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Time4leasing Vans Forum

Long Term Car HireI'm looking to lease a van on a long term basis. I noticed you have some vans that require no deposit and you get to own the van at the end of the lease for just £1? Is this true?

This is an UNLIMITED Mileage Van contract hire with £0 Deposit and you own the van at the end of the term for just £1. With this there is no need to worry about mileage or issues with the vans condition at the end of the term as you own it! However, excellent credit history is required. Other terms available please contact us for a quote.

Looking to go into courier work as own driver. I would like to lease over 60 months with no deposit. I do have poor credit as I went bankrupt on my last business due to the recession. I will be discharged from that in approx 1 to 2 months time. I know this is a tall order, & at the moment I am trying to get the best reasonable quote I can & work out all the costs of setting up for courier work.

If it is for a business lease your business should already be setup. Have you got a company registration number? If you have then you will be required to put down a deposit or £500 to £1,000. No proof of turnover would be needed. However, if this is a personal lease then you will have to prove current earnings or put down a much bigger deposit if you are to have any success with the lease been approved. Another option is to use a guarantor which will make things easier. Is this an option?

Thanks for the information as regards the different type of leasing, as I will be a sole trader or self employed, it would be a personal lease type as I will actually be getting work from a courier hub & paid by them direct for work done. Once again thanks for your advise & help.


I'm looking for a fiat doblo diesel van. I'm not vat registered. Went bankrupt feb 2012 due to a motorbike accident in 2010, where I broke my neck and had 4 strokes. By the time I had recovered I lost my job and my income and had to go bankrupt. I was discharged feb 2013 I do about 20,000 miles a year, looking for a 3 year deal, either lease or hire?

I'm afraid your credit rating is not strong enough for a lease or even for a hire purchase finance.

So much for dealing with people who have bad credit! The lenders just said because I'm a discharged bankrupt they can't help me. Yet your website says you can! Double standards I think

Sorry to here that. I think it has to do with the fact that with vans the lenders need good or even excellent credit history to be able to lease a van. Ex bankrupt isn't really ideal either. Also certain professions require the business to have certain assets and guarantees. Couriers and deliver services are not favoured.

However, if you were a builder or an electrician you would have more success. Did you try to self access your credit history score? Try it and let know how you got on? https://www.time4leasing.co.uk/free-credit-check.asp

So basically you advertise to say you can deal with bad credit on a van hire purchase but you can't ! If my credit was good I'd get a deal from the manufacturer on their van!

To put it simply, at time4leasing we offer cars and vans. Cars on good or bad credit history and vans on good credit history. Is this now understood? Unless you can put a decent size deposit which you said you didn't have.

I understand Perhaps you should make that perfectly clear on your website as it's not clear like that at the moment, it implies you can finance vans for people with bad credit, even mentions in one Q and A section on vans.

Yes it does, but we have no idea what the outcome would be, not unless you apply and give it a try. I can reassure you we lease many vans but it is a bit more tricky than leasing cars.


Hello, I've got bad credit history and do not have a deposit, ideally I do not want to pay anything up front, can you help me?

I'm afraid the lenders require good or excellent credit history to be able to contract hire a van and normally they want 20% deposit or pay the vat up front. However, we do work closely with partners that can help you raise the money so you can finance a van.

Can you please give me some more information about how this works?

Once your application has been approved, you can use the loan to buy your van or a car from any reputable dealership within the UK. This lets you take your finance to the dealer forecourt, and work to the maximum budget available upfront. You'll be allocated your own Personal Advisor from one of our selected partners who will support you throughout the process and look after all of the paperwork. This lets you concentrate on the fun part - choosing your new van!


Hi, I'd like to lease a van, do I have to pay a deposit?

If you got good credit history, no you do not have to pay a deposit. We have ex demo vans available on no deposit offers. However, if you do have poor credit history then a small deposit will be asked.


I've just started up own courier delivery service. Don't have good credit history can I still lease a van from you?

Typically were ever you go to lease a van you need to have good or excellent credit history and or your business to have being running for at least 3 years. However, we do have a partner who will look at your application and even if you are a new start up and even if you do have bad credit history will look into financing the van.

What does finance the van mean?

Basically we get you approved for van finance for the amount you need to buy out right a van of your choice. You go and find the van you want from a reputable dealership. The van can be new or used and while you are at the dealer and haggling to get the price down, you ring us from the dealership give the phone to the dealer, we speak to them and transfer the agreed sum of money into their account and then you sign the paper work and they give you the keys and that is it.

So who do I pay?

You pay nothing to the dealer. We take care of that, you just pay your pre agreed monthly payments to the funder that we are going to introduce you to.

Is this better than leasing a van?

As leasing is not an option then this is the first positive alternative to leasing. Then by financing the van, the van is yours. you can do unlimited miles, paint the van, put your logos on it, do what ever you like. Where with leasing you will be charged if you damage or do any alterations to the van.

Typically were ever you go to lease a van you need to have good or excellent credit history or your business to have being running for at least 3 years. However, we do have a partner who will look at your application and even if you are a new start up and even if you do have bad credit history will look into financing he van.

Do I have to pay a balloon payment at the end to keep the van?

No you do not have to pay any balloon payment. As I said the van is yours, you do what ever you like with it. At the end of the agreement, you can keep the van for free, pay no more payments or use the van as a deposit for a newer van or sell the van and keep the money.


Hi, I'm self employed do not have a deposit and my credit history is bad. Can I still apply for a van?

We could give it a go but from what I know you must have good credit history to lease a van or be employed by another company and prove monthly income via pay slips.

Your credit department said no for a van but yes for a car. It's ridiculous. You must have somebody who can lease a van for me?

I'm afraid it is the same where ever anyone tries. The funders have a dilemma with poor credit history customers that are self employed because they are a higher risk. In the unlikely even a customer cannot pay back and the funder (typically a bank or a subprime lender) takes back the van, the van normally is in no good state and has lost significant value. Where with a car it can be touched up and leased again to someone else very quickly with minimum lose. If you had good credit history it would be a different story.


I am an electrician and will look at any kombi from other makes and models as well as VW I do about 15-20k per year looking for prices under £350 pcm.

I'm afraid bad credit and VW don't mix. They require squeaky clean credit history. You might be accepted for an ex demo van lease. I will resubmit your request so you get contacted by my colleague that specialises in this and you can discuss other models, options and prices.

hi i am also looking at the Renault Kangoo Maxi Crew Van to see if any deals can be done on this?

Yes that is fine, you can discuss with my colleague which vans are available and at a good price.


Hi, I'm looking for a van on a long lease or a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a tow bar to pull 2.5 ton food trailer my annual mileage will be around 11,000 miles open to options just need a reliable vehicle.

Hi, there are several brand new and ex demo van deals that don't require a deposit and you get to keep the van for just £1 at the end of the lease. You can do unlimited miles, so 11,000 miles a year is nothing really. Hope you use it as much as you like and make as much business as possible.

How about a 4x4 vehicle what is available?

There are a few good deals but not many as 4x4's loose their value very quickly the monthly lease payment is very high. There is a Suzuki Vitara 4x4 with diesel engine, but you may want to lease one with a bigger engine so you can pull the 2.5 ton food trailer.


I am a self employed mobile car valeter and I am moving to Redditch within the next few months and need 3 vans.

If you don't mind me asking you, why 3 vans?

I am planning to start a franchise of the company I currently work for, Max Wax, the most successful and number one mobile valeting company covering most of the south of England and my plan is to start with 3 vans on long term no deposit leasing if possible.

Which vans did you have in mind?

I would like berlingos and need to know what options I have, thanks

Yes the Berlingo are spacious and very practical for every day work, makes a good choice and the diesel is super powerful. These vans are NO DEPOSIT DEALS, unlimited miles and you own the van at the end for ONLY £1!, These Vans are in Stock Now.


I'm a self employed hgv driver looking to lease a small van for travel to work and also to do parcel deliveries at evenings and weekends. I earn upwards of 280 a week and have a low rent of 275 pcm. I am able to make payments regular but because I haven't borrowed much in my life I have a low credit score. I would be grateful if you could contact me and offer me a solution to leasing a vehicle. Id be looking to spend under £150 a month and preferably over 24 months.

Hi, yes we can help you. You will be contact by the vans department and they will make you some pretty good offers. We have found since the Post Office increased their parcel delivery prices, more and more people are using private companies for their deliveries. Specially people that sell and buy on auction websites like E-bay. Good luck with you new courier business.


Hi, I would like to lease a van but I've only being in business for a short while and my credit score seems to be showing up as bad. Can I still lease a van from you although I have bad credit?

It depends how bad your history is. If it was ages ago, then no it does not matter as such. It won't hurt to test the water and see if we get approval. You might be asked to give a small deposit up front and that will cover you. Anyway the deals we have on offer for vans are pretty cheap and flexible too.


Hi I'm wanting to enquire about leasing a van but your site enquiry form is down

Tested the form and it works fine. Maybe you wrote too much text in the comment box? that would create an error. If not let me know what you were looking for and I can help you if you like?

I don't know what's going on but so far I've found your service to be quite poor. I want the Peugeot Partner van the 0% deposit unlimited mileage deal. I want this in blue. I've filled in 2 enquiry forms for this van but only had one response from Matt who got the van wrong I wanted the partner not bipper. Once I told him this he then ignored my msgs? I'm wanting this can ASAP so cnt understand the problems.

For the past two days the email server went down and the emails were bouncing all other the place. Matt probably didn't get your emails. This is very rare, first time I've ever seen it. Probably as we are getting thousands of requests per day this could be the cause, but the tech guys have said they have fixed this and upgraded our systems to cater the work load. There is a partner van on 0% but not sure if you can have it in blue. The colours are pot luck I'm afraid. I will resubmit your request so you get a quote for the partner van. Did this help you and change your mind about the service been poor?

Once I receive the forms for the van can I then change my mind? and by the way the van is fine in white. Your service has been great, sorry about that. thanks

You can change your mind at any given time. If you pay a deposit which will secure the van for you and then change your mind, you will loose the deposit as you can imagine the time and effort we all put in and the costs.

Didn't quite get the meaning of that MSG I thought the van was 0% deposit? Do I just hang on now and wait for the form, or will you be sending through facebook?

You will probably be asked for a holding deposit to secure the van. When the paper work is signed you will be given the deposit back. Cannot use facebook for payments and sending forms.

By the way, my colleague spoke to you several times yesterday and also left a message on your mobile phone this morning, you have the quote on the partner and was supposed to be faxing back to us the forms last night to place the order, but nothing came through, yet. So it really is up to you to speed things up. We have a re-call scheduled for 2.00pm today if you havenít returned our call.

Sorry to bother you again but I've just spoke to Matt and he says the partner van is £170 ex vat when on your site it's down at £129?

Not sure how you can compare oranges with apples. One van requires 3 months up front payments and you can only do 10k miles a year and you have to return the van at the end of the lease or pay the difference which is approximately £4,000.

The other van we are offering you is better, no up front payments, you can do unlimited miles and you keep the van at the end of the lease for just £1 only. We have to charge you the one pound as we cannot process the ownership of the can if it was for free. Does that make sense?


If I lease the a van from your company what will the saving be?

If you were to lease the Partner van, there is a similar deal on contract hire and leasing website for a Peugeot Partner Van, this company is asking for a £1,835 deposit - we are asking you NO deposit. This company is charging £185 + vat per month - we are asking for £179.98 + vat. That is a total of £2,135 + vat saving if you lease with time4leasing.


I am paying £350 per month on my van at the moment. I'm looking to make a smaller repayment. My credit history is not good. Maybe a hire or purchase would suit me. I earn about £700 to £1000 per week.

Hi, there are some really good deals for vans on our website, including no deposit van deals. It doesn't matter if your credit history is poor, we can still help you.


I've started a new courier business franchise and was wondering if you have any good deals on vans that don't require a deposit as cash is a bit tight at the moment?

The Nissan Nivara you picked is not available. I will send you a deal that is in stock.

Many thanks for your quick reply however it wasn't the Nissan Nivara that I was enquiring about - my interest is the Nissan NV200 Van you show on your web site at £139.95 per month. If you could get back to me today I would be very grateful as I would like to sort something out without any further delay, and will be difficult to contact over the next couple of days.

Very sorry, dyslexic me. Yes it was for the NV200 Van. I sent you this morning a quote with a good deal and unbeatable price and terms for your consideration.


Hi, we are a building services company, could you please contact me on my mobile number, I am looking for one medium sized van, one smaller van and a car for business and personal use. We are a relatively new Company and would like a no deposit deal on each van and car required. This is urgent request, thanks.

Hi, that will not be a problem to lease you the vans and the car as long as you have a deposit, but as you are a new company if you haven't being in business for a while then a no deposit will not be an option.

I have been in contact with your funders, they want to charge a large admin fee and requested a large first payment. Can you find something better for us? I am looking for smaller outlay, please.

Large admin fee? I thought our funders charge approx £30. Most companies charge £150 to £300 for cars and £600 to £2,000 for vans. If you don't have a good credit history then a deposit will be required. In most cases it is approx. £500 to £600.

Itís not our credit history we are a new company. Your guys asked for £600 admin cost and the first payment on each van £1,000

Sounds about right if you are a new company, as the funder needs to secure the investment. Normally no deposit is reserved for companies that have already being in business for a while and can prove earnings. If you can raise the money then you have more chances of leasing these vans.


I'm after a van ASAP and I'm really struggling with my credit. I have a ltd company but I haven't put a first years accounts in yet. I keep getting declined because of credit issues when I was younger. I am looking for a van long term. Little to no deposit. The monthly payments aren't really a issue I just need acceptance. My miles per year will vary between 10-20000. I am after a vauxhall vivaro/renault traffic/Nissan primestar/ford transit/VW transporter type of van.

Based on your requirements, an advisor from the Motor Group team will contact you regarding either van leasing or van finance.

Still haven't heard anything from Shirley from your motor group. I've had a text messaged asking the best time to contact me, I've tried calling her a couple of times with no Joy. I do need a answer on the van ASAP. I'm in urgent need of a van within a few days.

As it is Christmas and New year's holiday break the offices are closed and we are short staffed. Please be patient or reply to Shirley at end of the week when things get back to normal.

Thanks for getting back to me, I understand it's the holiday. My concern is acceptance though. One way or another I need a van for work. What are my chances of being accepted and how long does the process take usually.

As we don't credit check you at this stage, I cannot say if you will be accepted. It is down to how your credit history is. If it was bad, have you now cleared it up? Have you being able to pay everything up to date for the past 3 to 6 months? Were you ever bankrupt, on an IVA, debt management, had defaults and why?

My credit is really bad. From car finance when I was younger. It was all done a little naughty as far as I'm concerned and it's never been paid. I've never been in a IVA or bankrupt but I am currently owing about 18000-20000. I'll openly admit my credit is really really really awful. Hence my problems obtaining a van.

We do say that we help people with bad credit history, however there is bad and there is bad and you need to show that you can afford to pay for the van and as you have not settled your previous debts, I don't think leasing or any kind of van finance will be an option. I highly recommend you settle your previous debts before applying for any more credit. Maybe if you were to put down a decent deposit as a security, but as you don't have a deposit, I'm afraid you are going to struggle with even our partner / funders.

Paying the monthly instalments Isn't a issue. I'd get it through my company but as I haven't put accounts in yet it'll be tricky. I pay all things on time now and can prove a monthly income upwards of £5000 take home each month. As it's Christmas I haven't been working over the holiday and as in self employed I've not earned any money. Otherwise a deposit wouldn't be a issue. As usual though things always come at the wrong time.

Ok, wait and see what Shirley has to say, maybe she can do some magic and help you out. Have a great New year. Hope things improve for you.


Hi, I was looking to lease a transit van or maybe a truck like the ones apple van hire are doing and was wondering if I can use the van for any sort of requirements that I have. Do you hire removal vans, like for a half day hire? or a whole day hire of a van?

Sorry we don't offer half day or full day hire of vans or trucks like Apple Vans do. You will find daily van hire on our sister website called Hireinuk.com


At the moment I am hiring a van from walkasey van hire and it cost me £156 pound a week (£624 a month) - yes very expensive. So I am looking to lease a car for round about £200 month. I would prefer a ford fiesta or Vauxhall astra. I have never leased before so could you tell me about it who pays the tax mot and insurance please email me back as soon as you can. Thank you

Leasing is like buying a car but at the end of the lease you either hand the car back, jump into another one of buy it then sell it. Most people just give it back and get another one that way you avoid buying the car and saving you the hassle of finding a buyer. You get free road tax for the first year then there after you have to pay for it. Insurance is not included. You have to pay insurance. The car won't need an MOT as these ex demo cars are normally 6 months old or a year or 2 maximum. You will need  MOT but that would be in 2 to 3 years time from now. Even if you added all this up it is still far cheaper to lease than to buy or hire. If you are currently paying £600 all in then with leasing it would be £200 for the car, £25 to £50 for the insurance (not sure how old you are and if you got no claims bonus? maybe cheaper?) then servicing once a year and road tax. £250 to £300 max per month all in? That is still £300 cheaper a month than hiring?


Hi, I'm self employed and would like to lease a VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK A32 DIESEL D/Cab Pick Up but I have bad credit history. Can you help?

I'm afraid the funders require excellent credit history to be able to lease a van. However, you can lease a car if you wish.

Do 4x4 come under cars?

Yes you could have a 4x4 ex demo car but be prepared to cost you more because these types of vehicles depreciate more than most cars so the monthly payments will be higher. Also you would be required to Hire Purchase the vehicle meaning to pay to keep the vehicle but there is no balloon payment at the end.

Which 4x4 can I apply for?

Something like these 4x4 vehicles that you can look into are Suzuki Vitara, Chevrolet Captiva, BMW 1, Ford Kuga and some MPV's like Juke, Qashqai, Zafira, Grand Scenic or ex demo Estate cars - we have some really good deals.


Hi, I'm self employed and would like one of your unlimited miles per year deals like the Peugeot partner 1.6hdi with cruise control. I have poor credit history. Can you help?

I'm afraid the funders require good credit history to be able to lease a Van. When you say poor, why do you think it is poor?

Due to having ccj from 2 years ago! But why advertise guaranteed finance and ccj and poor credit you are welcome stuff?

Not sure where you saw that? It is for cars, not vans. Poor credit history customers are welcomed and that is for the majority of our customer requirements which is for cars. The rule of thumb for vans is good or excellent credit history. Anything else is fine but for cars. Sorry the funders make up the rules, not us.


Hi there I've made an application but not received a email

Hi Mark, please check your email now for an update.

I have just received the email and I have seen I have put the wrong postal code for my previous address. Could you alter it or can I just up date it when someone contacts me?

Hi, that wont be an issue at this stage, but could cause an issue if it was your first address post code because our systems will not be able to find you and validate your application. You can correct this when you are contacted but that would probably be tomorrow when the offices are open again.

Thank you for the quick reply. That's brilliant I look forward to the call. I shall be working tomorrow between 8 - 4.

If the guys cannot get a hold of you they would probably text and or email you some info to get you started.

Brilliant, I don't want it to seem I'm been ignorant.


Hi looking for 6 seater vw transporter 20,000 miles per year. 2.2 engine and quotes for short and long wheel base. Believe credit will be poor/bad. Would be able to put a deposit together as would save up then re apply if necessary. Currently pay 400 monthly direct from wage . Would need a tow bar. Am happy to discuss all options you can find for me. Thank you look forward to hearing from you.

Your personal customer advisor will contact you as soon as possible and help you select the best car leasing finance solution.

I would like to say how disappointed I am at the service I have received from your staff. I was sent a text message last Friday saying I would be contacted within 48 hours and everything was ok. I rang yesterday as hadn't heard from anyone to be put through to a male who said I hadn't been successful, when I asked if he could explain why he put the phone down on me! Not good customer service, regardless of my application there is no need for rudeness. I would appreciate a call back or a reply to this email as to why my application has been unsuccessful. I look forward to hearing from you

I'm very sorry to hear this. I can reassure you that we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and as all phone calls are recorded, I am confident that the advisor tried his best to explain. The line probably just dropped accidently. You were provisionally accepted via the automated systems. However, that does not mean you are accepted. Then when the advisor looked at your application manually they discovered that they were not able to find a suitable lender to finance the van that you were after. Ideally you might like to improve your bad credit history and then reapply in 3 months time if you wish.


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Receive competitive and affordable car leasing deals, friendliest and fastest service from our finance partners from Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dorset, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gloucester, Kent, Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Swindon and other areas.

Free Extended Warranty Included Auto Protection Lowest Price Promise Use Your Part Exchange Car as a Deposit SAF Automotive Finance HPI Checked PCI Certified

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