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Alfa Romeo Car Leasing - 50% off - Pay No Deposit
Alfa Romeo Mito
from £123.73 per month

Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
from £179.57 per month

Lease Info

We offer exclusive Alfa Romeo Car Leasing Deals that do not require a deposit and some just a small one. All cars offered with Warranty.

Alfa Romeo GT
from £217.35 per month

Lease Info

Alfa Romeo 159
from £275.87 per month

Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Brera
from £332.15 per month

Lease Info


Alfa Romeo Spider
from £435.68 per month

Lease Info

Best Alfa Romeo Offers Today
Target Prices Smashed

Alfa Romeo Mito Alfa Romeo Mito

There’s no denying the MiTo makes a strong visual impact. With a nose inspired by the stunning Alfa 8C Competizione supercar, bulging wheelarches and a squat re...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Ex Demo) Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Ex Demo)

This Alfa Romeo Giulietta used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta are some of the most competitive for used cars...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The reborn Giulietta certainly brings back the sharp styling that the original was famous for, but it is also one of the most well-built, sensible family cars A...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Mito (Used) Alfa Romeo Mito (Used)

This Alfa Romeo Mito used ex demo car can be purchased with finance. The prices for the Alfa Romeo Mito are some of the most competitive for used cars currently...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo GT Coupe Alfa Romeo GT Coupe

Design with the Bertone and Alfa Romeo stamp and extreme interior comfort with an engine that ensures a brilliant drive. Coupes are all about style, so any coup...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo 159 Alfa Romeo 159

Could Italy's most famous sporty saloon be better than Germany's? Alfa Romeo says its the 159 - the eagerly anticipated replacement for the 156 - has got what i...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe

Alfa Romeo's Brera coupe combines all the right ingredients to make the perfect coupé, with a gorgeous design and the promise of good performance from a wide ra...


Lease Info

Alfa Romeo Spider Alfa Romeo Spider

When Italians go topless, the world looks on in awe. Alfa Romeo has a well earned reputation for producing gorgeous cabrios, and it has just launched its latest...


Lease Info

Alfaromeo leasing

There’s no denying the MiTo makes a strong visual impact. With a nose inspired by the stunning Alfa 8C Competizione supercar, bulging wheel arches and a squat rear, the compact hatch is real head-turner. Buyers get to choose from Turismo, Lusso and Veloce trim levels. Go for the range-topping version and 17-inch alloy wheels and a subtle rear spoiler further enhance the looks.

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Tick 1 to 2 Weeks Delivery

Alfaromeo Personal Car Leasing

The Italian designed Alfaromeo personal lease provided via Time4leasing gives the British public the opportunity to be able to drive a very safe and affordable car whilst avoiding all the normal concerns regarding the ownership.

We all know when buying a car, it is associated with many worries, specially when it comes to selling it. However, when leasing an Alfaromeo, these worries are gone and you're not tied down to one car model for years and years.

When the personal lease runs out for the Alfaromeo, you don't have to sell your car, you just hand the car lease back. About a month before the lease runs out on your Alfaromeo you can either arrange to lease another similar car or something totally different to cater for your needs.

These Alfaromeo are typically new or just a few months old depending on the deal. Many Alfaromeo models come with no deposit finance and they still have the manufacturers warranty and covered for any repair work if needed.

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Alfaromeo Car Leasing Forum & Reviews

Long Term Car HireQuestionWe do very low mileage a year, around 4000. Ideally would want a 3 year or more lease. Car choice is very specific Can pay initial payment of around £1000 Credit history may appear bad, I have an arrangement with mint credit card to pay off my balance with a fixed monthly payment which appears on my record as a default or missed payment each month. I do make the payments each month, but it is recorded as default which they refuse to remove.

AnswerYou may apply but I'm afraid you can not have an Alfaromeo. You will have to pick something from the ex demo range. Cars like BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, some VW, some Mini and Suzuki.


QuestionWe do very low milage a year, around 4000. Ideally would want a 3 year or more lease. Car choice is very specific Can pay initial payment of around £1000 Credit history may appear bad, I have an arrangement with mint credit card to pay off my balance with a fixed monthly payment which appears on my record as a default or missed payment each month. I do make the payments each month, but it is recorded as default which they refuse to remove.

AnswerYou may apply but I'm afraid you can not have an Alfaromeo. You will have to pick something from the ex demo range. Cars like BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, some VW, some Mini and Suzuki.


QuestionHi, I'm a mature student and passed my driving test a while back, can I lease a car although I'm not working? Can my parents lease a car in my behalf but I drive it?

AnswerTo help you with this, if you have a deposit, one of your parents works and can prove earnings via pay slips or a bank statement, have a couple of bills in their name so to prove where they live, then you probably could lease a car, as we also do car leasing accommodations where someone else will lease the car for you but you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and insure it and drive. You can also have your parent as a named driver so they can drive it too or they insure it and you are the named driver. This gets the insurance costs down.


QuestionHi, I'd like to lease a car for 10,000 miles per year 2 years contract no deposit (or very little). I'm just settling in the UK, previously living in France.

AnswerTo lease a car in the UK you need to be living and working here for at least 3 years before applying or you need to find someone else to lease in their name in your behalf. You also need to have UK credit history, loans, credit cards, bank account, etc. I think you are best to hire a car for now which you can use your EU license. Try www.hireinuk.com and pick one of the listed partners. If you need any more help do let me know.

QuestionThanks a lot for your response. I was unaware of these conditions. I will follow your advice and look for a car hire.

AnswerYour welcomed.


QuestionHow old is the car in question. Will only do 5k a year. Is it tax free as advert? Price over 3 years? Do I have to MOT vehicle and service?

AnswerThe Alfa Romeo advertised is 2012/13 plate. For a little bit more payments per month you can have a few months old car or for a little bit less payments per month a little bit older car. It is up to you really, in any case these cars do not need MOT yet as they are fairly new. Is the Alfa Romeo your only choice? and I don't think your birthday is correct. I will need you to email me the correct information so to be able to produce a firm quote.

QuestionSorry about that, alternatives will be Hyundai ix35, Kia sportage, Seat Leon or the Kuga.

AnswerNo problem, I will sent you the quote you want.


QuestionHello, I'd like an Alfa Romeo or a Mercedes C class. Can you help?

AnswerAll Alfa Romeo and Mercedes require excellent credit history and a significant deposit. Is this your only choice or would you consider cars that don't require a deposit and the credit history can be fair? Something like a BMW 1 or BMW 3 m sport series? Something else maybe?

QuestionI didn't know that. Bmw 3 series would be preferable?

AnswerSure will get you a quote sent over.


QuestionI would like to know what is included in the nhs car lease e.g just add fuel. I would like 3 year lease for no more than £150 per month, 5 dr, diesel that has a large enough boot for a large dog!!

AnswerThe prices are so low because we offer the best deals in the country and they are for just the car lease. Insurance and servicing is your responsibility and costs far less anyway if you arranged it yourself. Do you still want a car under these terms?

QuestionThank you for that. So would I be entitled to nhs discount as I work for them and will be driving in the community for them?

AnswerThe discounts are the same for all our customers. If you are not doing more that 15,000 miles a year it is not worth having a diesel engine car. Also diesel engine cars are best when they are 1.6 or above but as you are a young driver the insurance will be seriously high. You are best to lease a small and economical engine car like a Corsa or Fiesta. I will track you for a quote. If you like to know anything else let me know.


QuestionHi, my miles per year will be 10,000. I'd like a 2 or 3 year lease. Budget £130 per month inc vat for a New Alfa Romeo Mito. Could someone call me this morning before 11 am please? So I can discuss this.

AnswerBased on your requirements and personal circumstances, you should have been contacted by our partners. If you don't want to deal with our partners, let me know so I can offer you an alternative solution.

QuestionWhy do you not have a telephone number? seems a little strange?

AnswerTime4leasing is a car leasing broker website and by not having a call centre we keep the costs down and pass the savings to the customers. You can phone us, but once we know what car you are going to have, which deal and what your credit history is like. This speeds things and makes everything more efficient for you and us. Once you have pick the car and deal that you are after, the car dealer and funder details will be revealed to you, as it was. Does this make sense now?

QuestionNow I get it, sorry about that, I'm new to all this. So am I accepted for car finance?

AnswerThe systems are saying you have been accepted for car finance. You should have been either contacted or sent a SMS or emailed with full contact details of the advisor who will help you with the finance side of the car. Can you please confirm this? I need to know so I can help you. If you want to speak to someone from time4leasing that can be arranged too.

QuestionI didn't receive either. If you don't have a number for people to call its not very personal, is it? What happens when you have leased the car and if something goes wrong? I had no idea you were a broker, I had been told to steer clear and stick with companies that are finance by Citroen, because of hidden and added costs. I am looking to lease with the only expense to myself being Petrol and Insurance from start to end.

AnswerDid you check your spam / junk folder? maybe it went into there? Alfa Romeo salesman would say anything to win your business. We do not have or charge any hidden costs. We provide firm quotes, as we state on our website. Yes you should be careful from where you lease your car even from a Alfa Romeo dealership, as they might charge you hidden costs. You say about being personal? How many companies do you know that work all given hours like we do? We have thousands of happy customers, but I think you still don't understand how we work via the internet and you are probably better getting your car traditionally from a car dealer in person, if that makes you feel better.


QuestionHi, I spoke to a lady today and explained to me that you can do the car, in fairness she has said it says nearly new and it is 4 years old. Couldn't your website say the year of the car?

AnswerMost people don't like the word "used". It is a very negative word. "Newly new" sounds better. Saying that other websites call their cars "used" or "new2you". For every one car we advertise there could be 50 to 100 deals available, all with different specs and age of car. Once you contact us we will give you the exact year or the car. As we have real expert people behind the website we are here to provide the extra info you need. Otherwise we might as well make it 100% online and we can all go home. :(

QuestionFair play is that the same for the cars you call “new to you” or ex demo then? Just concerned that nearly new is too misleading. I like the fact you have many ways for customers to communicate with you, email, facebook, blog, twitter, customer reviews and ways to make you stand out from the crowd.

AnswerI get your point, but just to clarify, we promote new cars, nearly new cars, ex demo cars, slightly used cars and used cars. Many customers will ask us for used cars or nearly new cars and then we ask them if they would like to pay a bit more money for an ex demo car or for more money for brand new. Most customers don't mind nearly new or ex demo because the prices are 50% or less and these cars that we offer come with a HPI guarantee for peace of mind.

QuestionThe thing is I thought when you said nearly new I was getting a brand new car as in out the box.

AnswerNot at that price. Come on if new it costs £300 a month and we are offering the same car (nearly new) at £150 a month, how can it be brand new? Collins Dictionary explains that, "nearly new" means something that is used but in good condition. As I said, all the cars we offer are HPI guaranteed and come with a full manufacture warranty. For instance all Vauxhall cars come with a lifetime guarantee or 100,000 miles. Which ever comes first.

QuestionWhat about if I change my mind after receiving the car? then what?

AnswerWe also offer a money back guarantee which gives you 7 days after receiving the car to give it back and get a your money back 100%. To date not one customer has given a car back that shows how committed we are in offering the best possible service. We are in business because we care about our customers.

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