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Questions and AnswersHow does Car Leasing Really Work?

questionHow do I Lease a Car? Need to replace current NHS Trust car in April. Would like a 3 year lease, no deposit, inclusive of road tax, insurance and maintenance on 10,000 miles per year basis. Could you advise what models / cheapest cars available at moment. Current flat telephone line awaiting installation so best to ring mobile or second work office direct line.

Welcome to Time4Leasing Business & Personal Car Leasing. What happens next? Our aim is to put you in the driving seat. A team member will contact you within 24 hours. During holidays or weekends please allow 48 hours. If you would like your quote request fast tracked, you may contact me at any time, 7 days a week.

How do I Lease a Car? There are some brilliant car deals for you but without insurance and maintenance as that works out double the money if you did so. You are better off leasing the car and getting you own insurance and maintenance.


questionHi Maria, Many thanks for the information. Could we discuss some quotes for cars without the maintenance and insurance? And could you advise what is included in the lease price?

answerHi, as you can see I'm up 6 in the morning to get to everyone as we are extremely busy due to the bad weather everyone wants a good car to get around.

As I understand it you are trying to figure out how car leasing works and get the best deal available. I've resubmitted your quote request so it goes to the right department. kind regardsMaria time4leasing

questionThatís great. Many thanks for your help.

answerThank you for your recent enquiry for a Chevrolet Spark Hatchback 1.0i + 5dr and I have attached your quotation as requested. £495 + VAT DEPOSIT 47 monthly payments of £101.32 + vat (£10 extra for metallic)

You can also go for the option of a No Deposit deal which would increase your payments by £15 per month.

This deal is on a lease purchase agreement. This gives you the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement. It also gives you the option to change the vehicle during the term.

The car will also come with 6 months road tax. Let me know what you think.... if you want to take advantage of this lease offer simply reply to this email or call me. I will then be able to take your finance proposal over the telephone which takes minutes to complete. Look forward to hearing from you Many thanks Sarah

Morning, Received this this morning. We said itís a deposit quote for a four year lease. Also please give some more ideas for any other cars.

If you look at the original requirements I sent to you on her behalf, she wants a similar deal to the one she's got via the NHS trust. Similar to the current Peugeot deals being advertised - "Just Add the Fuel", i.e. no or small initial deposit, 3 years lease includes road tax, insurance and maintenance.

questionCould you supply that info to her so that we can at least compare the costs for this type of deal. Please provide a list of small cars plus costs includes diesels if possible. Thanks and await your response.

answerIn response to your email, I would like to provide some light. There is no Peugeot 208 with that kind of terms on Time4leasing website. Currently, only the Peugeot 107 is available.

We don't lease to the NHS Trust but to the NHS staff directly who then save a fortune because the cars do not come with maintenance, insurance and other extras that increase the lease price, etc.

However, even if you included those options the cars leased from Time4leasing is still far cheaper.

I believe the 208 with the "add only fuel gimmick" costs around £260 per month and it requires a massive deposit.

Maria from time4leasing emailed you several times and agreed that there are far better deals and you said please send me a quote for something similar and agreed to send a quote request for a Chevrolet Spark.

By the way it was reviewed and voted best top 10 cars by The Sunday Times and Drive Magazine.

Sarah's email states that if you paid £15 more per month you can have the vehicle without paying a deposit.

I guess the only thing different is that it is for 4 years and not 3.As I understand it, even if you take a 4 year lease you can jump into another lease when you reach 2 years. Please read the terms and conditions.

Maybe it wasn't that clear and you need to speak to Sarah personally so to explain to you the options available. You can pick a different car if you want.

I hope I have answered your question. If not do email me again.

questionThanks for your prompt reply and your clearer explanation of where you are coming from. I mentioned the Peugeot 208 since various Peugeot franchises are currently advertising the offer of £199 deposit and £199 per month for 3 years inclusive of everything.

Currently we have an NHS leased Mini costing about £190 per month inclusive, i.e. all she does is put diesel in it - she has no worries or hassle and if it breaks down she just gets a replacement car to carry on with her job.

That's ideal apart from the fact that if she renews via the Birmingham NHS Trust she will be committed to them for another 3 years but doesn't want that situation in case she finds another job elsewhere.

Now we picked you up off the web search and you seemed ideal and to be able to provide what she was looking for - a possible similar set up where she doesn't have to worry about getting insurance, road tax, servicing & maintenance and breakdowns - a simple straightforward deal where she has no obvious concerns.

Obviously if you are saying it is far cheaper to handle the latter yourself and simply lease a car for 3 years then we need to compare the costs of one against the other. I think she would dearly like another another Mini but thinks the costs will have escalated above her budget - ? However, it would be most helpful if you could provide a list of available small cars, petrol & diesel, with costs per month, required deposits and with & excluding the above additional benefits. Is it possible for you do this with your recommendations, as you did with the Chevrolet Spark?

I would request for the time being any further communication / correspondence between us in this respect is directed via myself - I think it would be easier in the long run!!

answerDiesel cars cost more to lease than petrol because they loose their value more quickly. This is a list of no deposit cars. More Information No Deposit Cars

However the price might be a little bit higher depending where you live and personal credit rating.

Find a car you like and then contact Time4leasing or our partners who make arrangements for finance and who see to the delivery of the vehicle. Hope this helps

For more long term car hire visit the UK's most popular car hire company called Hire in UK.

questionI am replying using my other email account as I have a suspicion my aol account is blocking emails to your address. Can you confirm receipt of this. I had one reply from Matt giving me a quote on a Sportage over 3 years with a £1200 deposit. Nothing wrong with our credit history and our household income is above average. We have been living abroad and are returning at the end of July.

The last email I had from you said that most good deals were on a 3 or 4 year basis, however we cannot commit to over 2 as we are likely to be moving to US in 2014.

Your email said that you could find a great 2 year deal on a ex demo. To recap, we are interested in a no (or low) deposit 2 year lease, 10k miles per annum. We like KIA Sportage, Ford Kuga and Nissan Qashqai but will happily consider others. Budget up to £400pm.

I'm a cabin crew member that works for Virgin Atlantic and would like to thank you for the efforts you have put and found me a car that met my needs and budget.

answerYou are very welcomed and thank you for your feedback

questionHi My husband and I both work for NHS. We would like a reasonable size family car, Peugeot 308 or vauxhaul astra type size would be ideal. Looking to lease car but would like to ensure no penalties on our pensions. Would also like to know what would happen if we relocate or leave NHS please.

answerHi, Basically when it comes to NHS customers that would like to lease a car from us, things are more simpler and cost effective. If someone from the NHS were to lease a car via their Trust then they would have to lease via a salary sacrifice and as I know it this can effect their pension. However, if they lease a car from us or one of our appointed affiliate partners they pay the car lease separately via their own bank account (direct debit) then these is no issues with their pension and does not matter if they move NHS Trust or even change jobs.

questionMy wife and I would like a 48 month lease on a Mazda 5 including maintenance. This is only an initial enquiry. Please assume credit checks are good but do not do any at this stage.

answerSure, we can offer this to you.

questionWe currently have a 7 seater Kia; perhaps you can quote for 48 months with initial deposit of 3 months rent. Rental to include maintenance.What happens after the 48 months? New contract?

answerI'm afraid there will be about a hour delay before you get a firm quote due to the massive response we are experiencing from our seasonal sale.

questionUnfortunately you don't want my business; no one has called me

answerOf course we want your business. I am not sure why you haven't been contacted yet by one of the account managers, it could be because of our latest promotions that have overwhelmed us all with customer requests. Please be patient, the team are trying their best to serve everyone. Apologies for the delay

questionWhen do you thing I will be contacted?

answerI have looked at your enquiry notes and my colleague Shirley spoke to you on the 15th and gave you some quotes on the Mazda 5. Would you like us to quote on another vehicle? We would be more than happy to help.


questionI would like to know a little more about the car and the terms of the lease. The advert says it's a 'nearly new' or ex demo car. How old is the car exactly and how many miles are on it? Is the VEL paid for, for the full term of the lease? Does it come with breakdown cover and warranty? Does it require servicing throughout the lease term, and is the cost of the servicing built into the monthly payment or is this paid for by me when a service is required?

answerYou will be contacted by your account manager advisor who will explain this to you.

questionI've just come off the phone speaking to your representative although he seems to think that the prices quoted on your website are a little fanciful?Really I would like to have more details of the vehicle that is quoted on your site. You label them as nearly new or ex demo so I would like to know the age of the vehicle and the current mileage of it.Your website says that I can get a 'Nearly New or Ex Demo' BMW 320 with full leather for no deposit then less than £285 per month over 4 years but my advisor are quoting roughly £198 per month for a 2011 model vehicle, I don't class 2011 as nearly new or ex demo, more like used cars.Can you please clarify.

answerTo clarify things, the BMW 3 Touring you picked is a used vehicle lease (approx 3 to 4 years old) and the price is as stated £165+ vat = £198 and this is if the customer has excellent or good credit history and pays a deposit. If your credit history is fair, poor or bad the prices will be significantly higher. If you look at the page (scroll down the page) with the BMW 3 Touring offers, the one that is a nearly new vehicle has a price guide of £285 a month and brand new at £366 and both require a deposit. The offer that does not require a deposit has a guide price of £372 a month. Not sure where you got the pricing from and why you would say our website is fanciful. Think you will need to revisit the time4leasing website again and clarify for yourself the above pricing. If you need any more information do email me and I will be more than happy to assist you further.

questionHello I requested a quote a few day ago but not received any information back. I used a hotmail account and looking at previous messages that could be the problem. Can you advise me on a way to rectify this

answerHi John, yes hotmail is an issue when it comes to automated emails. However we can send emails manually. Did you receive an update now?

questionYes thank you it has came through and I have also just received a text from the finance company. Many thanks.


questionHi can you please explain to me how does NHS car leasing work?

answerBasically when a NHS customer would like to lease a car, if they were to lease via their Trust then they would more likely have to lease via a salary sacrifice if they have poor credit history and as I know it this can effect their pension. However, if they lease a car via time4leasing and pay separately via their own bank account then there will be no issues with their pension and it does not matter if they move NHS trust or even change jobs.

questionInteresting, I was not aware it could affect my pension, this could help me decide to lease from you if I was to compare the benefits using you or using the scheme.

answerNot only does a NHS Trust Scheme effect your pension but also your salary because leasing a car via the scheme is considered a benefit in kind and is taxed by Mr. Osborne. Where if a NHS staff lease a car from us, it will not effect their salary, tax or pension.

questionCan anyone lease a car from you?

answerOne reason many private individuals and NHS staff are moving away from the schemes and leasing privately from us. However, if they have poor or bad credit history they struggle to get a car lease from a main car dealer, hence, this is where we and our panel of 90 plus finance affiliate partners come in. We have a solution more or less for everyone.

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