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Peugeot Car Leasing

We offer exclusive Peugeot Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

Peugeot 108
Brand New & Approved Used

from £82.67 per month

Lease Info

Peugeot 208
Brand New & Approved Used

£105.97 per month

Lease Info

Peugeot 308
Brand New & Approved Used

£109.57 per month

Lease Info

PEUGEOT 3008 Estate
Peugeot 3008
Brand New & Approved Used

£119.78 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing

Peugeot RCZ
Brand New & Approved Used

£175.65 per month

Lease Info

Peugeot 508
Brand New & Approved Used

£192.56 per month

Lease Info

Best Peugeot Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Peugeot 107 Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 is a smart, solid city runabout that is most at home in town and pretty good performance elsewhere. Peugeot's 107 has cheeky looks and a great e...


Lease Info

Peugeot 207 Peugeot 207

A very desirable and stylish super mini city car, the Peugeot 207 drives well and is still very popular. Only beaten by Vauxhall's Corsa the 207 is refined and ...


Lease Info

Peugeot 108 Peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 is pretty cheap to run and the light steering and compact dimensions make it easy to drive specially in town. Most versions of this model come w...


Lease Info

Peugeot 107 (Ex Demo) Peugeot 107 (Ex Demo)

This Peugeot 107 used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Peugeot 107 are some of the most competitive for used cars currently availab...


Lease Info

Peugeot 208 Peugeot 208

Peugeot's 208 supermini is refined, safe and stylish. The 208 is a brilliant car with a desirable image, high-quality cabin and smooth drive. It's pretty quiet,...


Lease Info

Peugeot 308 Peugeot 308

The Peugeot 308 with 8 engines to choose from - it's the tallest family hatch of all and makes a fantastic family hatch back with great specifications and stunn...


Lease Info

Peugeot 2008 Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 has all the strengths of the supermini 208, is classy and has a very practical interior, plus running costs are very competitive.



Lease Info

Peugeot Traveller Peugeot Traveller

Peugeotís Traveller is a pushed upmarket vehicle and it shows. Comfortable interior packed with lots of equipment. Itís spacious, too, and as a high-end executi...


Lease Info

Peugeot 3008 Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 has a great blend of comfort, quality and spacious family car practicality. Includes Alloy Wheels, Air Conditioning, CD and so much more. The P...


Lease Info

Peugeot 207 Coupe Cabriolet Peugeot 207 Coupe Cabriolet

The Peugeot 207 Coupe Cabriolet is affordable and appealing for the money you pay. The Peugeot 207 CC is a low cost drop-top, which means it will always be a po...


Lease Info

Peugeot RCZ Peugeot RCZ

The Peugeot RCZ is powered by high-performance versions of the existing 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and 2.0-litre diesel, with six-speed auto and manua...


Lease Info

Peugeot Partner Combi Van Peugeot Partner Combi Van

The Partner Combi not like the Berlingo, Kangoo and Doblo, the Partner Combi makes a good alternative to the MPV, at a low price and frugal running costs, an ex...


Lease Info

Peugeot 5008 Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 is a super family car with 7 seats and with pretty much all the practicality and refinement you could wish for in a MPV. It's stylish and good ...


Lease Info

Peugeot 508 Peugeot 508

The 508 a range consisting of petrol and diesel models - probably the most appealing model in the range - now comes with a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard. O...


Lease Info

Peugeot 407 Peugeot 407

The Peugeot 407 saloon which is breath taking is bold and its confident design has created a flowing and dynamic profile that is as areodynamically efficient as...


Lease Info

Peugeot 308 Cabriolet Peugeot 308 Cabriolet

The Peugeot Coupe an elegant convertible and sports car for much of its history, it's a good-looking car not compromised by its relationship to the rather lump...


Lease Info

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Peugeot Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car HireQuestionI would like to have a no deposit lease on the Peugeot 208 car the 3 door, or the 207. My budget is no more than £200 per month. Mileage approx 10,000 p/a. Lease for 3 or 4 years - whichever is cheapest.

AnswerI'm afraid the Peugeot are not no deposit deals except the 107. Is this your only car make you like or would you consider other similar vehicles? Maybe something from the ex demo range where the prices are far cheaper?

QuestionGood Afternoon, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. This was my first choice, but I would consider different vehicles. Thing is I don't want a particularly small car, the 208 or Citroen c3 are the kind of size I am after. Something cheap on fuel, road tax and monthly payments with little or no deposit would be perfect.

AnswerHow about the Astra, the Corsa or the Fiesta? Plenty more choice and all good on fuel economy and low on tax and servicing.


QuestionI am interested in the Peugeot 107 Hatchback 1.0 3dr or 5dr and not worried if it is Access, Allure or other. I would like the 2 or 3 year option and will have £350 deposit, I need the car ASAP so preferably want somewhere close to RG4 to possible pick car up tomorrow.

AnswerHave you leased a car before? Pick up tomorrow? Tomorrow is Sunday and offices are closed. Also we need approval from the funder first. That would be either Monday or Tuesday. So with a push you could have the car by mid week.

QuestionI haven't leased a car before but figured it was like getting car finance which I have before. I thought it was a case of turn up, be credit checked sign contacts and away you go. I also didn't realise everything closed at weekends. If you could let me know the next steps. Monday I will get in touch then. Thank you.

AnswerSure thing. I will email the details.


QuestionWould you be able to provide a few quotes for a white 208 or a Seat Ibiza please. 1. 15,000 Miles, 24 Months, £300 Deposit Personal Lease 2. 15,000 Miles, 36 Months, £300 Deposit Personal Lease 3. 15,000 Miles, 48 Months, £300 Deposit Personal Lease 4. 15,000 Miles, 60 Months, £300 Deposit Personal Lease If the car is not brand new would you be able to give me an indication to it's age, mileage and service history please. Thank you.

AnswerSorry but The Ibiza and the 208 are not available. Yes they are listed but not in stock. The Seat that are available and as ex demo which works out cheaper are the Leon and Exeo. Would you like to see one of these?

QuestionThanks for the quick reply, would I be able to get the same quotes but with a 1.4TSI Seat Leon Sport 5dr and also if it isn't a new car would you be able to tell me the MOT/Tax Remaining, Mileage, Year.

AnswerThe Seat Leon is in stock at the moment and if I resubmit your request it will go to the Seat department where they might be able to cater your needs. They will also give you full car specs, registration number, miles it has down and how much tax is left. It won't need an MOT as the ex demo cars we offer are fairly new. Would you like me to resubmit your quote request?

QuestionSounds great, yes please.


QuestionHi, I'm a project direct and I am looking for a car for my wife, maybe a peugeot 208 or a Juke?

AnswerI'm very sorry but the Juke or the 208 are not available. Is this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right? maybe something from the ex demo range where the prices work out far cheaper?

QuestionThanks for letting me know. The car is mainly for my wife, and she does like the Juke, however we would be interested in any small 5 door car. Ideally petrol as all her driving is around town.

AnswerThe Juke does look different, however it does not hold its value and it will cost you in the long run because of that. It the car is for your wife, what else has she mentioned to you that she likes? I guess you have a budget to stick to? I will mention some good cars and deals, Focus, Astra, Insignia, Golf, Meriva and Zafira - all within your budget.


QuestionI would like to know if my partner can get the car in his name even though he has no licence. The car is for me and I have a provisional licence. He will be putting it in his name as he works and I do not.

AnswerYes your partner can lease a car even if they do not have a driving licence, however they must have excellent credit history. Otherwise that is not possible because if the car lease is in your partners name, it has to be insured in his name and the insurance would want to see his driving license. Why not lease it in your name? Do you work? If you don't but live with your partner you can lease it as a housewife or partner. Also why did you state bad credit? Who has it and can you email roughly the history please?


QuestionI am looking for a small city car to lease, maybe an ex demo newish Peugeot 107, would prefer 5 doors for roughly no more than £140 per month. I have a 107 year 2006, can I trade it in and use it as a deposit?

AnswerAs long as you lease an ex demo car from us, yes you can trade in your old car, specially if there is no outstanding finance on it. We will send you an appraisal form to fill in about your car so we get an idea how much it is worth.


QuestionHi i am looking at leasing a car. I am wondering do you have deals with insurance included ? Thanks

AnswerWhy do you want to lease a car with insurance included? Are you a brand new driver? Even if you are, we do have some cars that are very low cost for insurance which you can get from a insurance comparison website, once we give you a provisional registration number so you can see how much it would work out.

QuestionI have had my licence for 3 years but only ever been a named driver with temporary insurance so my insurance is around £1350-£1400 PA for a corsa, 107, fiesta etc so each month works out around £120 Then for a personal lease I am looking around £125-£150 per month so I am looking around £250 a month. Then I have my petrol and I am currently only looking as I will be doing a PGCE so being a student I want the cheapest route possible so a lease car with insurance included is proving cheaper for the time being. Also i need a car around the size of a corsa as when we tried the 107 my 6ft 6 boyfriend was uncomfortable.

AnswerThe cheapest way to go about it is to lease a car with a 1.2 engine and that is good on fuel economy and low insurance like the Fiesta. Then you should find your own insurance via a comparison website. This way you will get the best deal. I will send you a quote for the Fiesta.

QuestionThe fiesta is costing me around £1500 to insure the new model for just one year. Plus then i would have a rental fee of around £150 per month which works out around £275. I have found All inclusive leases and insurance included for £200.

AnswerSounds too good to be true for just £200 a month all inclusive for a Fiesta, are you sure? Make sure you read the fine print, like having to pay other extras not mentioned, penalties or having to pay more the second year and so on. One company we partner charges all inclusive approx. £380 a month. So how does this company you found do it for just £200? Can you email me their website so I too can check out that this is for real?

QuestionDirect from the Peugeot dealership website. It says, just add fuel by Peugeot for the 107

AnswerThanks for the info. Comparing a Peugeot 107 with the Fiesta which we offered you is like day and night when it comes to safety, performance and room in the car. Have you also read the fine writing in the terms and conditions, etc? I know someone that went to lease a Peugeot 208 (which is similar to the Fiesta) and the dealer kept adding this and that and at the end from £150 a month it worked out £250 a month and that was without the insurance. It is really up to you what you want to do. If you want to lease a decent sized car and pay the insurance separately then do email me and let me know. Even if you leased the Peugeot 107 from us and found your own insurance, it still works out cheaper via time4leasing. I promise you.


QuestionI'm looking to lease a car for 36 months 10k mileage per year is more than enough (what happens if I get a deal for 5k miles, and need more miles?) Interested in the Peugeot or the Qashqai plus 2, or anything of a similar size / bootspace.

AnswerYou can lease the car for 10,000 miles a year and if you don't use them, at the end of the lease your car will be worth more and have equity in it. Then you had it back to us and you will get a nice bonus given to you or use the money as a deposit for your next car.


QuestionHi, I'm a sales advisor and looking for a cabriolet type car, my miles per year would probably be 10k - I have a 2008 corsa with 34k miles on that I would need to sell also. If you part exchange my car can you pay deposit and clear the small amount on other car? Thank you for help, kindest regards

AnswerYes you can part exchange your car with us and you can use your car as a deposit or just keep the money or use part of it as a deposit for your next car. The problem is the Golf cabrio although listed it is not available at the moment. Is this your only choice or would you consider something similar? If cabrio there is a really good offer for the Peugeot 207 Coupe (hard top cabrio) and the Mini One Convertible. Any of these of interest or would you prefer something else?

QuestionThank you for your email. That is brilliant , thank you. I have a small amount outstanding that I'd like to clear on the car . Ill have another look, I previously had a Mini Cooper and absolutely loved it - however I'm a single mother of three teenagers and I think their legs have grown a little since haha . I will check out your website and get back to you if that is okay ?

AnswerIf you have teenagers you will have to compromise with what you really want and what is really suitable for all. Please look at the ex demo range and pick something that is in stock.

QuestionYes you are right , thank you I will


QuestionHi, I'm a paramedic for the Yorkshire ambulance Service NHS Trust. The car I like is the Peugeot 308, miles per year 12500, lease for 36 months; car needs: to be diesel with cruise control, air cond + driver arm rest

AnswerDoes it have to be a Peugeot? are there any other vehicles of interest if they have cruise control, diesel, etc?

QuestionI would be interested in cars up to £270 (including VAT). In meat time can you give me some more info: 1. I do understand that I am entitle to use NHS salary sacrifice scheme as long as I work for the NHS - it doesn't have to be a certain Trust and I won't loose a car in case of changing job (still within NHS)... 2. can you please provide me with info what is included in that price - insurance? road tax? service? tyres?

AnswerAt time4leasing we work differently from other NHS trust car leasing companies. Firstly you don't have to be working for the NHS. So if you changed jobs you are not penalised. Most NHS staff have found that it is cheaper to lease privately rather than take a salary sacrifice. Most NHS staff are coming out of the sacrifice as they get taxed more. At these low prices, no we do not offer insurance other than gap insurance. You still need to find your own which will work out cheaper anyway. Road tax is paid for the first year, there after you have to pay for it. Service (filters and oil) which is what the car would need once a year is your responsibility and it is far cheaper to go to your local garage than paying a leasing company to do it for you. Tyres are cheaper if you source them. Again far cheaper than from a leasing company as you have choice. Plenty of offers online. Now for the car. If you want something decent that is economic and comfortable to drive and within your budget, I recommend the Astra or the Insignia. Both under £200 a month.


QuestionHi, I read on your website that you do accommodation car leasing, I'm needing a Peugeot 107 in purple for my daughter at lowest price possible to lease with no deposit. She is a Marketing Executive in Leeds and will do less than 6000 miles per year. QUOTE PLEASE as soon as possible. We could arrange to view in Headingley if possible please by arrangement. Would be a Saturday as only time available, thanks.

AnswerYes we do offer accommodation car leasing where you lease the car in your name and then allow your daughter to drive it. If she pays an astronomical amount for insurance maybe it would be better you insured the car and then made your daughter a named driver. By putting her on your insurance policy you will save a fortune.

QuestionHi, my recent request for info regarding Peugeot 107 is now for a Citroen C1, my daughter has had a rethink. I think it would be best to call in at your Headingley showroom and have a face to face quote as this seems the best way forward for her. I have had a word with her and told her this and we plan to go there on Sunday 3rd NOVEMBER. Many thanks for your help.

AnswerNot sure why you think we have a showroom in Headlingley. The nearest showroom to you is Burnley and then again it would be wise to make an appointment before you travel there. The C1 is not an option as there are no good offers at the moment. Also as an alternative to the 107 there is the Toyota Aygo which was voted best city car by the Sunday Times Motor Magazine.

QuestionOh, I see that is even better. thank you for the advice.


QuestionHi, Although I am full time employed I have a poor credit history from being a student and have been unable to secure a lease from any one when a credit check is required. I would be able to provide deposit and proof of my income. I have been in employment with the same employer for nearly four years and earn £18,000 each year. Ideally i'd like to lease a small car like a Peugeot 208 or similar.

AnswerNot like other mainsteam funders, we also work closely with subprime funders who are more flexible. I will send you a quote so you can weigh your options.


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