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Under 150 151 to 200 201 to 250 251 to 300 301 to 350 351 to 400
Small Cars / Vans

Examples - Fiesta - Corsa - Berlingo Vans or similar cars
Months Miles per
Service Tyres Break
per month
1-3 U Y Y Y 265.00
6 12,000 Y Y Y 259.00
12 25,000 Y Y Y 289.99
18 30,000 Y Y Y 289.99
0% 10,000 Optional N Depends 106.88
24 - 48 10,000 Optional N Depends 99.98
60 20,000 Optional N Depends 118.48
Nearly New 10,000 Optional N Depends 89.70
Used 10,000 Optional N Depends 68.31

All Short Term Lease Cars come with Full Maintenance and Free Delivery
Maintenance and more miles on long term car leasing is optional

Medium Cars

Examples - Astra - Focus - Juke - Citroen C4 or similar cars
Months Miles per
Service Tyres Break
per month
1-3 U Y Y Y 469.99
6 12,000 Y Y Y 439.99
12 25,000 Y Y Y 389.99
18 30,000 Y Y Y 389.99
0% 10,000 Optional N Depends 136.98
24 - 48 10,000 Optional N Depends 124.98
60 20,000 Optional N Depends 174.67
Nearly New 10,000 Optional N Depends 120.39
Used 10,000 Optional N Depends 89.00

All Short Term Lease Car Deals come with Full Maintenance and Free Delivery
Maintenance and more miles on long term car leasing is optional

Saloon Cars

Examples - Insignia - Mazda 6 - Passat or similar cars
Months Miles per
Service Tyres Break
per month
1-3 U Y Y Y 559.99
6 12,000 Y Y Y 559.99
12 25,000 Y Y Y 479.99
18 30,000 Y Y Y 479.99
0% 10,000 Optional N Depends 214.87
24 - 48 10,000 Optional N Depends 189.99
60 20,000 Optional N Depends 200.70
Nearly New 10,000 Optional N Depends 146.36
Used 10,000 Optional N Depends 119.99

All Short Term Lease Car Deals come with Full Maintenance and Free Delivery
Maintenance and more miles on long term car leasing is optional

Prestige Cars

Examples - Audi 6 - BMW 3 - Jaguar XF - BMW 5 or similar cars
Months Miles per
Service Tyres Break
per month
1-3 U Y Y Y 789.99
6 12,000 Y Y Y 789.99
12 25,000 Y Y Y 789.99
18 30,000 Y Y Depends 789.99
0% 10,000 Optional N Depends 569.98
24 - 48 10,000 Optional N Depends 484.98
Nearly New 10,000 Optional N Depends 259.89
Used 10,000 Optional N Depends 247.93

All Short Term Lease Cars come with Full Maintenance and Free Delivery
Maintenance and more miles on long term car leasing is optional

Time4leasing Car Leasing Forum

Questions and Answers about Car Leasing the best cars. QuestionHi, Never leased a car before so looking for advise on best deals etc and what is best for me. 15000mile deal, 3-4 years, low deposit I currently have a private number plate. Can this be put on car?

AnswerOnce you have the DVLA documents in your hands then you can proceed with putting your number plates onto the car. Then if you have taken the option to return the car then you just inform the DVLA again that you are putting the original plates back on the the car before you hand it back to the leasing company or car dealer.

QuestionThat is great, I'd like to take one of your cheap deals that you have for the Ford Focus.

AnswerI will track you for a quote.

QuestionThe company which you forwarded my details to does not even nearly reflect the deal shown on Time4Leasing web site?! Can you look again at another company? By my quote so far, buying a new car with all perks included is far cheaper!,

AnswerI looked into this and found that the Ford Focus which you applied for is a 4 year old car where the Ford Focus that our affiliate partners offered you was nearly new and ex demo.

In any case leasing a Ford Focus costs far more than leasing a similar vehicle because of the depreciation that this vehicle carries. You might like to look at other cars that work out far cheaper?

If you need any further information do email me and let me know

QuestionThanks for explaining. I have contacted my account manager and discussed what I am looking for. They are very helpful so thank you again. I am awaiting results.

AnswerThat is good to hear.


QuestionYou advertise a Ford Focus (used car) for 97+vat a month, how old is this car?

AnswerWe can provide the previous shape Ford Focus at 97.00 + vat on a 10 plate. If you want the current new shape as nearly new or ex demo that would be 155+ vat per month or your account manager can quote you for the brand new one that obviously will cost far more.

QuestionYes that does make sense, but I think to meet my expectation from 97+vat then get me to commit to 238+vat a month for the brand new one would need massive convincing and breaking a leg or two? lol

AnswerI do agree, I would be shocked at the increase in price but your account manager did explain this to you.

QuestionI'm going to go for the nearly new one that you have on offer as it is still half the price of the brand new one, I'm going to take your offer because I want to lease it then give it back and get the latest model again in a few years time. Thanks again for your help.

AnswerYou are welcomed.


QuestionWe have an employee moving to Cornwall from Italy and he needs to lease a car for the first 6 months. For the first two weeks of his employment he will be in temporary accommodation. I would like to know if it is possible for him to lease a car directly with you if we provide a written employment reference confirming his position with us and his salary? the details entered (except the email and phone number) are his details. Please let me know if you need any further information.

AnswerI'm afraid to be able to lease a car in the UK, the applicant must be working and living in the UK for at least 3 years or more and very importantly must be on the UK Elections Register. This applies with all car leasing companies and lenders in the UK. You could lease the car in your name and make your employee a named driver on the insurance. However, you will be responsible if anything happened to the car.

Another option is to hire a car on a long term car rental agreement. Although costs more, with this option your employee fully responsible for the vehicle.


QuestionHi I filled in the details to discuss a lease. I do not want more credit searches, I have already been accepted by sub prime lenders offering finance with similar rates than your affiliate partners will get me.I just wanted to discuss lease options, so please do not do any credit searches until we have spoke further.

AnswerAs stated we do not do credit searches and our affiliate partners will only credit search you once they have spoken to you first. The only thing that happened at this stage is via our automated systems is to verify your details against the UK Elections Register (which is harmless) and check if your details are correct and up to date. This in a way protects you and us from any fraudulent activities.


QuestionHi, I was thinking leasing a car and was wondering if lease purchase was the best option?

AnswerTo Lease Purchase a vehicle would require good or excellent credit history and next best option would be PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) which means by paying just a few pounds more per month you would be guaranteed the future value of the car and you wouldn't have any unexpected inflated balloon payments if you were to Lease Purchase. PCP is the most popular type of car leasing option for most people with good or poor credit history.


QuestionHi, I've got bad credit history, can I lease a car?

AnswerIn the likely hood your credit history is poor or bad then the next best option would be Hire Purchase or Car Finance. However, this would mean you will be paying a bit more because you are paying to keep the car as it will be fully yours at the end of the contract. For more details you do need to speak to one of our underwriters who will help you pick the right option.


QuestionWhen I apply with you, is it just one band or lender that the deal with or more?

AnswerAs these car deals on offer go hand in hand with the car leasing finance side of the car, our affiliate partners will put something very competitive together for you, as they work with a panel of 50 of the best lenders. You just apply once and then tap into 50 different options. Normally it gets narrowed down to 2 or 3 options so to be easier to pick the best one for you.


QuestionWhat if I change my mind after I have applied with you?

AnswerIt is up to you who you choose to obtain your next car and you can cancel this service at any given time with no obligations what so ever. Our service is totally free to you.

QuestionDo you credit search once I put in an application?

AnswerNo we don't, why do you ask?

QuestionI the lease deals that you have, however my credit is only affected as I had 4 payments late a few months ago. due to a misunderstanding with rental income from tenant but other than that my credit was good rating and then recently I applied for and addition PCP as I already have one with Alphera finance, it was rejected on the basis of the late payments and I already had one, the car company done additional proposals and it has now affected my score and taken it to fair so I am reluctant to take out more credit searches. I was hoping I maybe able to get some advise before any further searches I have very low monthly outgoings and can afford a decent car but I am concerned now about my credit affecting this.I was wondering if a lease is possible now with my credit being affected.

AnswerSorry to hear that. As I said, for that reason we do not credit search our customers but have our own scoring system that does not affect our customer's credit history score. Our partners work with a panel of 50 of the best lenders in the UK market and based on the information you provided there is a solution for you. You will be contacted by your account manager later in the day.


QuestionHi we have been trying to contact you and we keep getting the message that our call can not be taken ?

AnswerHi, which telephone contact number were you calling?

QuestionI was calling your 08717 telephone number.

AnswerI'm afraid that number is used once you have passed the stage of applying and want to speak to one of the account manager also called underwriters. This phone number is used during offices hours, between 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday. If you want to speak to us about cars, car specification and car leasing in general then you can called this number contact number 0845 643 4315

QuestionHi, I made a request for a quote yesterday evening. Was wondering if I could have more information please?

AnswerHi, I'm sorry but there is no quote request with the facebook name you have contacted us with. However, there are with similar names. Please advise

QuestionAh, sorry, forgot to give you my real name.

AnswerOk, I found you on our systems. However, the car leasing finance side of the process is open for business tomorrow.

QuestionWhy hasn't anyone phoned me yet or sent me a firm quote proposal?

AnswerMore info is needed to get you something firm put together, it could be that you are not on the UK Elections Register where you live or not enough time and need previous address details. What do you think it could be?

QuestionI am on the electoral role, but not for a full year yet. Has a credit check been done because I haven't given permission for this. I thought I put through a quotation not an application?

AnswerNo credit check has been done! The UK Elections register was checked to confirm who you are. This does no harm but helps us identify you. In general have you been on the register more than 3 years?

QuestionOh okay no problem. I have at a previous address for 8 years. My previous address is... also just to confirm I have lived at my current address for 10 months. I think my auto corrected and populated the wrong field

AnswerDon't worry, that is why one of our affiliate partners would need to contact you first to confirm your identity and details. That would probably be tomorrow. Is this ok?

QuestionYes this is fine. Do you have more information about the car I enquired about. It states used? How old is it?

AnswerI see you picked a Nissan Juke from the used cars section. If you really do have good credit history, as stated, then your budget of 160 should get you a good deal. However, if you wanted a brand new or nearly new one that would cost a little bit more.


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