, 2500 a month, Full Clean Licence. I do have a poor credit rating which i am working on improving. I have had a leased and financed van which i have paid off and now own


Only specific cars come with no deposit, like the Ford Mondeo.


Can I add my wife as a 2nd driver


Yes you can add your wife and a 2nd driver.


Need automatic car. Short lease with option to extend to 11 months. Would like to pay with AMEX.


For short term car leasing I would suggest you go to our sister website called www.hireinuk.com and compare the partners that are listed.


I am 22 an have a good income. As long as the price is right I would definitely be able to afford it. I have also had a car on finance previously so there shouldn't be a problem. Looking for a 24 month lease with no/little deposit and a maximum of 140 per month. Only need 5000 miles a year and don't want a smart car (no C1, Peugeot 107, VW Up etc). I like the Corsa, Fiesta, Focus.


That is fine, you can have a quote for the cars and terms that you mentioned.


My miles per year are 8,000. The lease I require is for 2 or 3 years.


Mini One Clubman Est 5Dr1.6D or similar, 1500 miles per year, lease period would be over 3 - 4 years, My budget needs to be under 250.00. All mot's / servicing of the car needs to be included within the monthly lease cost.


My miles per year are 8,000. The laese I require is for 2 or 3 years.


Do the cars come with insurance? At most I want to spend 150 a month.


Certain car deals come with insurance, but they are just a few. It would work out much cheaper if you had your own insurance.


I am running 2 old cars at the moment and although they are both OK I need to upgrade one of them. I am currently running a Grand Cherokee Overland on an 04 plate and would like to replace it with a big high spec 4x4. I will consider anything if the price is right - over 3 or 4 years.


Not all 4x4 vehicles make a good car lease. Only certain 4x4 are good for leasing. Please follow the links to these vehicles and deals.


Hello, Do you offer bad credit personal hire? If so, are the rates higher? Thanks.


Yes we do offer car leasing to bad credit individuals, but the price will be a little bit higher.


Miles 10000pa, second car is Porsche 911, quote required for 24 and 36 months, minimal deposit (sub 800) with monthly payments c150, Astra or Focus size needed.


Audi A1 1.6 TDI SE or similar, would i be able to get this under NHS scheme on a 2-3 year lease. it would be for commute to work and home visits.


I don't have no credit history but on voters role.


That is fine as we do offer solutions to individuals like you.


Long lease 36 months my annual miles are around 8-1000 miles. I like a small car ,my budget is 100 to 120 pounds a month.


I currently have a lease car via my employer which is due to end on 25th Jan. I currently have a ford focus 1.6 TDCI and am looking for something similar. My annual mileage is approx 10,000. Although I do have a bad credit history i work for the local authority and have a regular monthly income. I am able to pay a deposit if required. My ideal budget would be between 130 and 170 per month.


That will not be a problem. You will receive a good quotation.


Require a 4 door automatic saloon long rental, like the Insignia. Very small deposit monthly payment approx 250.


Long Lease, Currently on mobility have a ford fiesta 1.4 auto. Mobility ending in March, would like alternative option. Automatic car,48 months, low monthly payment's, no or low deposit.


My miles per year is 10000 i would like to lease for 3 years i would like to include maintenance at end of lease agreement would like send back car and to take another car lease.


Hi id really prefer a diesel, 1.6 4 door car, ford, VW, etc couldn't find them very well on your website, what's the best deals you got thanks.


Sorry about that. We are working to improve this.


I am a paramedic wishing to lease a car long term ideally with no deposit. Paying just monthly payments I currently work for north west ambulance service thanks.


You have come to the right company. We have the best car leasing deals for everyone including NHS staff.


No Deposit Bad Credit 24 month Lease DS3 Sport
Miles per year are expected to be 15000 per year, the car leae will need to be over 4 years, mu budget needs to be 200.00 per month.


15000 miles per year, looking to keep monthly payments low so probably 4 years but open to advice from you. Thanks


I have the deposit and I have no credit file. I need car for work. I earn 1827 per month.


My miles per year are around 7000, my car choice is the artic white 5dr 1.6l visia Juke. My best deal so far is 163.06 inc VAT. I am looking for a 24 month deal with 3 payments upfront deposit.


Miles per year would be up to 27,250 as commute. lease would be for up to 3 years Budget is up to 250 per month No deposit or low deposit Fair credit history - no major missed payments in last 6-12 months


Interested in leasing the car above for personal contract lease from 62/13 reg plate


BMW 3 Series 320 Sal 4Dr320d Sport or similar, 36 month deal. Car required before end of jan 2013


Beetle cabrio or similar, please provide details of the lease price for the vehicle outlined above. Ideally I would like the midnight blue metallic colour with leather interior.


My mileage will be less then 10K a year, have no real preference on length of lease but this depends on the car, small to medium size. preferrable no deposit. Price a month 140 - 230 pm .


mileage per year 7000, lease needed for 3 years, any eco small car for around the 100 - 120 p/m inc. vat


I would like a long lease on a automatic vauxhall corsa I have seen you advertise on here


I am nhs employee i must admit i have a bad credit history but i have sorted my finances and i am sure i could afford to lease a car for personal use. please call me at my mobile. thank you very much.


We will do our best to get you a good deal.


Hi I am trying to find a suitable leasing package (or similar). I am in the process of setting up an IVA to consolidate my debts and so am unsure if I will get through a credit check. If you don't think I will are there any other options for me? I start a new job in 2 weeks which is full time and am on the electorol. I do not have the funds for a deposit, and can provide a guarantor if required.


We are a small charity looking for a seven seater for transporting our team members, and equipment on a regular basis. We are looking for an affordable contract with the flexibility to end it with short notice, as we are building finances to be in a position to our right purchase a vehicle by the end of 2013. Preferred transmission must be Automatic, colour Navy or Black, with Sat Nav.
I am interested in Vauxhall vehicles 1.4 or under. Or other vehicle with same engine size


Small car as first year of driving...Do I need to insure the car myself?


Some cars come with insurance for new and young drivers and other cars don't.


looking for a personal lease with 0% deposit, either a 3 or 4 year lease with 10,000 miles per annum. Could you please also quote for contract with maintenance.

Miles per year are10000. My second choice would be an estate car. Lease for 2 years preferably. Budget is up to 200.


my miles per year is about 6000 would like lease for 4 years need car for work my budget is about 170 per month


CONTACT VIA EMAIL ONLY PLEASE. I am 21, I have not yet passed my test, I am trying to find the best way of getting a car when I do pass. I do not have a substantial amount saved up, but I am on a steady income
3 or 4 year lease 20000 per year miles bad history but have some good contacted now which are for 3 years monthly payed so money wont be a problem could do with 2 cars not one don't mind paying a month up front when i see cars.


Landrover Range Rover Evoque or similar, My miles per year are 10'000 for a 3 or 4 year deal my second choice car is a range rover discovery my budget is 500 per month.


Landrover Range Rover Evoque 5 Door or similar, 10 000 per annum. 48 months contract. Second choice Freelander 2, HSE AUTO. Either car in white. Budget 450 per month
Looking at golf but if other cars can be quoted that would be great. Looking for a 3 year lease. 150-220 a month. 10K a year


I would also be interested in the following BMW 118D


Don't have the best credit rating is this a problem
10,000 miles a year, something similar so long as its got 7 seats, 4 year lease, as cheap as possible, cheap road tax
7 thousand miles a year. Social use. 2 or 3 years lease. Budget 230 a month


Please provide details of the lease price for the vehicle outlined above. Ideally I would like the midnight blue metallic colour with leather interior.

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