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Questions and AnswersQuestion I am interested in getting a diesel Volvo XC40 and wondered what the options are available on a PCP. I have an initial deposit of 1000 and have a 2002 BMW Auto SE to part-ex although it has very slight damage so would not be worth more than 300-400

Answer We can not really quote customers on message boards as we need to keep your information private and because an advisor needs to evaluate your circumstances via email or telephone. Have you applied via our website? If you did what details did you use so I can look it up for you? I can only provide with general info. The Volvo XC40 that we have on offer is a brand new car, requires good credit history and a minimum deposit of 750. It is on Contract Hire, which means you have to give the car back at the end of the lease. Not sure if our suppliers will want your 2002 vehicle. Maybe you are best to make your own arrangements? If you have poor credit history then we would look at nearly new or approved used car deals on a PCP agreement with option to keep or return the vehicle at end of lease. If you have bad credit other solutions may be offered. Is there something else you would like to know?

Question Hi Steve, thanks for getting back to me. I have very good credit history so I don't see that as being an issue. No problems on my car, I was hoping to reduce the hassle factor for me! I will apply via your website

Answer If you have good credit history, you are best to pick one of the brand new XC40 deals and you get included free road tax, free delivery, roadside assistance and warranty. If you provide me with an email and a contact number, I can submit a form for you?

Question Sure, I will send you my details.

Answer I can reassure you you will get a fab deal via our company. You will receive an email but I'm afraid our partners will not be able to contact you until tomorrow. Saying that, if you have any other general questions I'm more than happy to assist you. kind regards Steve

Question I've been talking to "any car online" and they are certain they can get me a short term lease. My experian report says my credit score is 'fair' I am basically wondering if you offer the same sort of scheme, I am a self employed builder taking home approx 700 a week The car they offered me was an xc60, do you have similar? Thanks very much

Answer A used Volvo xc60 for someone with good credit history would cost approx. 270 a month for a used model and for a nearly new one approx 300 a month and 340 for new and that is for a 4 year lease. On poor/bad credit history terms we would probably be looking at a HP agreement were you pay to keep the vehicle and the price will be far higher. Let's say we pick a used one 2011 plate, Volvo Xc60 D5 Se Lux Semi Auto - that would probably be 530 a month for good or fair credit history.

Question To be honest if I was going to go down a Hp route I would prefer something like a Mercedes ml, I only really went with the Volvo as it was what they offered me on one if these deals, my credit history isn't terrible and I'm gradually getting it back on track so heading the right way :-) If I went for something like an ml or similar how would that work? I'm very open to suggestions, I just want something nice that isn't going to cost me double its value if that makes sense?

Answer That will not be a problem, we offer solutions to people with good or bad credit history. However, if it is bad credit history then the vehicle will probably be a used one but in perfect condition and only a few years old. For brand new I'm afraid our partners require good credit history.

Question Also would I need to find my own vehicle or is it one from your stock?

Answer Our suppliers will offer you the vehicle and the finance side of the lease, or you can find your own vehicle and then our partners will provide just the finance for you if that is what you wish to do.

Question That's great. I'd prefer if you guys can get me the car as well, save me a bit of time looking around.

Answer We need to establish first if you are able to commit to a 2 to 5 year lease agreement? Email me and let me know. Then I will put you in touch with the department that we get you some firm figures to you based on your requirements.

Question If I was going down Hp route I would be happy for a longer period, if it was lease I was really set on a short lease, to be honest it comes down to price etc really

Answer Good news. I've just checked out systems and they say you have been provisionally accepted. You will be contacted by your account manager with some good offers.


Question I have looked at your website ex demo range and have to admit the BMW 1 and the BMW Z4 is looking good. Can you give me a price for both, plus what sort of mileage I would expect to have on a ex demo.

Answer Just run out of Z4, but have a few BMW 1's left. I will resubmit your request so you get tracked for a firm quote and full details sent to you.

Question So sorry I forgot to ask for a quote for 15,000 miles as well as the 10,000 miles. Also is there any restriction as to taking it out of the country, as we have a house in France. Finally, can I use my own insurance broker?

Answer Once you get your first quote you can discuss about more miles with the finance department where they will calculate the difference in price.

As long as you insure the vehicle for International travel with your own insurance broker, I cannot see why you cannot take the vehicle to France.

However, I would recommend you take GAP Insurance which is about 4 a month and this will cover you even if the car was written off, stolen or severely damaged from a fire or something. Not saying that this will happen, but better safe than sorry. If you need to know anything else do email me.

Question Thanks I await the quote. Gap is a must I've had it with all my cars. Touch wood never needed to use it. But a great insurance.

Question Having just re looked at your website I see you also have a scirocco. (VW). Can you now confirm the BMW 1 and the Scirocco. So that I can make a decision and compare prices with other leasing companies?

Answer The Scirocco is listed but are not in stock at the moment. They only come as brand new and are factory orders which means they take time to deliver. Prices for the Scirocco models that may come back in stock range from 250 + 20% vat and require 3 to 6 up front payments. I think the BMW 1 is more competitive.

Question Thanks for advice. I'll stick with BMW.


Question I'm looking to lease a Volvo S60 on a business lease for 36-48 months. Looking for payment around 200 a month if possible with an increased deposit.

Answer Sorry but the Volvo you picked is not available at that price. Is this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right? Maybe something from the ex demo range where the prices work out much cheaper?

Question I'm all ears ! Please make some suggestions. Is there no S60's available ?

Answer There are some Volvo in stock but if you are looking for a competitive price for a vehicle, have you thought about the Insignia 2 litre? or the Insignia Estate with free built-in satnav plus plenty of extras? Your saving would be over 5,000. How about at the same price the BMW 3 M sport, hot car, plus some other good deals.

Question If it meant saving some money I would consider this idea, I'm looking for something that looks prestigious and is economical to run. Would like a Passat or BMW 1 or 3 series diesel or an Audi A4 or the Hyundai 4x4.

Answer I will email you some deals to look at.


Question I'm looking to lease Good spec family car with a bit of room and a few toys. I would like it to have leather interior as well please. Budget up to 250-300 a month but if it can be cheaper all the better. Please feel free to contact me by email or on my mobile.

Answer Sure we can help you. I will get one of the guys to send you something over to evaluate.

Question No one has called me to discuss. Do you know if they will be today?

Answer Sorry about that, the guys are trying their best to get to everyone. I have notified the team from the Car Leasing Group to contact you.

Question I got an email from someone at your Group last night. She replied about a Insignia from 2011 !, not really after an older car. Will any car im interested in go through Hippo? Im after a decent size family car, with a some toys and ideally leather. some ideas include Mondeo tdci Titanium x Seat Exeo Merc E class VW Passat Budget, dont really want to go to much over 300 a month inc vat.

Answer The cars that we offer are like new as they are ex demo cars. Personally I just leased a 2011 plate, so did my wife and son and these cars are like new and on top I saved a fortune to get us all nice reliable cars. The Insignia that our Group is offering you is at 192 with the vat. Nationwide vehicle contracts also know as nationwide car leasing is offering it at 255. That is 63 less per month or 3,024 saving over the lease period. You don't have to have the specific Insignia that was offered to you, you can have something with more gadgets and/or a newer plate. Up to you really. If you like to spend a bit more money and get a vehicle nearer to your target, I recommend you phone the advisor that emailed you. I have notified relevant department that you would like to look into other vehicles too.


Question I work for the NHS as a community Staff Nurse so I need car for business use primarily, I would like a new Volvo C30 2.0 R-Design or similar, My credit rating is poor so I am looking for the best deal available to me. Would prefer this car but open to other options if cheaper

Answer I'm sorry but to lease a Volvo you need to have good credit history. I will send you a list of cars that you can have even if you have bad credit history.


Question Do you do early termination leases?

Answer You have mentioned you have bad credit. The minimum hire is 5 years. So I guess the early termination would be at 2-1/2 years into the lease but you would have to settle the finance by having the car sold and pay or receive the difference depending how much the car is worth at the time. I hope this helps?

Question Why is there finance if its a lease?

Answer I don't look at people's credit history files, so I have no clue how bad yours is. Depends how bad your credit history is. Other people are given a car on a lease, others get finance and so on. I'm afraid it is up to the funder, not me. So the payments are made as small as possible the lease is spread over 5 years. If it was over 2 years then the price would be double or even triple.

Question I understand, it was just the wording you used. Minimum hire being 5yrs. I take that means the maximum hire.

Answer The deal advertised for bad credit was for 5 years. Anything different from this would need approval from the funder. If you terminated the lease early then you would have to settle the moneys due with the funder and you might or probably will be out of pocket. As the offices are closed I'm afraid I cannot quote you on that.


Question Hello, we are looking to lease 2 cars for my new company 1 for me and 1 for my husband. As our company only has been registered for less than 2 months we are having problems getting leasing. However we both have poor credit personally and need some help.

Answer You would probably have to lease on bad credit terms but not for the company because it is too new. Were you employed before and for how long and have you proof of that past income? Or is your new company generating income and you can prove it via bank statements?

Question My husband is looking for a Volvo, he is working as a School teacher for a private care company for the past 4years, I am currently still on DLA benefit, however our new company has a 10,000. grant in the bank, which I have statements to prove.

Answer I'm afraid car leasing is based on credit history and having money in the bank does not really count towards credit history. The idea is what did you do with your money in the past. How you earned it and how you paid back your bills. If you have loans, credit cards and use them regularly and pay your debts back and not defaulting with any sums. Maybe it would be better your husband applied?

Question I will say to him to apply by himself. Would I still be able to apply for a car for myself though? or do DLA and Incapacity benefits no count as an income?

Answer Yes that is correct, I'm afraid the funders do not see DLA and incapacity or any other benefits as income. Sorry about that.


Question Hello, I am a HSBC banker, I will be moving from Hong Kong to the UK to work for 2-3 years and will like to keep a car for weekend uses. Could you kindly provide some advice on which arrangement works best? I am a bit confused by the term contract hire, leasing, lease purchase etc. I would like to be hassle-free on car maintenance. I think I can convert into a full UK driving license. I have been driving right-handed car for 22 years. Thanks

Answer The key to leasing a car in the UK is to have UK credit history which is obtained by living and working in the UK for at least 3 years. You must also be on the UK Electoral register. I think this is not an option for you yet. Although we call car leasing contract hire it is not like hiring a car (renting) it is owning the car on a loan or finance as we call it and depending on the agreement you own it, or the bank or the dealer. On the other hand you can hire a car (rent it). Hiring a car costs more but you get everything included, insurance, servicing, tyres, etc. All you do is pay for the fuel. All you need is a valid driving licence - any country, a credit card to be able to pay.

Question I'm unimpressed right now, I made a general enquiry regarding leasing to then get a load of emails saying a full application to underwriters had been carried out, not something I agreed to as I am still shopping around and no contact other than texts and emails to say we will be in touch and now black emails from the the sales dept saying thank you for your application!

Answer I can reassure you we do not send loads of emails other than just 1 confirmation email from us and 1 email from our partners who help us with the finance side of the car lease.

Question So are you saying you do not credit check?

Answer We do not carry out any credit checks even if you submitted a full application. You will only be credit checked once you agree to this and once you have communicated with an advisor or underwriter. Maybe these emails are from somewhere else that you applied at?

Question Hi what's the best offers to lease car with bad credit?

Answer Hi Gary, what car did you have in mind? and when you say bad credit, how bad?

Question A don't know would like to see what u can offer me. A have a phone and credit card to pay back but have arranged to pay them

Answer If you do not know what you would like, how about we looked at what your budget would be? For a medium sized hatchback approx 150 to 200, for a saloon or something bigger 200 to 300 a month. Is this something you had in mind?

Question From 150 or less a month

Answer Did you receive our confirmation email with further details?

Question Yes but I don't get a great signal in my house plus my house phone is playing up lol. Plus I would like to know what kind of cars I would be able to get?

Answer To be able to lease a car with bad credit you need to speak to an advisor. if you got bad signal and house phone playing up then you best sort this. We cannot do this just via email or messaging. You need to speak to your advisor/account manager and explain your situation.

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