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Questions and AnswersQuestionHi, I sent an enquiry via your website on Saturday relating to leasing a Kia Sportage. I've been contacted by my personal account manager, however, I'd like to speak with you about the leasing options etc. Could you call me on to discuss?

AnswerWe can speak to you about the cars themselves, when it comes to the finance side of the car you have to speak to someone like your account manager as they are our authorised underwriters, which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I hope this helps?

QuestionI'd like to know which type of lease to take out and is best for me?

AnswerI can answer you some of these questions, but you can get a second opinion from your account manager. Type of lease is based on your personal circumstances, good or fair history and in most cases personal contract hire, personal contract purchase or lease purchase are good options and you have the option to return the car.

QuestionWhat about Hire Purchase, what is that?

AnswerHire Purchase is when you have bad or poor credit history and or you want to keep the car, because as you pay the monthly payments you are actually paying off the capital as well so the car becomes yours. However you need to verify this with your account manager.

QuestionWhat are the terms of the maintenance package?

AnswerMaintenance is normally on top of the price, do ask for a quote but in most cases it is cheaper to arrange your own maintenance when needed at your local garage. By the way this does not effect your warranty.

QuestionAnd what about the road tax, what happens here? who pays for it?

AnswerWith road tax, normally it is already paid for the first year, so you don't need to worry about this for up to a year. When the renewal comes it will be in your name, so you will have to start to pay it because the car is in your name.

QuestionWhat about the breakdown cover? is this included?

AnswerSome cars come with breakdown cover and others do not. If not, then it could be cheaper to add it to your car insurance, as in most cases it works our cheaper. Saying that, the cars we advertise are either brand new, nearly new or a couple of years old and don't really break down and if they did the yare covered by their warranty.

 QuestionHi I'm a Head Chef for a Country Hotel and prefer the Kia Sportage 1.7 diesel non sat nav model to make it cheaper. Also, do you do a straight 48 month option, no 3/6 upfront payment?

AnswerThe KIA model you picked is not available and it requires at least 3 or 6 up front payments. Is this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right?

QuestionBut the sat-nav model is available? If so quote on that?

AnswerYes that Kia Sportage is in stock but have you seen the price for it and it requires 3 up front payments?

QuestionCan you still quote me so I can compare?

AnswerThe Kia 1.7 Sportage with Satnav model is £349.00 a month for 6,000 miles and over 3 years lease.

For 10,000 miles and 4 year lease. Personal Leasing £303.54 (Incl. VAT) and Initial Payment £812.85 (Excl. VAT)

QuestionThat is a lot of money for such a car. Is there any other 4x4 at a better price?

Answer There are other better deals and with more powerful engine like the Ford Kuga Diesel Estate 2.0 TDCi Zetec 5dr (ex demo lease)

For 10,000 miles and 4 year lease. Personal Leasing £275.98 (Incl. VAT) Initial Payment £495.00 (Excl. VAT)

The Kuga is nearly £2,000 cheaper and better vehicle as it was Winner of the 2012 Euro NCAP best-in-class safety awards.

QuestionI am surprised the Kuga is cheaper. To get the same spec on the Ford as the Kia, you have to spend a lot more, so that surely makes it more expensive on PCH?

AnswerWe have probably the best ex demo deals in the UK for the Kuga and other cars, as we buy them in bulk. The Kuga is ex demo, not a brand new factory order, hence the huge saving. Up to you really.

Question Ok, so do you have ex-demo options on the Sportage?

AnswerSorry we did have a few but they got snapped up.

QuestionI have a budget of £320 inc vat a month available will be doing 12,000 a year and want it over 3 years maximum. I have just got a new job and been given a car allowance which will be paid into my wages so am unsure if that is personal or business but it is for business use. I have never had this before but would like the Sportage, a new shape 3 series or a C class diesel.

AnswerBusiness lease means your company leases the car and allows you the car to drive. However, you will be taxed heavily if you did this because it is considered a benefit. If the money is paid into your salary as a car allowance and you paid for the lease then it is a personal lease and you dont pay extra tax for it. The new shape BMW 3 is at £600 deposit and £371 a month if we include the vat. If you provide a bigger deposit then we can get the monthly payments down. Can you do this? if not then there is this BMW 3 offer below for £281.98 on a personal lease. let me know what you would like to do?

QuestionThanks for this. I am really looking for a new shape one or a C Class. Diesel, manual or auto and can afford a small deposit. What other options do you have?

AnswerThere is this C Class coupe - brand new. The deposit is approx £1,500 then £264 a month or less deposit and a bit more per month? Interested?

QuestionDeposit is too high and I do need a 4/5 door

AnswerThere is this another BMW 3 series available for no deposit and £297 a month (inclusive of vat). I will send you a quote on that one and you can discuss with the advisors any other similar offers.

QuestionI was immediately put off you company by the picture of the woman in the car on your home page. Just some feedback for your information.

AnswerIt came to my attention that you provided some feedback about a photo that was on our home page. Which home page are you referring to? Time4leasing website, facebook or something else?

QuestionThanks for your email. Itís on slideshow but hopefully youíll know the one Iím referring to, there are a few similar ones throughout the site which is fine but letís have some nice young fellas to look at to balance it out! Have a great Monday.

AnswerYou will find thousands upon thousands of lifestyle photos on the time4leasing website and there are a few photos of young fellas and even cute dogs too. Some of these photos were taken at the NEC Birmingham motor show and other motor shows like in Germany.

QuestionHaha, great. More on your main pages would be perfect :0) Thanks for following this up

QuestionMy profession is a delivery driver and I'm looking for a 4x4 Sportage. Have you any good deals?

AnswerSorry there are no good deals on the Sportage. Is this your only choice or would you consider the more expensive Sportage model or a 4x4 in general but at a good or cheaper price?

QuestionCan you give me a call on my mobile phone number or home telephone number?

AnswerYou will be talking to one of my colleagues who specialises in car leasing finance, before they call, if they cannot get you a sportage would you consider something like a Kuga, Qashqai or Juke or similar?

QuestionYes I'd be interested in a kuga but can u get them in Diesel

AnswerI will resubmit your request and when the guys contact you, you can discuss this with them as they might have a diesel version that is not listed on the website.

QuestionI have a budget of £320 inc vat a month available will be doing 12,000 a year and want it over 3 years maximum. I have just got a new job and been given a car allowance which will be paid into my wages so am unsure if that is personal or business but it is for business use. I have never had this before but would like a new shape 3 series Sportage, or a C class diesel.

AnswerBusiness lease means your company leases the car and gives it to you to drive. however you will be taxed heavily if you did this because it is considered a benefit. if the money is put into your salary as a car allowance and you paid for the lease then it is a personal lease and you dont pay extra tax for it. The new shape BMW 3 is at £600 deposit and £371 a month if we include the vat. If you provide a bigger deposit then we can get the monthly payments down. Can you do this? if not then there is this BMW 3 offer below for £281.98 on a personal lease. let me know what you would like to do?

QuestionThanks for this. I am really looking for a new shape one or a C Class. Diesel, manual or auto and can afford a small deposit. What other options do you have?

AnswerThere is this C Class coupe - brand new. The deposit is approx £1,500 then £264 a month or less deposit and a bit more per month? Interested?

QuestionI think I'm going to go for the Passat as it seems good value for money and I see you do an ex demo deal with no deposit or little deposit. Please can you send me some options on the follow:- 3 year plan £300 deposit £330 per month inc vat. 10000 miles a year Diesel engine. 5 door Bluetooth Either:- Golf, Passat, 3 series, Ford Kuga, C Class

AnswerPlease check your email, I have sent you your first quote.

QuestionI have a new position that gives me a raise and £350 car allowance. I therefore have approx £300 to go towards the leasing itself. I am 3.5 years into an IVA. They have said I can lease once they see paperwork. As this is a separate car allowance strictly for a car, I don't see how they have much choice. 10k mileage. I wanted a "Kia Cee'd 4" originally. Kia leasing turned me down of course. Not interested in finance or HP.

AnswerWith bad credit history, the main 2 options for leasing a car will be either HP or car finance. If you want to see if you can get a car from us then you this will be the main routes that we would take.

QuestionWhy is it advertised as leasing with bad credit then please? I thought that's why cars are pre-owned etc? So there is no way to get a car without actually buying one? Is it not "safer" if I wasn't ever the owner of the car? I want to lease for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time. I have no option except to buy a car over a long period for high monthly costs? Is this correct? As an example, how much would I pay for finance or HP on a Kia Cee'd 4 or equivalent other make/model car please?

AnswerWe advertise that we offer car leasing to people with bad credit because for example if a customer was married then we could look into their partner to lease the car (if they had good credit history) and the person with the bad credit history would pay via a direct debit from their bank account. We call this an accommodation lease agreement and some of our suppliers will also do this between parent and child. I will track you for a Kia Ceed quote from one of our specialist suppliers. If you need to ask any more general questions do email me too

QuestionI already have a lease car through salary sacrifice and my daughter also drives it. It is due to be returned in January but my daughter will still be 20 and they have upped the minimum age to 21. Do you have a minimum age? I would like to lease a car with maintenance and insurance and I work for a hospital. Thanks

AnswerWe don't have an age limit. However, we don't do salary sacrifice because we've been informed that you get taxed more and it effects your pension too. We do the lease via direct debit. Is this something you would like to do? When you email me can you also email me some cars you like and how much money you would like to spend on a car? You might like to get some ideas from the ex demo range on the time4leasing website where you get more for your money.

QuestionThanks for the information. I am looking at the Kia sportage, auto if possible, or something of a similar size, with insurance for myself, husband and daughter, plus maintenance , doing about 20 000 miles p.a.  I will have a look at your ex demo range as well. If I decide to lease from you how long does it take to get the car so I can arrange giving this one back and receiving yours without not having transport? Also does working for the NHS effect the cost of the lease?

AnswerSorry there are no good offers for the Sportage at the moment, I would recommend the Kuga which is in stock and ready available too - it was voted best vehicle by the Sunday Times. The lease process takes about 2 weeks from saying yes, documents to delivery. It would cost you far less if you arrange your own insurance. You can have your family members as named drivers on your insurance policy. The prices are also based on your credit history rating. NHS staff get the same discounts as our other professional customers. Along with the Kuga other good ex demo deals are the Qashqai, Juke and BMW X1 to X6. Let me know what you would like to do.

QuestionCan I have a quote for the Qashqai please?

AnswerSure you can, check your email for the quote request confirmation.

QuestionI have been turned down in the past few weeks for car credit and was reading ur web site. I would be interested in a ford fiesta for long term leasing i don't have a deposit but have a car with no finance on it i never seen anything on the site about part ex. I would rather have a no credit check deal if possible. I am willing to look at older cars if need be. I don't have a deposit. Thank you

AnswerI'm afraid it does not help that you don't have a deposit to lease a car. This is normally required when customers have bad credit. Also not looking into your credit file that does not help either. It is like saying here have a car and hope you are going to pay it back? We are a responsible company and would not put our customers into further debt, not unless we feel they can comfortably pay it back.

QuestionI sure I read somewhere on your website that you don't do credit checks and you offer no deposit car leasing!!!

AnswerIf you read the fine print it does say that no deposit deals are reserved for customers with good credit history or customers that had bad credit history long time ago but their credit file shows they are lately back on track with payments. It doesn't matter if you owe money, but it does matter if you are in arrears with things. As you are telling us not to do a credit check on you then we will never know.

Then you are going to say that we advertise that we don't do any credit checks. Yes that is true, but only for customer who provide a significant deposit, like 3 to 9 up front payments. As you don't have a deposit I'm very sorry this will not be an option for you either.

QuestionIs there any way you can help me?

AnswerI'm truly sorry, you would either have to put down a significant deposit or prove you can afford to pay the monthly payments. I don't think under the circumstances car leasing is something you should be looking at. Have in mind ever time you ask for credit and turned down that goes on your file and makes your credit history even worse. I recommend you see your credit file and see where you can improve things. Once you have improved things then come back as ask for a car lease.

QuestionHi I am looking for a lease deal on a 24 month or 12 month basis I have a poor credit file. My 1st choice is an Kia Sportage or similar or a BMW 3 Series Estate or similar or a Mercedes ML or similar. My Budget is £350pcm on 24 months or pro rata on 12months

AnswerAs I understand it if you take a car that is on a 3 or 4 year lease then ask to lease it for 12 months the price can go up by three times. eg. a Ford Fiesta for £150 a month can cost something like £350 or more a month. Let alone what a BMW or Audi would cost? As you have poor credit history the funder will not entertain a car lease for an Audi, KIA or Mercedes. Maybe an ex demo Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Kuga or a BMW 3 estate, but your £350 a month may just be enough to cover this car on a 5 year lease if you give a deposit of £1,000. If you cannot afford this or cannot commit to this length then I suggest you aim lower and lease something within your means? Up to you really.

Questionare all the cars new? Or can I go a little older as in a second hand car if I scale down, what is your advice ?

AnswerI'm talking about ex demo which are slightly used. 6 to 12 months old. We could get something a bit older and obviously the price would be less. if you want a prestige vehicle you will have to be prepared to either lease for a longer period, increase your monthly budget, pay a significant deposit to get the monthly payments down or lease something cheaper. My advice is if you want a nice looking car like the BMW 3 that we have on offer, it is the new shape by the way. It is an ex demo so that is why we can offer it at this price. I think if you came up with a £1000 deposit (if you have more the better) then for approx. £310 to £350 a month you can lease it over 4 or 5 years max. What you think?

Questionbut the deposit would have to be £500 and the car must have Nav on it would this be OK or shall I look at cheaper alternatives maybe a scirocco or Audi TT or something like that?

AnswerYour car choice ir getting more extreme by the minute? I said Audi is out of the question and the VW too. However, you can have something from the ex demo range. Sorry £500 is not enough for the BMW 3. I think you need to be realistic about the car. if you want lots of latest gadgets then how about the Insignia top of the range model? and if you want a built in SATNAV then the Insignia Estate is the other option. Monthly payments are approx. £250 a month for bad credit leasing. Also you can have apprx the same specs when leasing the Astra (top model) but for less money.

QuestionWe have a family car so something unusual would be OK can I have a look at a stock list maybe? I do appreciate your help

Answerbefore I send you info on any cars like the Audi TT, please explain to me what your credit history is like? What happened in the past and how is it today? Are you bankrupt, on an IVA or on a DMP? Are you in arrears with anything? Do you have credit cards, loans and/or pay a mortgage? Do you work and prove income via pay slips? please answer the above

QuestionI'm not on any IVA or DMP or in arrears with anything. I do have credit cards and loans but all under control.

AnswerThat is good to hear. If you can raise £1000 deposit then we are in business.

QuestionI completed the online form earlier today but have not received an email. I am on Hotmail and looking through the posts, there is sometimes a problem with Hotmail. Could you please confirm you received my application, it will be in the name of. Many thanks.

AnswerThat is correct many customers with Hotmail have problems receiving automated emails. Please check your email for an update.

QuestionThanks for the update. I'll wait to hear from someone. I received my update email last night but as it was quite late I didn't expect my phone call within 3 hours as written. Just wondering if you could confirm I will be receiving that today? Thanks

AnswerHi, I'm afraid poor credit history applications do take longer because the advisor is trying to find a suitable lender and solution to make an offer. Please check your email for an update.

QuestionHi, Wow !!! I've literally just got off the phone with someone from your finance team. Thank you for looking into it though.

AnswerYour welcomed.

QuestionHi there, I just sent my details through to receive a quote. I haven't received a confirmation email so the site advised to message you.

AnswerPlease check your email now for an update.

QuestionHi, I still haven't received an email confirmation regarding a car lease quote. I filled in 2 forms. I received a call re one but not the other. I was advised you use different companies and suppliers and the price on the site I saw must have been by another company so they could only help with the first form I completed.

AnswerHi, I can only find one application in your name. It was for a Kia Sportage.

QuestionI submitted one also for a Peugeot 308 as well. Maybe it didn't send?

AnswerIn any case you can discuss your options with your account manager advisor.

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