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Seat Ibiza New Car Leasing

Seat Ibiza
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £124.46 per month

New Lease Deal

Ford Focus
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £129.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Astra New Car Leasing
Vauxhall Astra
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £134.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Vauxhall Mokka
Vauxhall Mokka
Brand New Vehicle Deal

£135.44 per month

Lease Info

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals

We offer the best brand new cars and deals to customers with good credit history.

Nissan Qashqai New Car Leasing
Nissan Qashqai
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £149.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Volkswagen Golf New Car Leasing
VW Golf
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £164.98 per month

New Lease Deal

Nissan Juke New Car Leasing
Nissan Juke
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £166.22 per month

New Lease Deal

Honda-HR-V New Car Leasing
Honda HR-V
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £168.26 per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
AUDI A3 New Car Leasing

Audi A3
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £172.64 per month

New Lease Deal

Mercedes A Class New Car Leasing
Mercedes A Class
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £188.18 per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
KIA Sportage New Car Leasing
KIA Sportage
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £189.91 per month

New Lease Deal

VW Passat New Car Leasing
VW Passat
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £189.99  per month

New Lease Deal

Mercedes GLA
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £179.89 per month

Lease Info

VW Tiguan New Car Leasing
VW Tiguan
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £197.74  per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals

Volvo XC40
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £199.99 per month

Lease Info

Mercedes CLA New Car Leasing
Mercedes CLA
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £229.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Audi Q2 New Car Leasing
Audi Q2
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £199.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Jaguar E-Pace New Car Leasing
Jaguar E-Pace
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £219.48  per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
Nissan X Trail New Car Leasing

Nissan X Trail
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £206.08 per month

New Lease Deal


Audi TT Coupe
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £219.89 per month

Lease Info

BMW 3 Series New Car Leasing
BMW 3 Series
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £229.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Mercedes C Class New Car Leasing
Mercedes C Class
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £229.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
Mercedes E Class New Car Leasing
Mercedes E Class
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £239.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Toyota C-HR New Car Leasing
Toyota C-HR
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £239.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
BMW 5 Series
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £253.74  per month

New Lease Deal

Range Rover Evoque New Car Leasing
Land Rover Evoque
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £255.26 per month

New Lease Deal

AUDI A5 Coupe New Car Leasing

Audi A5 Coupe
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £255.59 per month

New Lease Deal

Mercedes Benz GLC New Car Leasing

Mercedes GLC
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £269.98 per month

New Lease Deal

Huge Discounts on New Lease Deals
BMW X2 New Car Leasing
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £199.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Jaguar F-Pace New Car Leasing
Jaguar F Pace
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £274.99 per month

New Lease Deal

BMW 6 Gran Turismo New Car Leasing
BMW 6 Turismo
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £299.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabriolet New Car Leasing

Mercedes C Class
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £299.99 per month

New Lease Deal

Landrover Vvelar

Land Rover Velar
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £319.99 per month

Lease Info

Landrover Range Rover Sport New Car Leasing

Range Rover Sport
Brand New Vehicle Deal
from £429.99 per month

New Lease Deal


Forum for Brand New Car Leasing

Questions and Answers QuestionHi what are the typical requirements that I need to have to be able to lease one of these brand new cars at these low prices?

AnswerYou need to have good or excellent credit history and a significant deposit.

QuestionWhat if I have poor credit history?

AnswerMore likely you will not get approved for one of these brand new cars. However, you can probably get approved for one of the nearly or used cars that we have on offer and you do not have to pay a deposit either.

QuestionDo these nearly new cars have any warranty?

AnswerYes all of the cars we provide come with a full manufacturer's warranty, some even have free break down cover. All our used and nearly new cars come with an extended free warranty for peace of mind.

QuestionI'd like a quote for an Audi A3 convertible. I work in a data centre and do not get a mobile phone signal. I can receive emails and can call back afterwards.

AnswerYou were put in contact with one of our associate companies.

QuestionIíve already been contacted by that company and they donít do lease vehicles so cancel everything, Iím not interested!

AnswerCan you please provide a bit more information, so I can put you in touch with the right associate who do car leasing? Have you got good or poor credit history? When you say they do not lease vehicles, what do you mean? What did they say to you? Please email me the answers and I can help you find the right car at the right price.

QuestionGood credit, recently bought a one year old Corsa SRi. My advisor from the creditors says they don't do leases as such, just PCP. I'm looking to lease a car for the next two years as I'm working local to home, not traveling.

AnswerTo clarify, PCP is a form of car leasing because you don't own the car and you have the option to buy or hand the car back when the contract finishes. However, if you were looking for Contract Hire which is more like renting the car, you have no option to keep the car and you have to give it back regardless.

QuestionThen why didn't you offer me this?

AnswerWe do offer Contract Hire but it is only for certain vehicles and only for brand new ones, not used cars. The Audi A3 Cabriolet is not one of them because there are no good offers at the moment. Hence, why we put you in contact with the creditors who we thought could find you a used or nearly new one.

QuestionSo, you are saying if I want a brand new car I would go down the route of Contract Hire and if I wanted a used car I would go down the route of PCP Car leasing?

AnswerIt is up to you to decide and let us know. You have the option to let your advisor try and find a used Audi A3 Convertible on a PCP contract or email me again and I will put you in touch with another partner who only do brand new cars on Contract Hire.


QuestionHow come you have these really cheap offers? How is it possible be offering such low prices?

AnswerWe have really good relationships with certain car manufacturers, dealers and car leasing brokers. We have at any given time many good exclusive offers and these low rates. The above displayed offers are just a sample. If you have something in mind and it is not listed on this website, do contact us using one of the contact forms, as we more likely will get you the best possible price.

QuestionHi if I have bad credit history can I have one of these brand new cars?

AnswerYou can give it a try and apply, as sometimes people who think that have bad credit history might not be as bad as they think and they get approved by our partners. Saying that if you do not get approved for a new car, you will certainly have a massive chance of getting approved for a used or nearly new car that we have on offer.

QuestionHow come you can lease cars to people with bad credit rating?

AnswerWe do not rely on just one bank to finance the lease side of the vehicle. We work with partners who have a panel of lenders for prime and sub prime lending. If there is a solution we have it.

QuestionHi is anyone there ? I've sent a request in on your page but no reply as yet Thanks

AnswerSorry cannot find your application.

QuestionIt's my father who would be leasing it for me, it is in his name.

AnswerOK, found it, how can I help you?

QuestionI currently have a rental from Ford dealership but it's going it's it's 4th yr and they still wanting £220 a month for it and MOT Yes that's me It's 1.2 engine pulling a big car so heavy on petrol.

AnswerOnce you are allocated an advisor/account manager they will be in touch.

QuestionHi your partners called me but I'm wanting the nearly new BMW 3 series and they don't have that ? It's on your website for £197 a month

AnswerThe BMW 3 that is on our website is for a used one and the price is £197 + Vat = approx £236 per month as long as you have excellent credit history. If some else then the price will be a bit higher. If you would like this deal then you will need to reapply for it as it is from a different supplier and not from the partner that called you. Please advise.

QuestionMorning there is an advert on your website that states the car will be £197 a month and states underneath good or bad credit Anyway I'm wanting something to cost no more than £200 a month all in My father will be putting it through in his name and I will be paying for it monthly thanks. If it makes the payments cheaper my father can put it through as business Thanks Please advise

AnswerHi, even if the vehicle was put through a business, they still have pay the vat which is 20% bringing the price to approx £237 a month and that is if the credit score history is good. Sure underneath it state good or bad credit history however if you go down the page bit more you will find the deal for the bad credit history and it is £434.97 inclusive of vat.

QuestionOk could u send me some cars u have no more than £200 Thanks My father has good credit so no worries thanks

AnswerIf your budget is approx £200 for a vehicle, please go back to your advisor and speak to them and hope they will find you something suitable? If you want your father to get the car for you then he will have to apply or ask him to do a joint application to your current application. This way you will get the better price.

QuestionNo problem, thank you a million for your help !!! xx

Answerf our partners cannot come up with a fair deal for you let me know as we have another supplier for you. However please give them the chance first.


QuestionHi, my preference is an automatic, diesel with leather trim. Would it be possible to have the 2 year deal KIA Sportage or similar? Ideally priced under £160 including VAT, part exchange deal if possible on Peugeot 307?

AnswerTo be able to lease a brand new car like the Kia Sportage, our suppliers require excellent credit history and you to pay approx. £1,700 up front to achieve the £160 a monthly payments. Is this arrangement something you can afford? If not, we do have 0% offers or pay far less deposit for nearly new cars and I can provide you with a quote if you wish?

QuestionMy credit history isn't good really. Perhaps you could send me through some of the details of the best offers for nearly new or used cars - then I can have a look at all ranges including 0% offers. Many thanks


QuestionHi, looking for a sports car under £200 a month Manual. 3 year deal 10k miles a year What is meant by nearly new on your website?

AnswerThe nearly new cars are normally a few months to a year old and in perfect condition. Even our used cars are in perfect condition. What did you have in mind as a sports car? Can you email me some ideas so I can see if we can find something within your £200 a month budget? Also please provide a correct mobile phone number.

QuestionHi, if it means saying me extra money, can you please quote me on one or 2 of these cars? Alfa qv line Any gti Golf or polo, Ds4, Ceed gt line, Any sporty audi, Sporty focus, Sporty i30 and maybe the Sporty leon?


QuestionHi, if I make an application for a car, how long will it take to be accepted or declined?

AnswerHi, depends which deal you pick. Most deals that display a full quote request and asks for your details will let you know automatically where you stand. All other deals and forms if you fill in you will know within hours. However as it is late it will be probably by noon.

QuestionI went to a dealership the other day and been rejected recently by them for car finance. I think two issues may be some reasons behind it.....1 is that I have been at a few addresses in recent years. I lived with my parents until in 2013, then moved with my partner at the time, we had a temp lease of 6 months on a property and moved, before we split up 3 months after that move. I was then in a house share and have moved with my current partner whom I am settled with and set to marry smile emoticon the other reason may be I may potentially not show on the electoral roll, which is because of harassment of my ex, I have had to remove my contact address details etc from the electoral register to avoid her persistent stalking and harassment. Will you still look at my application? I've been in my current job 6 and a half years and earn £17000 a year

AnswerWe work with more than 90 different partners that help our customers with solutions, including people with bad credit history. Guess it will not hurt for you to apply via our systems, then see what the requirements will be. You will have to speak to an advisor once you apply. You will probably have to prove where you currently live by showing a bill, bank statement and driving licence. Not sure how they will get around the electoral roll, but the advisor will know best. Please apply.

QuestionI filled in an application. Is there anyone available who will be able to look at it now or will it be in the morning? More than happy to provide evidence in the form of utility bills, driving license etc. I would have thought that people applying for credit without being on the electoral roll wouldn't be a problem necessarily?

AnswerWe have solutions for everyone. Well most people and our success rate is really high. You will be contacted by an advisor who will look into this for you.


QuestionHi, Are your leases available with inclusive maintenance ? Thanks

AnswerSome of our offers come with maintenance included and the cost of the maintenance is added to the monthly price. If you pick a non maintained vehicle all we got to do is charge you the extra cost for the maintenance or you can find your own garage and maintain the vehicle if you wish. If you have a car in mind that you would like us to quote you, please also provide a mobile phone number to enable our systems to generate an automated quote request.


QuestionHi I have currently a financed car and want to get a leased car from you, would you take my financed car?

AnswerHi, Do you know how much you still owe on the car? and how much it would sell? and how is your credit history? good, poor or bad? please advise

QuestionI owe £5420, 62 plate astra, my credit history is excellent

AnswerWhat car or cars did you have in mind leasing? can you give me some ideas please?

QuestionI would like a brand new Range rover evoque, sportage, qashqai tekna, Mercedes c class, cla, e class, bmw series 1 convertible, 2, 3, audi a3, a1, a5 and others.

AnswerI will put you down for one of these for now and you will be track for a quote. You should be contacted tomorrow.

QuestionCheers any of these do just 1 year leases so I can swap the car every year?

AnswerWhen you lease a car on a 4 year term and lets say it costs £250 a month, the same car will cost £750 a month for 1 year lease, because you are paying for the depreciation. Think about it you want to keep driving a new car, someone has to pay to be first to drive it. Still interested in 1 year or 3 or 4? maybe 2 years but that too will cost far more.

QuestionIn that case, I'll prob go for 4 years, how long would it take me to get a car?

AnswerJust to let you know if you lease a car for 4 years, you can swap it mid way and negotiate to get another car. You need to speak to an advisor and get approved first. Once approved most of the cars we have on offer are available, it is just the time it takes for the paper work. Maybe all together 1 to 2 weeks. Time4Leasing Look out for a confirmation email did you received it?

QuestionYes just received it thanks. and by the way what does Guide price and personal price mean?

AnswerThe red price is for business users but they still have to pay the 20% vat on top which makes the price the same as the personal price. You will be paying the personal price.

QuestionHi, we are a new business, can we get a car from you on a business lease?

AnswerAny business can apply for a business contract hire.

QuestionIs there a minimum time that our company must be in business?

AnswerMost companies donít stipulate the amount of time trading, but it might have some financial information at companies house if an LTD company, so at least 12 month trading in Ltd.

QuestionHi, I've just started running a new business, but have been in business for many years, can I lease one of your brand new cars?

AnswerSole trader or partnership, there is no minimum, but partners and business owners must have a good credit rating, regardless of the trading style to be able to lease a brand new car. Otherwise you have more chances of leasing a car if you apply for one of our used or nearly news car deals.

QuestionHi, I've running a company for a while now, can I lease a brand new car on a business contract hire agreement?

AnswerIf a Ltd company has a low or negative net worth, or short time trading, they may well ask for a personal guarantee from one of the directors and it will only accept it if they have a good credit score.

QuestionWhat if the company was a big company?

AnswerObviously, the larger the company, longer the trading period and the bigger the net worth and better the accounts look, the more chance there is of getting it on. But is crucial the business owners have a good credit score unless a Ltd company that has strong accounts.

QuestionCan you provide some info for those who are a business and thinking of leasing a car on a business contract hire agreement?

AnswerIn short, Limited companies, the minimum requirement is 1 year trading with accounts published at companies house. Sole Trader and Partnership, there is no minimum. All trading styles of companies (Ltd, Sole Trader, Partnership, Charity etc) must have the business owner, at least 1 partner or 1 directors to have a good credit score should a personal guaranteed be required, regardless of the size, time trading or value of the company.


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