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Mazda Car Leasing

We offer exclusive Mazda Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

Mazda 2
Brand New & Approved Used

104.23 per month

Lease Info

Mazda 3
Brand New & Approved Used

133.55 per month

Lease Info

No Deposit Car Leasing - Exclusive Deals
Mazda MX5
Brand New & Approved Used

134.45 per month

Lease Info

Mazda 6
Brand New & Approved Used

from 175.78 per month

Lease Info

Best Mazda Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Mazda 2 Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 S is the base model, available with the 1.3 litre petrol and 1.5 diesel engines; the TS comes with 1.4 petrol and diesel engines, as does the TS2. T...


Lease Info

Mazda 3 Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 power comes from Mazda's 1.6 and 2.0-litre, 16-valve engines delivering 105 and 150bhp respectively,and the new 1.4-litre petrol engine, and two 1.6...


Lease Info

Mazda MX-5 Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 Convertible, the world's best-selling lightweight open two-seater sports car. Mazda's unique sports car heritage and attitude towards car design ...


Lease Info

Mazda 6 Mazda 6

A well-rounded and hugely appealing family car that's practical, easy on the pocket and great to drive. The Mazda 6 is not just great to drive it has very low ...


Lease Info

Mazda RX8 Mazda RX8

The Mazda RX-8 that sets new standards in the sports car market for handling, performance and comfort. The specially developed RENESIS rotary engine, its abilit...


Lease Info

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Mazda Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car Hire Question: Have you got any good deals on any convertibles?

Answer: There is one really good deal on a Mini One Convertible. Just follow the link to the Mini cars section.

Question: I was wondering if it is cheaper to go for a short lease or a long lease, with or without maintenance, my annual miles are 10,000, quote me on this model - Mazda MX5, my second choice car is Mini convertible, 3 months, 4 years, my budget is 200-250/month

Answer: Hiring a car for 3 months is a very expensive thing to do. It is far cheaper to lease a car for 4 years and arrange your own maintenance than accepting a car leasing deal with maintenance.

Hiring a car for 3 months verses 4 years will save you at least 5,000 or more over the 4 year lease period. Also there is a deal on a Mini Convertible for 158.98 plus vat per month. That is another 1,000 saving over the 4 year lease period. That makes is a total of 6,000 saving !!


Question: I am looking to sell my present car to give me the payments towards leasing a car, I am currently in a trust deed and am half way through, I was hoping to lease a car for around 200pm as this would give me sufficient to pay the lease for 20 months by which time my trust deed would be finished freeing up funds to pay the continued lease. I am looking for a 3 year lease. Can you assist ?

Answer: Looking at your circumstances I believe the only type of lease available would be a HP, which means Hire Purchase. This type of lease you have to give a deposit, the interest rate is fixed and you get to keep the car at the end of the lease. The minimum lease period is 4 years. Your 200 budget I don't think will be enough to cover a car lease. Probably 250 would be required so to get a decent car to drive.

Question: Thank you for getting back to me, could you give any indication of how large a deposit I would need as I am intending selling my car which will give me approx 4000 to fund my payments until my trust deed finishes in July 2014. I am also curious as to what value / kind of vehicle I would end up with. thanks again for your assistance.

Answer: I cannot promise you anything as it will be up to the finance department who have the final say. Which car would you like out of these? There is the Fiesta, Focus, Astra, Insignia, Mini First, Golf, Clio, Corsa, Polo, Exeo, Leon, Meriva, Zafira, Suzuki Vitara 4x4. Can you pick one and let me know and I will resubmit your quote request so to get the ball rolling.


Question: Hi, I'm interested in hiring a car on a monthly basis due to bad credit in the past I'm being declined for car finance anywhere I go to, any help would be greatly appreciated?

Answer: Can you tell me what your bad credit history was about and how are you doing today? Do you work? on top of things, etc? Have you a deposit to put down and how much? What would you like to spend per month on a car ? What cars do you like? Once you email me I will see what route we can take and is best for you.

Question: Hi last year was quite hard for my family we missed on and off a few mortgage payments but all arrears have been clear from before June this year. I've never been out off work and currently work offshore. I've found it hard too find a car due to last year so with out getting my hopes up I've not really looked at car or deposit was waiting to see the out come and cars available? Maximum I'd spend pending on deals ect would be 300 but as I really only use the car 6 months out of a year it would depend on car availability thanks, sent by my iPhone.

Answer: I'm sorry to hear that. The thing is if you lease a car from us, you will have to commit to a contract of 2 to 5 years and pay the monthly payment regardless if you use the car for 6 months out of 12 in a year. Your 300 a month will more than get you an ex demo or slightly used car from the fleet. Probably something like an Astra, Insignia, fiesta, focus, BMW 1, Mondeo and several more. Let me know if you can commit to 2 to 5 years and I will send you more info.

Question: Oh, I didn't know I can lease for that long if I had bad credit history. Yes please send me a quote.

Answer: As the funders will only allow funding for a used car, I will send you a quote on one. The car would probably be 1 to 3 years old and still in perfect condition.


Question: Hi I'm a Business Improvement Consultant and lookig to lease a used Mazda 6, Astra, Passat or Insignia type car from you, can you help?

Answer: Sure you can but if you want a really good offer then it would probably be a Vauxhall as we have some really good offers on at the moment. I will get the guys to conatct you.

Question: I have just been called by another company from your Motor Group who informed me they were calling regarding the enquiry on your site. I gave him my details to be told that they didn't have info on my enquiry, that bad credit has to be done as hire purchase not lease and that the car was an 08 model... Which certainly cannot be described as an ex-demo as your site lists the bad credit Astra to be.

Answer: Yes that is correct, we work closely with dozens of car dealers from around the country and 60 diffent funders if it means getting the best car on the right lease package to save you money. This is why we are hear for.

Question: Was this call the call I am waiting on or will someone contact me to discuss the enquiry that is listed on your website, because I do not want to buy a vehicle, but merely to lease it for 3 years... As your site suggests I can??

Answer: You don't have to buy it, hire purchase means you hire it and then at the end of the lease you get to keep the vehicle.

Question: Yes but he suggested that despite a very specific enquiry on a vehicle on the 'bad credit list' after ur email informed me that it had to be one of these vehicles, that he had to get funding approved and then we can look at any vehicle after that rather than providing me with a quote before we decided to proceed?? Please can u clrify the above points as at the moment I am rather worried and also unhappy.

Answer: Sorry to hear this, but when it comes to bad credit leasing, you have to be flexible as we and our partners are so we are all happy.

Question: But why did they offer me this used car?

Answer: Based on your circumstances you were supposed to be called by one of our partners from the Motor Group, as pointed out in a previous email that would be from the subprime funders which was the best choice.

Question: I thought I could have a brand new car from you on bad credit?.

Answer: You cannot have any vehicle you want and for bad credit leasing or HP Hire Purchase (you get to keep the car) Cannot see the problem here as you will have a car at the end of the lease which you can sell or use as a deposit. Also there is no balloon payment either, just the monthly payments.

Question: How did you know I had bad credit history?

Answer: We do not credit check our customers and if they have bad credit we then rely on our partners who deal with the subprime market funding. If you do not want a 08 plate Astra and want to get something else or newer, then it will be down to what the funder approves. If they approve you for something newer then that is great as long as the price is right too.

Question: Sorry I shouldn't have hide the fact I had bad credit. Sorry.

Answer: Not sure why you did not take up the offer from our partners, sounds good to me.

Question: Can you ask Mark to contact me then?

Answer: You keep asking me that you want Mark to contact you. Why don't you contact him direct? Don't you have his telephone and or email address?

Question: I have spoken with Mark again and having spoken further I understand where my mis-understanding came from. Really sorry I was a bit or an arse. Thanks for coming back to me though.

Answer: No worries, I'm glad you now can get a decent car even if you have bad credit.

Question: My budget is less than 200 a month if possible petrol and a manual miles a year less than 5000 I have no points on my license. Why did I receive a text saying I was not successful this time round and should wait and apply in 3 months time? you sent me text saying you can't help first off all this is not a professional way to here that news second so your web site is not accurate as you say you help people with poor credit I could go on but I won't and finale your be glad to here I won't try again in 3 months as nothing will change in my life in 3 months oh 1 more thing try to answer your phones as this is called custom service?

Answer: I assume you never received our original email because either AOL placed it into your spam folder or the automated email got rejected? Anyway, I thought to email you personally, as you sent another email complaining rightfully, when you first received the negative text.

Question: No I never received an email, this might explain why I'm a bit confused but why was I not successful?

Answer: I'm afraid there is an issue in your credit history file that is preventing you from leasing a car. And if our partners couldn't help you (who help people with bad credit history) then I guess no one will be able to. Do you know what is the matter with your credit history file? Have you seen it lately? What is your past credit history like and what could have caused this?

Question: No I haven't seen it, but I will now and try and fix it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. And by the way Steve thanks for taking the time to reply you cheered me up thanks best wishes


Question: This is my first enquiry with your company and I am not very happy with the lack of reply and slow response. You are advertising cars for lease at costs but seem reluctant to fulfil or reply to enquiries sent to you. Could someone from your organisation please reply so I can place an order with you or go somewhere else Please show the courtesy in at least letting your potential customers know your costs and quotation details. It is also very unusual there is no contact telephone number Perhaps you could let me have this

Answer: Records show that you have already applied 3 times, in May, July and yesterday. In all cases you were informed that our affiliate partners were to contact you and assist you with your car lease request. Can you let me know what happened with before I call them?

Question: I may have been contacted your affiliate company? But would not have made any connection between the two companies What is this affiliate company doing for you? All I need is your cost for a 3 + 35 on 10000 miles on the Mazda 6  you are advertising at a competitive cost. I have been financing motor vehicles similar to this in value for ten years without any problems and normally it works like this 1. I look up on the internet best costs for the vehicle i am looking for. 2. I call the agent and ask him to let me know what he has available in colours etc 3. We agree costs 4. The paperwork is sent to me to sign 5. All the checks are carried out and the car is then delivered

Answer: It seems you didn't read our emails carefully and missed reading from all 3 emails that one of our affiliates partners will contact you. In turn they would send you a text, email and or call you. To clarify, the prices advertised are based on a customer profile having excellent credit history. If that is not the case with you then the prices quoted by our partners would have been higher?

Question: Why are they contacting me and not you?

Answer: To make it more clearer, time4leasing is a car leasing comparison website, similar to Confused.com is for car insurance. Quotes are generated by one of our selected affiliates, the cars come from one of the dealers and the finance side of the lease comes from one of the lenders. That is basically how we get the prices down, as we have no loyalty to any specific car dealer and aim to put good offers together to achieve the best discounts.

Question: Why can I not phone you and I have to phone them?

Answer: The telephone numbers are not displayed on the web pages because if you did call us all we are going to tell you is to contact the appointed affiliate that we informed you via our emails. Also, when you reach the stage of needing to discuss the finance side of the lease, this can only be arranged via an appointed underwriter, which in your case it was one of our partners that was recommended. Do you want me to ask your account manager to try and contact you again with some good offers, based on your requirements?

Question: Yes please if they could call me on my mobile or works number we will see if we can do a deal.


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