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Fiat Car Leasing

Latest Fiat Car Leasing News & Blog

Questions and AnswersQuestionLooking for a 2 year lease of a Fiat 500 69i Pop in White or Red. My budget is around £140 monthly. I would also like a quote for a Kia Picanto with a similar engine

AnswerThe Fiat 500 you picked is not available. Not sure where you got the price of £140 a month. There is not such price unless you mean plus the 20% vat which brings the price to around £168 with the vat. The Fiat 500 that are in stock are red and some other colours subject to availability. However as you have bad credit the price will be much higher depending how bad your credit is. How far can you stretch your budget? Also is you have a deposit that will lower the monthly payments.

QuestionCould I please get a quote for a 1.2 Fiat 500. A deposit would be no problem. I didn't stipulate £140 as my budget, I can actually afford up to £200 a month, but obviously the less the better. My credit history isn't great so I would expect to be paying more. Would you be able to quote me a price for those with the worst kind of credit rating and we can go from there. I have no CCJs but I do have some recent defaults (Due to missed bills when I swapped banks) Many thanks in advance.

AnswerI will resubmit your request for a Fiat 500 so it goes to the right department. Then you will be contacted by my partner who specialises in bad credit leasing. Then you can discuss other cars, options and price once you get the full contact details.

QuestionHi, would me having a drink driving charge affect me leasing a car?

AnswerWith us, no it will not have any effect as long as you pick an ex demo vehicle lease. The reason is that these cars come with more flexible leasing terms.

Question Sorry i do not understand, what do you mean by take out a ex demo car?

AnswerYou may lease as in hire any of the ex demo vehicles, cars like Astra, Pundo, Fiesta, Focus, Insignia, BMW 3, plenty more. These cars work out cheaper and the terms are flexible. What cars did you have in mind?

Question Vauxhall Astra Hatchback 1.6i 16V SRi 5 door or the ford focus, do you get to see some pictures before you decide to hire a car?

Answer Yes of course you get to see some pictures of the actual car and you are given the registration number so you can check the car out. Anything else you would like to know? Or should I just resubmit your request for the Astra?

Question I will talk to my partner and email you back, if you re-submit my request again, i am not obliged to take this? It would be good to see how much it would cost first.

AnswerThere is no obligation to take a car if you or I resubmit a quote request. Even when you get a firm quote you still have the choice to proceed or not. You are always in control.

Fiat Car Leasing

QuestionI am a community midwife and work for the NHS. Can I reserve a car from now but will need it delivered in about 6 months time.

AnswerThat is very far away to be arranging a lease from now. Please contact us about 1 to 3 months before that date.

Question Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I appreciate that 6 months is a good long time away but I have to have a car on that day and would be very unhappy to leave it till a month before. My current car is also leased and due to be returned on 31st August. I work as a community midwife and therefore cannot ever be without my car as my job requires that I have one at all times. Any ideas? Can you help?

Answer3 months is plenty of time. We can deliver a car within just a few days if we wanted to. By the way the 3 door version you picked is not available. There are 5 door version with 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 litre engines. Which one would you like a quote request for?


QuestionWill consider 3 month lease also. Ideally looking for 5 door, 1.2-1.6. Please quote on any that match. Would prefer 0% deposit

AnswerAt time4leasing the minimum hire for the good 0% deal is for 4 years. If you can commit for this length then email me. If you want to hire a car for less months try and compare the listed partners.


QuestionMy miles per year are 10000. My lease is can be between two and four years. I have been given a quote before and spoke to one of your employees, as I am a student and do not earn above 850 a month, they gave me an option to put it under someone else's name who has a good credit rating. At the time I could not think of anyone but now my sister has agreed to put it under her name as she has good credit rating.

AnswerI will get the guys from the specialist department to give you a call.


QuestionI am currently in an IVA (with only 18 months of the 6 year plan remaining) and having recently come out of my 3 year lease with an existing company am finding it extremely difficult to release a car even though i have never defaulted on any payments. Can you please give me a quote for a Fiat 500 or a Vauxhall Corsa 5 door, 24 month lease, don't mind if it's manual or automatic or if you can give me the contact number of someone i can speak to re my needs. Many thanks.

AnswerSorry the Fiat 500 is not an automatic but there is a Corsa model that is automatic and which we can offer you a good deal. However, as you are on an IVA at the moment you will be asked for a significant deposit and I'm afraid the monthly payments will be a little bit higher.


QuestionMy wife is a Staff Nurse at Doncaster Royal Infirmary so we are looking at the NHS scheme you offer, unfortunately she is medically exempt from driving due to epilepsy so I would be the main driver. Would we still be able to apply for the NHS rates through you as the Doncaster Trust declined the scenario?

AnswerWe offer the same discounted prices to all our customer's what ever their job. You need to apply for one of the ex demo cars which are in stock and at these low prices. Let me know if you need help?

QuestionWould it be possible to review my additional notes and come back to me ASAP, the reason I ask is I have been mess around for over a month by the NHS Fleet Solutions re a salary sacrifice and they cannot assist me given the circumstances. So I'm keen to get something sorted quite quickly. Thanks in advance for your understanding

AnswerYou are best to pick an ex demo car which is from our fleet. You will have more success with this. These are the main cars available. https://www.time4leasing.co.uk/ex-demo-cars/ Please email me something from this main list? Also the name and surname of the person who is going to lease the car.

QuestionThanks for your help, Looking at the list, instead of a Fiat I'd rather go for a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Edge 5 Door, Ideally I would be looking for diesel if possible.


Question I would like to lease a car on a long term contact and my budget is between £95-£130 per month, I would prefer little or no deposit. I am a 34 year old nurse working at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and need a 5 seater car, my annual mileage is 10,000 and would appreciate if you could detail my options. Many Thanks

AnswerHi, there are a few cars within that price range. I will send you a couple of quote proposals for you to choose.


QuestionHi there submitted a query yesterday and haven't heard anything back? I do have bad credit, significant mortgage arrears etc. I desperately need a new vehicle and don't want to ask any1 to get 1 for me. I'm in a position to pay a reasonable deposit.

AnswerHi, I see you picked a deal that wasn't for bad credit and this will delay things by a day or two. What you should have picked was a bad credit deal or where it states in the form what is your credit history like you should have picked bad.

The guide price is no deposit and approx £140 a month with vat. If you have a deposit that helps. Did you get our confirmation email and would you like me to fast track you?

QuestionYes I got conformation email and please can you fast track me?

AnswerI've just dropped you an email. I hope that helps

Questionhi sorry to bother you again but if you weren't able to help would you let me know I've had an email with decline but I'm unsure who from.

AnswerWe do not send declines to customers. Didn't you receive our confirmation email stating that Mark or Rebecca will help you? and surely who ever declined you should have said who they were?

Questionno I didn't receive email about mark or rebecca and its says experian which is a credit reference agency??

AnswerAre you applying for car finance and car leasing from other companies too?

QuestionI applied to 3 companies

AnswerAs I said we did not decline you. Also I recommend you do not keep applying because it weakens your credit score every time you get declined

Questionah right thanks

AnswerI have emailed you and cc's your account manager to contact you.

QuestionThanks that's great. If they can't help its fine just I'd rather know 1 way or another.


QuestionHi I've filled out three forms and someone still hasn't got back to me. Wondering if you can help. Thanks in advance

AnswerHi Stacey, only 1 request reached us about 15 mins ago. I have forwarded it to you as you are probably having problems with your live email account?

When you say financing/leasing a car, what kind of car? how much is your monthly budget for the car payments? would you consider slightly used so to get the payments down? and can you confirm please how long you have worked at Travelodge?

QuestionI had sent two requests last week also which had more detail on, sorry. Emails are not consistent in coming through so it's a good job I decided to contact you on here.

AnswerFound your original request. I just forward it to you. Are you saying our affiliates didn't contact you yet? that is not like them. And by the way your live.co.uk email just bounced is this correct? maybe this is the problem you are not receiving anything?

QuestionApologies that explains it, I gave you the wrong email address! I've worked for travelodge for five years would consider max 180 but the cheaper the better, something that looks nice i.e. new or used but good condition Fiat 500?

AnswerSure, I will send you a quote to your correct email address.

QuestionJust received it. Wow!!! thank you.


Question I was hoping to lease a reliable car as my little boy has kidney problems and if I need to get him to hospital urgently I need a good car, I will be using it to travel to and from work and for personal use, I would be travelling around 10,000 miles a year and looking for a 3year lease, I would like a fiat, clio or a astra, 5 dr no more than a 1.6 for cheap road tax and insurance and I have a budget of £150 per month

AnswerHi, sure that will not be a problem. I will send you some quotes for you to review.


QuestionHi, could you give me an explanation of how the leasing works. I wanted to know whether it'd be cheaper if I did personal hire fully maintained or personal hire and but at the end of it. We have lease scheme at work where we pay a certain amount each month and the company take care of everything and this includes- road tax, insurance, mot. thanks

AnswerIn a nutshell it is far cheaper to lease a car and then when the lease runs out to just hand it back. We call this Personal Contract Hire with the option at the end to hand the car back without any further charges. It is cheaper to arrange your own maintenance and insurance. The car won't need MOT as it has a few years before you need to do that, but normally these cars don't need anything in the way of additional service other than a oil and filter change. For more information about how car leasing works please go to www.time4leasing.co.uk/how-it-works.asp


QuestionHello, I would like to lease a car but I'm not British, I'm from Poland, will this be a problem?

AnswerCan you please answer the following questions? Have you lived and worked in the UK for at least 3 years? Are you on the Electoral register? (Able to vote local UK elections). Have you got a couple of bills in your name and do you have UK credit history?

QuestionI have worked and lived here in England since 2005 and I have a couple of bills in my name but I am not registered on the electoral. Can you help me get registered? is this critical to be able to lease a car?

AnswerYes this is very critical and you need to register at your local authority. Go to  https://www.gov.uk/get-on-electoral-register put your postcode in the box and make a search and it will tell you where you can register. Once you have done this let me know and we can take it from there.


QuestionPlease can you tell me how much for a 6 month business lease please on a small economical car. Various cars, options would be appreciated. I will need the car within 14 days.

AnswerAt time4leasing the minimum hire is 2 to 5 years. If you want to hire a car for approx 6 month please go to and pick one of the listed partners and the offers.


Question Hello, I am trying to contact one of your subsidiaries "Hire in UK" concerning a short term lease or hire for approximately one month. What I am looking for is a five door vehicle preferably a Ford Fiesta or a Vauxhall Corsa? I would also want a quote (best-in-class reasonable quote) for the total cost in each case. Please forward the information as soon as possible.

AnswerThe website "Hire in UK" lists a number of partners who offer short term car leasing or long term car hire. Please pick one of the listed partners.


Question Hi, I'm working for a client whose service is relevant to your website, which I found while I was researching. I'm writing to inquire whether your website offers any Advertising opportunities, as we can provide high-quality, unique content in the form of Guest Articles, Banners and Widgets. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

AnswerSorry we don't offer such service. If you would like to advertise on our website please use Google pay per click and opt in to display your google adverts on our website.


Question I have tried to fill out the details as requested but there is a problem with your website so I have take a screenshot of the details I have entered. The comment box says the following

AnswerThere is no problem with the website, the problem is that the form will not allow people to write too much text and that is why it gives a 500 server error. This is to protect the form from people abusing the systems.

Question Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you Marie. I would prefer a Fiat 500 but would consider a similar small car for lease over 3/4/5 year period. My budget is 100-150 inclusive of tax and would consider paying a deposit up to £400. Mileage would be 10,000 per year or less. I would consider personal NHS lease please can you give details inclusive of insurance/tax/service and without these. But would consider lease purchase happy to discuss. And can you let me know I f there is an opt out after a number of years or what would happen if I was to hand the car back early, would there be a penalty. I would prefer an ex demo/ used car.

AnswerAnyway, I see you were able to email instead and let me know what you are after. To point out some things out; we only offer alternative to NHS car leasing. As in, you will lease the car on a personal contract hire or contract purchase agreement. We do not get the NHS involved in anyway. The lease will be between you and the funder. You will have to find your own insurance and arrange your own serving which works out cheaper anyway. Tax is included for the first year, there after you will pay for the tax because the car will be registered in your name. With us you can hand the car back early or swap it with something else without penalties depending on the agreement you agree to. The adviser can help you pick the right one. Then, you just pay the difference if the next car costs more.

Question A 5dr corsa would not be suitable for me as it would be too big that is why it would be better to be able to talk to someone so please quote on Fiat 500 so I can compare with other quotes I have had please any other similar in size to Fiat.

AnswerPlease check your email for a confirmation.


QuestionPlease could you tell me why there is no phone number on your website and where are you based?

AnswerWe are not like other car leasing companies, we operate similar to companies like Amazon, we try and do business via the internet as this is more quicker, efficient and costs us less in operation costs. Then we pass these savings to our customers and that is one of the reasons our prices are so cheap. Once you have filled in a form and asked for a quote then we email the full details of an account manager adviser that will be assigned to you and guide you through the whole process of car leasing.

QuestionSo far, I am very impressed with your prompt and friendly service. Well, and your super cheap prices too. : )) I look forward to the adviser contacting me.


Question Hi. I work for the NHS Birmingham Children's Hospital as a junior sister. I was looking at an ex demo or couple of years old fiat 500. I currently have a car on finance through moneyway. I have 2 years left with them if a 5 year contract but would like to change my car. Moneyway have said I can pay my remaining balance or return the car, but won't let me change it. I am currently in a debt management plan paying £145 a month so am unsure if you can help. My wages each month are £1900 on average and pay £179 to moneyway each month for my car. Thank you

AnswerWhat make is your current car and how old is it? When you say pay off the balance, if you took out a 5 year contract and you are 2 years into it, how are you going to pay the 3 remaining years?

Question Hi. I have paid 3 years on my finance with moneyway. I enquired about changing my car with moneyway but they said would have to pay off the balance or return the car to them. The balance would be 3990. Family were looking at if they could lend me the money to pay the balance and then I would sell the car to return the money to them. I have a ford ka 2009.

AnswerIs that the new shape Ford KA or the old shape? If it is the new shape then you might just break even with the money as they currently sell for approx £4,500. So in the worst scenario you can at least not loose any money? Could probably get you a Fiat 500 (2010 plate) on a lease for £300 deposit and £116 a month or Hire Purchase for £157 a month. For about £30 more a month you could get a 2011 plate. Would you like me to see first if we can get approval for the finance side of things? then worry about which car, model and year it is going to be?

Question Oh, yes please. thank you.


QuestionHi. I need a car for 1 to 2 years. Can you contact me please?

AnswerHi Marco once your advisor has put together some info they will contact you. Please give them some time. Also I note you are from the EU? you must be living and working in the UK for at least 3 years to be able to lease a car.

Question Im living here around 2 years. Is not possible then?

AnswerHave you been 2 years on the UK Electoral Roll?

Question Watt is that? Im work on hospital. NHS.

AnswerThe UK Electoral Roll is run by the government and once you are registered you are allowed to vote in the local elections if you are an EU member.

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