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Questions and Answers QuestionI'm an Architect / Surveyor for an architectural services company, I am looking for some advice, guidance and information on obtaining a lease car for my business. I sometimes drive clients to and from meetings and sites so require something comfortable and that gives the correct impression. I am looking for prices for varying options, ie insurance inc, fully maintained, keep the car at the end etc. Thanks for your help

AnswerMy advise is, what ever you do get your own insurance and maintenance, it will work out far cheaper. I'm very sorry but the BMW 3 you picked is not available. Is this your only choice or would you consider other similar BMW 3's that are in stock if the price was right? Maybe an ex demo vehicle where the prices are far cheaper compare to new?

QuestionI'm not necessarily after a 3 series BMW and it doesn't have to be new either - I take on board and thank you for your comments regarding insurance and maintenance. I really do need a car that portrays the correct image for my business - we have only been trading 9 months but are doing really well, better even than we had anticipated but I would still prefer higher monthly payments than a deposit - over to you I guess with some suggestions and prices for cars.

AnswerI have email you the BMW deal that is available, plus some other vehicles similar to it. If you want something nearly half the price then there is the Insignia Estate with free satnav, the insignia saloon, Exeo, Passat, Mondeo and some others. Please let me know which one you would like a quote please.


QuestionHi I'd like a Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe  AMG Sport 2dr Auto, my mileage per year 10,000. lease period of 3 years. colour black. second choice would be C class 220 AMG sport auto and budget 360 per month, on a personal lease.

AnswerThe Mercedes vehicles you picked are factory orders. Can take months before a delivery is due. However, there are other Mercedes and BMW in stock specially ex demo deals and able to delivery within days or signing a lease contract. These ex demo vehicles work out far cheaper or you get more specs for your money. Would you like a quote?

QuestionWould it be possible for you to send me a list of the available Mercedes and BMWs that you have in stock set for a budget of 360 with 10,000 miles per annum over 36 months. Would the original requested C class coupe be available given a longer delivery time.

AnswerThere is a BMW in stock ex demo deal within your budget. The 4 year lease works out cheaper and with these ex demo deals you can give the car back after 2 years or swap for something else. Let me know your thought please?

QuestionI am now very interested in the ex demo BMW could you provide me with the following information, the age, mileage, colour, condition and photos if possible?


QuestionI'm a Doctor at the Pennine Acute NHS Trust and want a quote for the BMW 3 Series 320 Sal 4Dr320d Sport 4dr Dsl. Does the cost per month vary between 24, 36 and 48 months?

AnswerYes the price will be significantly higher if you out right lease any car for 24 months. By the way the BMW you picked is not available. However, there is a much better model in stock which I can quote you on. The best price works out if you lease a car for 4 years. However you can swap it or return it after 2 years.

QuestionI am quite happy with a 4 year lease. I have not taken one on lease before, so would be grateful if you could answer some questions What happens to insurance? I already have a 5 years no claims bonus. I was told that insurance is part of the deal. But if I don't use mine then will it lapse say after 4 years. My wife who works as an NHS Dentist would also be using the car. So would insurance include both of us. Our annual mileage is about 15000.I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerThe price that we will quote you is without insurance. When we give you the registration number of the car, you can check it on a car insurance comparison website and get a quote.

If you have 5 years no claims bonus then make sure you state that. The NHS Fleet Solutions include the insurance, but I promise you if you do your maths it is far cheaper to lease the car and insure the car with your own insurance. Some people save thousands of pounds over the lease period. Your wife can drive the car too. Just make her a named driver of the car on your insurance. Now for a firm quote, you will have to wait after the Bank holiday as the offices are closed. Hope that is ok.If you have any other questions do contact me as I'm working late today.


QuestionI'm a pilot for Virgin Airlines and was wondering if you can help me get a nice BMW 3 series or maybe a BMW X5?

AnswerSure that will not be a problem as we have plenty of BMW's in stock. I will email you some good deals.

QuestionI too want to know if the price is higher if I take a 2 year lease instead of a 4 year lease?

AnswerYes the price would be significantly higher if you lease any car for 2 years. The best price works out if you lease a car for 4 years, but you can swap it or return it after 2 years.

QuestionWould be grateful if you could clear two small doubts. What is the difference between a business lease and a personal lease. What are the required criteria for a business lease.

AnswerA business lease is where you run your own company and your company leases the car in your behalf and you are allowed to drive it. However, we would need proof of your company.

Most people will lease a car on a business lease if they are VAT registered. That is because you can claim 50% of that vat back on private vehicles and claim 100% of the vat back for commercial vehicles.

If you are not vat registered then it is better to lease a car on a personal lease. Also with a personal lease it does not look like a benefit because you are paying for it from you own pocket. Where if your employer or your business was paying for the lease then it becomes a benefit and the Inland Revenue will tax you for it. If you use your private lease for business miles then you can claim money back for your expenses and get tax return.

Also a business lease is the price with the vat and a personal lease is the business lease price plus the vat. Everybody has to pay the vat.


QuestionHi, I'm a managing director and have very good credit history. I am looking for a BMW convertible or similar, can you help me find a good deal?

AnswerI'm sorry but the BMW convertible you pick is not available and hard to get on a lease at a good price. Would you consider ex demo deal where the prices are far cheaper like the BMW 3 M Sport? Also the Evoque only comes brand new or nearly new and top model are very expensive.

QuestionMy budget is maximum of 600 a month inclusive of VAT, so please advise of deals/cars available for that. I have driven many cars & enjoy the way that BMW's drive, so please advise on that basis. Ex-demo cars are fine as long as they have a good specification.

AnswerI will resubmit your request for a BMW 3 M sport and a BMW X1. Both nice cars.

QuestionPlease can u confirm that u got my email as I do need to sort things fairly quickly, please can u advise if u are unable to help so I can seek alternative if there is a problem Thank You

AnswerAlthough the website runs 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm most days, I'm afraid the finance department is only open from 9am to 5pm.

QuestionSo when am I going to be contacted?

AnswerPlease be patient as it take now around 24 hours or less for someone to contact you with a firm quote. When you get contacted you can discuss about the nice BMW's that are available.


QuestionHi I work for BP as a project manager and I am looking for a 330d m sport with Prof nav and ideally heated front seats. Will look at a 3+23 or a 3+35, need 15k miles per year, no maintenance required, personal lease, can you mail your best price through please! If you have access to any stock vehicles with a similar spec (thou not business nav!) then please send through, thanks

AnswerThe best prices work out on 4 year lease and used and nearly new BMW cars. Would you like a firm quote for 15,000 miles?

QuestionHi, no thanks...its not quite the same as a 330!!

AnswerOnline only the BMW 318 is showing as in stock, however there are other better and more powerful models available behind the scenes.Would you still like me to submit your request for the BMW so you get contacted by the specialist department. Then you can discuss about what you are looking for?

QuestionYes please, that would be great, Please send quote and also for regular model 3 series. I don't have a problem with ex demo to achieve in budget. Many thanks


QuestionHi, I'm looking for a 24 month or probably longer depending on deal. Long term lease prefer with insurance either the new BMW 1, Astra or ford focus or Renault Megan's on personal lease please contact me

AnswerSorry the prices are without insurance. You will have to source this once you know which car you are going to have. Do you still want to have a quote on those cars you like?

QuestionYes if you could please have a quote on the cars. The reason I asked about the insurance there was an option about no insurance. Look forward to receiving the quotes from you and any next steps.

AnswerNot sure if you have leased before and was offered insurance? We do offer insurance and it is called GAP insurance. Normally costs around 4 per month and it covers you and the car for theft, fire and if you totally damage the car and it is written off. You still need to find a standard insurance but it would cost you less if you take GAP insurance. Make sure you don't pay the same cover for both. I will resubmit your request so you get a firm quote sent to you.

QuestionI was wondering if you had any luck on quotes. I'm looking to get a car ASAP. Would you possibly have a contact number I could call you on in case I have any other further queries.

AnswerFirm quotes can take 24 hours to be produced. I don't think 24 hours have passed. Sometimes the guys can get to you in a few hours. If you recalled the email you received, it states that a team member will be calling you. They should be doing this soon. If you have any problems or no contact by tomorrow afternoon do let me know and I will push this for you.

QuestionI managed to get a quote from your colleague after calling him. After chasing I finally managed to get a quote only today.Unfortunately this has been declined. I'm not sure why this has been declined as my earnings show I can pay for this. I note on your website you do car lease for people with bad credit rating, do you have any other 3rd party that would be able to possibly help us with this.

AnswerWere you asked if you had a deposit to provide? Something like 600 to 800? Why did you hide that your credit history was extremely bad? Can you run me through this please?

QuestionThanks for your response. I was given the option to pay a deposit or add 15 each month with no deposit so I went for the one with no deposit. I dnt mind paying a deposit, as this was given as a option that's the only reason I said no deposit. If it makes a difference I'm happy to pay deposit. In terms of my credit history about a year ago I fell Behind on some of my payments a bit, however, most of these have been cleared totally. I don't have any CCjs and not been refused before. As I need a car urgently this is why I'm trying to sort this out. For the past month I'm hiring a car which is costing me over 150 a week. I get over 2000 a month and worked with the same company for over 10 yrs. your assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. I really dnt want to b hiring a car out & this is why I am trying the lease option. If you could try and sort this for me asap

AnswerLooking back at the history of your emails with time4leasing, I note that you did not mention you had past bad credit history. So what happened was you got a quote from the department that deals with people with good credit history and you received a quote. Then when they tried to get approval for finance you got rejected. If you had mentioned from the beginning that you had poor credit history you would have been contacted by the right department. Remember we are talking about past history, not current and that is what the funders look at I'm afraid. You should have been put into contact with the sub prime department that deals with poor credit history customers where they would have asked you if you can come up with a deposit of around 1,000. Can you do that by the way?

QuestionOk, I wasn't aware of that, thanks for clarifying. Is it possible for this to be processed by the right dept and if this can be done tomorrow as the person who I was speaking to was out of the office. Yes I can arrange a deposit up to 1000 if needed to get this processed and faster. If this can be done for around 600 it would be better but I can do 1000 as a last resort.

AnswerYour enquiry has now moved to the department that probably will be able to help you.

QuestionHi I got one approval but has charged me more for the vehicle.

AnswerThat is how it works. The better your credit rating the better the price. The worse it is the more you would have to pay. Saying that if the interest rate was 8% for good credit history, for bad credit it is 12%, that is still not bad considering. If you took out a loan the bank would charge you significantly more.

QuestionHi, I'm a sale manager and would like to lease a Chevrolet Captiva 2.2VCDi for 3 or 4 years.

AnswerIs this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right? Maybe an ex demo vehicle where you get more for your money but the prices are cheaper?

QuestionI'd be interested to see what options you could send me, ex dem would be fine.

AnswerWould a Kuga or Qashqai be of interest?

QuestionSorry I should give you a bit more detail, I've been a company car driver for many years and I've ticked all the usual boxes BMW/Audis etc etc, I'm changing cars in the next 2/3 weeks so thought I'd take a look to see what's out there, my wife wanted me to look at a 7 seater hence the request for a quote, so if it is a 44 it needs to be a 7 seater and it needs a 2litre plus engine,I will also be interested I see what deals you have on the more executive cars (my company car is a 520d)... My car allowance is 750 less tax so that's the budget. Let me know what you think.

AnswerOh I see If that is the case would you be interested in a high spec ex demo 4x4 BMW x5 with 7 seats or similar?

QuestionYes that sounds more like it.

AnswerAs you are after a vehicle like the BMW X5, my partners who specialise in ex demo prestige vehicles will contact you.If you have any problems do like me know.


QuestionHi, I'm looking to lease a BMW 1 convertible.

AnswerIs this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the price was right? Maybe an ex demo lease where the prices are far cheaper or you get more for your money?

QuestionHello, Sure an ex demo lease sounds good could i have more info on that? Do you not have that Model at all available?

AnswerThere is this one ex demo BMW 3 convertible which is available. There is also a 3 year old BMW 1 convertible for less money. Interested let me know before they go?

QuestionI am very interested in the BMW 1 series convertible in white, Do you offer no deposit?

AnswerNo deposit on these cars is only offered if you have very good credit history. Do you have this?

QuestionI think its average. Or i could even take it out for 50 months? Do i have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement? I would also like the leather interior added. Could i view the car online before? I am also defiantly looking for a diesel. I would like to go forward with this please.

AnswerThen you will be required to place a deposit, specially if you are going to change the cloth to leather, which will have to be paid up front too. Also this vehicle is petrol. So I guess it is a no from you.

QuestionI can raise a deposit if that will help things move more quickly.


Which is Cheaper? 3+23, 3+35 or 1+47

Many people ask me for a 3+23 car lease which over 4 years works out at 6+46 which is a total of 52 monthly payments. If the vehicle lease was 350 a month that would mean you would have to pay back 19,240 for this car.

In a nutshell. No 3+23 is not cheaper. Actually it is really expensive. Forget the 6+23 that is even more expensive. Pretty much of a rip off deal, as the payments you have to pay back become a total of 58.

At Time4leasing and Cars2lease, the best deals are the ex demo deals. You pay one deposit and 47 monthly payments which works out to a total of 48 payments and not 52 or 58. This arrangement saves you 4 payments which works out to 16,893 in total for an ex demo deal (saving of 2,346) or save you even more money compared to the 6+23 (58 payments).

With ex demo vehicles you can return the car or swap it for something else after 2 years, even if you take out a 4 year contract.

Have you done your math's and would you still be leasing 3+23 or the 6+23? The arrangement of 1+47 is far cheaper.

Would you love the extra cash from the saving of 2,346? Think what you can do with this money? Go on a nice holiday, new wardrobe and shoes, a new computer, iphone or ipad for everyone in the family? Endless possibilities.

QuestionHi, I'm a Marketing Manager and I am looking for a prestige business vehicle, 10,000 miles per year. Would prefer leather interior, exterior white or dark grey, second choice 3 series BMW. My budget is 350 per month. I have a deposit available immediately. I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerI will send you a deal that is in stock so you can compare. When the team contacts you, do ask them for other deals that they may have for you.

QuestionDo you have any Mercedes in the E Class? Alternatively 3 series BMW 320d, or Audi TT (I see you appear to have an ex demonstrator in stock) Would be good if we could progress soon as possible as I currently am without a vehicle.

AnswerYes there are plenty of demonstrators in stock and good prices. The guys will contact you as soon as they get something together. This takes longer to achieve. If you have any problems do let me know.

QuestionThanks. I'd ideally like an E Class, but the New Shape BMW I see you have in or the TT would be ideal too. Look forward to hearing from your team again. Is it likely they will call me or email? If a car is in stock, how soon could I take delivery of it?

AnswerAs soon as you sign the paper work and send it back. Normally just a few days.

QuestionWould it be right that Shirley has been in touch? I'd like to emphasise that I was extremely impressed by your website and was drawn to it mainly due to my status and I fell into the category of people you referred to in 2008 being affected by the economic crash. However, I have since and continue to be in better financial shape than I have ever been and hope that Hippo Leasing can find an arrangement for me based on my current circumstances, not my past. I earn 80k per annum and am in a secure employed position in Aberdeen.

AnswerYes that is correct about Shirley. We believe customers come first and we try our best to provide the best possible service. I hope you succeed and get a nice car to drive.

QuestionI am wondering if you can help please. I am not sure I understood completely the criteria but in essence the reason for coming to your site was to Hire a vehicle long term; for 6 or 12 months; not necessarily purchase one. Can you please point me in the direction of someone who can help with that? Again, it would be the BMW 3 series I would be interested in that you have in your 24 month hire section. So I'd be happy to hire it for 24 months.... Shirley did secure finance for me but I'm not sure that it's finance I am after, I just want to hire a car long term. I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerAs I understand it to hire a car like a BMW 3 series for 6 to 12 months you are looking at paying something like 800 or more a month. If you have bad credit history the funders are the ones that decide if you are going to lease, hire or finance the car depending how bad it is. It seems leasing is not an option. We don't make up the rules. If finance was the option which was offered to you then that is the option if the price was right. I'm sorry but I don't think there is any other option other than saving money and buying a car with cash?

QuestionOk, I see what you mean. I guess finance would be great. At least you guys approved finance for me and you are on the ball and work fast and efficient.

AnswerI have notified the team to make contact with you.


QuestionHi, I have 3 cars in mind that I would like to lease. I however have credit history issues due to missed payments and arrears in the past. Also changes of address and poor electoral role registry history. I have however worked in the same job for many years which I can prove this, I earn over 30k, have very little out goings and get a car allowance via work for 300 per month. The cars I am interested in are: Golf Cabrio, BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback 120d M Sport 5dr Step Auto and the BMW 3 Series Diesel Saloon 320d M Sport 4dr (Business Media). Can I have a quote for these cars please?

AnswerIf we can established your current home address by producing a couple of bills that are in your name, like gas, electric, telephone line, bank statements, but it cannot be Sky TV or a mobile phone bill. The other documents required will be your driving license and your UK bank account. If the funder requires you to prove your salary and where you work this might be required too. I will get the ball rolling for you.


QuestionHi, I am a director for an energy company and currently opting out of our company car scheme. My current salary is 70,000 + Bonus + free petrol + 7000 per year car allowance. I will also make savings on my tax code currently K445 by not having a company car. Thinking of leasing a Evoque 4x4 type vehicle can you help?

AnswerThat is correct you will save extra if you leased direct from us. However, I'm afraid the Evoque you picked although listed it is not available. Is this your only choice or would you consider other similar vehicles if the specs and price was right?

QuestionDo you have any RR evokes ? If so which model and how much? What else could you offer. I was looking for a range rover to be honest

AnswerWe could find you an Evoque but they are hard to get on a good deal. However, there is this Range Rover available and other like it. Would you like a quote on this one?

QuestionHave you got extra photos and spec? How much on a two year deal

AnswerSince we communicated last, I'm afraid this Land Rover is now sold and won't know until Monday if we can get a few more. Would you like to compare it with the BMW x6 which is in stock?

QuestionYes please, same again really, do you have actual photos and spec. How much for 12, 24 & 36. Say I put 1000 deposit.

AnswerFor a 12 month lease the price could triple as these cars depreciate significantly early on into the lease period. For 2 or 3 years it's a bit more per month and a 4 year lease is the best value for money. You can swap and or jump into another car after 2 years with us, as we take the old car back and use for it as a deposit for your next one. Up to you really. This is one of the ex demo slightly used BMW x6 parked outside the showroom. Picture below. Would you like me to resubmit a quote request so you get full details and exact price?

QuestionHi, Can you take my current vehicle in payment against deposit and monthly repayments etc my current car has been paid for in cash so is outright owned by myself. I am in H M Armed Forces, does this matter?

AnswerWe offer car leasing to individuals who are in the army so that is not a problem with us. Yes you can use your current car as a deposit for your next car lease. When the guys contact you, just mention it and give them the registration number so they can check the vehicle out and estimate the value of it.


QuestionThanks for your reply. Just to clarify, it was not me who said your prices were a little fanciful but the person I spoke to from another company. In fact I found your prices far cheaper than anywhere else.

I've re checked the website and the BMW I was looking at does say that it is used but also says it is nearly new or slightly used lease vehicle which I think is a little confusing. Below is a cut and paste from your website.

Nearly New or Slightly Used Vehicle Lease
Lease Based on 10,000 miles per year & 48 months
Total Miles : 40,000 for Entire Lease Period
Small Deposit then 47 Monthly Instalments
More Miles and other BMW Deals available
Payment Options: 1 + 47 more info

Perhaps you can give me a more specific quote. What I am looking for is a 3 or 4 year deal with a small deposit (1+35 or 1+47) for something similar to a BMW 320d, an Insignia Estate, C5 Tourer or perhaps a Nissan Qashqai.I would like it to be new or nearly new (up to a year old) an want to pay around 200 - 250 per month. Is this possible? I like to think that I have a very good credit history.

AnswerThe term "nearly new or slightly used vehicle lease" is a generic term the time4leasing website displays and is more specific in the deal's title. The deal you picked had the (used) in the title where if you scroll down the page the vehicles that are nearly new have the (nearly new) in the title and the ex demo cars say nothing in the title but do say Ex demo in the bullet points.

QuestionSo what do you think I can get for approximately 200 to 250 a month?

AnswerI guess you are looking for one of those specific vehicles you mentioned but to be approx 1 or 2 years old and be within your budget of 200 to 250. The BMW and the Qashqai will cost far more so they are way out of your price range. Possibly get you an Insignia Estate (top of range) new shape model but the price would be more like 290 a month. The monthly payments will only reduce if you were to pay more than 1 or 2 up front payments or extend the lease to 5 years.

QuestionHow come no one has now contacted me?

AnswerYou have now created a problem. Your application with our affiliate partners who deal with the finance side of the car lease got cancelled. Not sure if you did that or your account manager. The file has now been closed and the finance approval side of the car lease withdrawn. I'm waiting for an update on Monday to find out. Please advise me about this.

QuestionAh, sorry I did that. I didn't know I was going to cause you a problem. Is there any change you can reactivate my application?

AnswerIf you still would like to look at some ex demo vehicles like the latest BMW or Insignia Estate with or without a deposit, we do have another affiliate partner who may be able to start another application for you. However, the prices for something newish will be in the range of 250 to 300 for an Insignia Estate and a bit more for the BMW or less if you do not mind if the vehicle is a couple of years old but in perfect condition.

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